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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Enough sleep, sunny day, free meal for Thanksgiving twice, quiet,  calm place and people.

Friday 29th November

All in all, a pretty productive day
The best night's sleep in a whole week
YouTube song from Dario G
Lovely late-autumn sunshine all day
Being able to ride into work today
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before work
The pretty Asian girl in there at the time
Helping the merchandisers do a floor move
Winding up Jade, Faye and Ian
Excursions to the 3rd floor to get arms
Anupa was in calmer mood today
Successful order for 3 packs of bras
Black Friday drove up levels of footfall
Chat with Old Man Dan about football
Re-merchandised some of the fragrance
I have put my name down for too floor meal
Chat with Pippa about Costa Coffee
Got home safely in the dark and cold
Classic episodes of The Bill on YouTube
I am anticipating a good day tomorrow

I almost forgot:

Happy Hannah’s cute emoji reply to my message
My Mum and Aunty has a safe journey to Tenerife

Saturday 30th November

The two extra hours worked came in handy
YouTube song from Riva (early 00's dance)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Nice rest in staff canteen before starting
Managed to find fragrance in the delivery
Working on a floor move, moving bedding
Once all done, the area looked lots better
I also found some more bedding to put out
Managing to stay fairly calm during the day
The fragrance area looks much fuller now
Ian praised all of the work which I had done
Cheryl's mischievous chat about drinking gin
I have put my name down for a work meal
Bus was pulling in at the stop when I arrived
This was in spite of a supposed 20 min delay
The intrigue of army helicopters above the area
Once again, lots of goals in the day's football
Man City dropped points up at Newcastle
Liverpool won and go 11 points clear at top
Nice snooze on the settee after having lunch
The Euro 2020 draw has been quite kind
England are placed in a pretty qualifyable group
But we have good opponents who will test us
We have also avoided the Group of Death
Sorted out the problem with my Firestick
I can now watch live football and such again
Good visualisation session after I had eaten
Dream about white doves and apple blossom
I have bought two more Christmas presents
More presents for others will soon follow
My Mum and Aunty are enjoying Tenerife
My Christmas hours are looking pretty good
I have tomorrow off to rest and pootle about

Sunday 1st December

A pretty enjoyable day off work, pootling about
Slept right the way through a sonic boom
Ensuing panic didn't come to anything in the end
(Plane missing over UK airspace but was found)
Nice lie in until 9.45am having slept well
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
My Amazon Firestick is working as normal
My Mum and Aunty are fine down in Tenerife
Getting my personalised calendar ordered
The agent on the helpline was very helpful
I am getting some of my best photos published
Playing some happy Christmas songs as I did so
These included the Tijuana Christmas album
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
There was late VAR drama in Leicester v Everton
Getting in a nice poinsettia plant for living room
Putting up my fibre-optic Christmas tree easily
This is a colourful and pretty addition to the flat
Life in monochrome #15: sunset from country park
Writing up more of my festive Paris travel journal
I am anticipating a very good day ahead tomorrow

Monday 2nd December

No sonic booms or emergencies last night
YouTube song from the Dan Reed Network
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
I appreciate getting to work and warming up
It has been a gloriously sunny day all day
A big load of stocking up had been done yest
Anupa was rather pleased that I had come in
Time passed fairly quickly during my shift
It was pretty busy when it was my time on till
A potentially argumentative customer was fine
(Her used frying pan could not be returned)
Fiona seems a bit friendlier now than she was
Starting early but also finishing pretty early
Going on an excursion to St. Ann's, Harrow
Very nice cup of coffee in Costa Coffee
I got an ideal people-watching seat in there
Thinking up more ideas for another story
(This one is centred around a London day out)
I appreciate the cute peroxide blonde girl
Getting the train back home in enough time
One or two lovely ladies at Bushey station
Got a pretty picture of sunset over Studioland
This garnered nice comments on Facebook
Interesting documentary about Cyprus on YT
Very good visualisation session after dinner
Chelsea the Blue's cute 'longhair' picture
Getting started on proof-reading poem story
Life in monochrome #16: the local pub
I am anticipating a good few days coming up
All of a sudden, Christmas is getting eventful

Tuesday 3rd December

I have felt cheery and festive all day long
Working later, so I had a nice lie in this morning
YouTube songs from Deep Forest and Jakatta
Further proof-reading of poem-story mid morning
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Once again, it has been a fine, sunny day
A very productive shift as I had intended
Worked through plenty of delivery left for me
It was mainly fragrance which was quite easy to do
Margaret and Caroline worked until 9 so I had company
We have three new starters working on the floor
They will come in handy over next few weeks
Winding up Simon about his 'bromance' with Josh
Chat with Caroline about her son's school trip
Getting some arty shots of the town's Christmas lights
Life in monochrome #17: the bauble Christmas light
Getting home safely despite it being dark and cold
I appreciate having a nice warm home to come back to

Wednesday 4th December

A serene and enjoyable day off work
YouTube songs from The Stereo MC's
Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept well
Interesting online stuff about Xmas markets
More proof-reading of my poem-story
It has been a gloriously sunny day all day
This was much better than the forecast
Christmas presents have arrived aplenty
Bus to town soon arrived at the stop
Nice wander around the town centre
Splendid winter sun pic across a park
One or two lovely ladies at Bushey station
No delays on the trains to Shepherds Bush
Some splendid sunset pics from Westfield
Nice latte coffee in Costa Coffee on the green
Noting characteristics of my special job
This will generate its an energy of its own
I have had a positive CSAT at work again
The festive atmosphere of the winter market
London is doing Christmas very well this year
I appreciate London's comprehensive transport
The whole urban planning of Wembley Park
Much-needed dinner in Subway Salads
Winterfest light show around Wembley Park
The fantastic blue-lit Christmas tree
This made a great centrepiece installation
The heart-shaped love spot by the arena
The people who waited as I got my ideal pic
The golden Christmas present light installation
The vibrant colours and sounds of sonic walkway
I appreciate that the whole event was free
I appreciate that it was near and easy to get to
It generated extra prosperity for the area
Having such festive flair in London suburbia
Warming up in JJ Moons after feeling v. cold
A very cheap pint of Ruddles bitter in there
I appreciate the guest ales of Weatherspoons
Convenient Overground train to take me home
The long walk home burnt off lots of calories
Gratitude in advance for something tomorrow
Most of my intentions have manifested today
Having money, health and mobility for this

Thursday 5th December

YouTube songs from Blur and Pulp
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Getting in in time despite heavy traffic
Working on foods for the first two hours
Standing my ground with a rude and bolshy customer
This went down well with the people in the queue
Avoiding the whiny old bat with the crutches
Life in monochrome #19: my festive poinsettia
Getting through several cages worth of delivery
The amusement of Freda feeling 'hangry'
Finishing fairly early after my shift
Getting some blonde highlights put in later on
As usual, the stylist did a very good job
My hair now looks stylish and thicker
Chats about festive plans and retail outlets
Continuing with the proof reading of my poem story
Lots of presents from online have been delivered


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