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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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An enjoyable day off exploring around London
YouTube song from The Streets (cerebral)
Sunshine and blue skies for most of the day
Bus waiting at the stop for me when I got there
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at station
Getting on wrong train didn't affect plans much
The busy village feel of Clapham Old Town
Nice wander across the common in the sun
Early morning low feelings began to wear off
I appreciate Clapham Common's bandstand
The peaceful suburbia feel of Bromwood Road
Independent shops and cafes around Earlsfield
The unexpected beauty of Wandsworth Common
Inexpensive lunch items from Sainsbury's Metro
Strolling through peaceful King George Park
The free public toilets in Southside Shopping Ctr
Very nice hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee there
There were plenty of spare seats and tables
The 'hanging cups from ceiling' item of decor
Doing some more scripting of summer activities
Negotiating busy Putney and finding tube station
My gut feeling that I should get off after 3 stops
The chubby-cute Chinese girl in Fulham Broadway
Eventually getting the right train from Earls Court
Very nice dinner in Subway Salads in Chiswick
I was located conveniently near Chiswick House
Attending Lightopia lantern show in the gardens
Splendid and colourful themed light installations
I appreciate how rather well these were collated
The illuminated peacock situated next to the lake
The French-themed love illuminations and lanterns
The colourful illuminated tunnel and uplifting music
Other colourful installations of toys, sweet, animals
I appreciate how this felt like being in another world
It has added a dash of festivity to the winter months
I appreciate that this winter is turning out to be lively
Nice pint of Guinness in the Roebuck, Chiswick
Continuing with the scripting I had done earlier
The high lovely lady count around Westfield
Getting the train home from Shepherd's Bush
The long walk home once back to my home town
Affirmations and gratitude during the long walk
I have enjoyed this day out and the calories burnt
Having the money, health and mobility to do this

Calm and sunny weather before the storm hits
YouTube song from The Bluetones (90's Britpop)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Nice cup of tea in staff canteen before shift started
Shift was quite short and time went quickly
When it was my time on the till it was pretty busy
Maria sorted out a tricky refund with broken mugs
Sale for £253 (father and daughter buying suitcases)
Worked stock of bedsets and made bedding look better
The cute girl in the beeny hat on the way home
Thoughts about Euro-centric creative writing
Quite a few goals in the football league matches
My super team got a point despite switching off
Drinking in town with Prankster Darren later on
Walking into town burnt off calories for night ahead
Drinking and nattering in Weatherspoons first of all
Chats about girlfriends, cheap travel and friends
There were so many lovely ladies within eyeshot
Repairing to Bosleys wine bar for one more drink
Chats about mindy, independence and house prices
I got the last bus home and didn't have to wait long
I had Crazy Kirsty for company for most of journey
I appreciate my home on this rather stormy night

Sunday 9th February

Wet and stormy today but I have stayed dry
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
YouTube song from Sub Sub using flutes
Working out a plan for another short story
Playing fun songs on my Alexa as I did so
Opting not to go out walking at lunchtime
Sheffield Utd v Bournemouth was entertaining
Nice snooze on sofa after I had had lunch
Drier interlude allowed me to go for stroll
Getting some food supplies from Tesco
Finishing scripting piece about winter/spring
Night walk around local area in drier times
Channelled conversation about guidance

Monday 10th February

Working later today, so I got to have a lie in
YouTube song from Polica (reminder of 4 years ago)
Interesting clips of Dragons Den on YouTube
Continuing with my scripting piece for the summer
Dry in the morning so I could stroll round country park
Documentary about the 1970 Brazil team
A furious squall eased off when it was time to leave
Bus was waiting at the bus stop when I got there
A fairly uneventful shift was livened up by conversations
Caroline was in especially an chatty mood today
Chats about my travel plans, and African countries
Excursions to the 3rd floor to find stock
I managed to get quite a bit of delivery done
The 3rd floor stock areas are starting to clear
Chat with an interesting customer about Chiswick/Kew
I am now doing the stock take next Friday
This will earn me quite a bit of money next week
Incident on the high st meant no buses coming
However, I had the suburban train to fall back on
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Channel Islands

Tuesday 11th February

Working late shift so I had a nice lie in
YouTube song from Tal Bachman
Wikitravel articles about New York City
Continued with scripting piece for summer
Wander to Tesco in a drier interlude
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Delivery was late, but I found things to do
Upselling things right from the word go
(Slim fit shirt and a whole load of towels)
Excursions to the 3rd floor to get stock
The stock take is confirmed for next Friday
Internet order for an obstreperous customer
(This then drew praise from Sidepocket Pat)
My chubby-cute colleague working in Food hall
Chat about football with SP in the canteen
Convenient bus home was waiting on High St
My Mum had dropped round a nice hoodie
Gillette Soccer Special on Sky Sports later
There were quite a few goals despite winds
Interesting UK monthly weather almanacs
Drier interlude tomorrow and I am off work
I have some fun things planned for daytime

Wednesday 12th February

All in all, a pretty enjoyable day off work
YouTube song from Wheatus (pop-rock)
Further interesting clips of Dragons Den
Calmer and drier today so I could go out
Mid-cadence riding to Rickmansworth
I was perfectly safe and sound on roads
Very nice amoretto latte in Cafe Nero
I got the ideal people-watching seat
Continued scripting piece about summer
I appreciate the suburban-pretty brunette
Feeling as fit as a butcher's dog when I got in
Interesting documentaries about geopolitics
(African borders and relations with Qatar)
Nice snooze on sofa once I had had lunch
Stroll around the country park in evening
I appreciate chubby-cute ginger girl in Tesco
Gillette Soccer Special on Sky Sports later
Continuing with my scripting piece after
I have confirmed eye-candy during stock take

Thursday 13th February

Back to wet and windy but I had the bus to fall back on
YouTube song from Wilson Phillips (love songs)
Nice cup of tea and rest in the canteen before starting
Early shift, so I had plenty of delivery to work
Chat with Megan about my forthcoming travel plans
Brief chat with Ranjit about the Cape Verde Islands
I avoided a potentially troublesome refund of shoes
Donna sorted out another such refund of bedding
Making fun of Freda and Jess as they did a move
Sidepocket Pat explained a few things about refunds
Finding lots of offers on toiletries in the Intu Centre
Reading my book about football tactics (Stoke City)
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had my lunch
Wander around the country park in the early evening
Good visualisation session once I had had dinner
Finishing a mock app. thread entry from last night

Friday 14th February

Nice early start and early finish at work
YouTube song from Oleta Adams
Dry, so I could ride into work today
Worked all of the delivery quite quickly
Chat with Preeti about staff nicknames
I had Linda to keep me company later
Excursions to the 3rd floor to find stock
I avoided the worst of Marylin's meltdown
Successful internet order for pair of slippers
Lovely hazelnut latte in Insomnia Cafe
Finished scripting piece for summer
The two peroxide blonde girls in till queue
(I intended one, and two came along)
Reading book of football tactics later
Nice snooze on the settee after lunch
Continuing proof-reading of poem-story
Playing fun songs on Alexa as I did so
I am anticipating a good day tomorrow

I have a really supportive and understanding partner right now in my life. I can have a good cry when I am ready. There is a good hospital with very qualified physicans avail. If and when I need their services. I am feeling ok now. I am safe where I am staying right now. My partner got lots of clearance chocolate for me as a gift. I slept well last night. I have plenty of friends and aquaintances online to chat and bond with.

Saturday 15th February

Winter storm Dennis is upon us, but I have stayed dry
YouTube song from Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting,
Convenient bus was waiting at the bus stop for me
Getting in on time despite driver going the wrong way
Finding myself things to do despite no delivery to work
Excursions to the 3rd floor to get needed stock
Finding towels, fragrances, bedding and kitchenware
Sessions on the till gave me something else to do
Rearranging the alphabet mugs gave me sth to do
Upselling a fitted sheet to an appreciative lady
The homeware dept is now looking well stocked
Convenient bus was waiting on the high st for me
Chat with Toothless John about holiday islands
Most football matches went ahead despite storm
Norwich v Liverpool was a pretty absorbing game
Continuing with proof-reading of my poem-story
Positive intentions have been sent out for next 2 days

Sunday 16th February

Heavy rain early on which I could listen to
I have avoided worst of winter storm Dennis
YouTube song from The Dream Academy
Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Proof-reading poem story during morning
Brief visit to my Mum to drop off peppers
Playing with my nephew for a while
Wander round country park whilst dry
It cleared over to become nice in afternoon
Watching an episode of Bergerac on Daily Motion
(1989 Christmas special: THE best episode)
Nice snooze on sofa once I had had lunch
Good visualisation session after evening meal
Proof-reading again and rather enjoying it
Playing all sorts of fun songs on my Alexa
A later night walk around the local area
It's now a good bit calmer than it has been
Interesting documentary on YouTube later on
(All about Peoples' Republic of Stokes Croft)
I am intending a very good day tomorrow

Monday 17th February

The stormy weather has calmed down a bit
Later shift, so I could lie in for a while
YouTube song from Rialto (telling a story)
Doing some more proof-reading for story
Bus was waiting at the bus stop for me
Diversion meant that we got in quicker
It was a better shift than I was expecting
I had plenty of delivery to do as intended
Getting through it all took me all shift
Chat with Peter (corruption in Nigeria)
Time seemed to pass quite quickly too
My mindscape was largely positive
Convenient bus home arrived on time
Welcome snooze on settee when I got in
Finding some photos on an old phone
Also finding some interesting memos


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