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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Sunday 22nd March

Mothering Sunday in UK: I appreciate my mother
Inspiring online articles about Archangels
With these I was able to find out more about them
I have had a relative sense of peace today
My Mum's Mothering Sunday bouquet arrived
Going round to inspect and finding family there
All of my nearest, gathered in social distancing
My nephew's carefree antics were great to see
Once the virus chat wore off, I felt relaxed
My sis in law's interesting chat about Tangiers
It then broadened out to Morocco in general
My brother seemed quite serene as well
My aunty telling me about a book she had read
(It predicted Covid-19 about a decade ago)
(It will vanish as quickly as it has arrived)
Rather enjoying the 2 hours we spent together
Nice afternoon stroll in the spring sunshine
Further online articles about Archangels
Asking for a sign and getting one later on
Channelled conversation: God moving me forwards
Dose-off dream: 'sailing through' Covid-19
Long evening walk around the local area
The fine views from top of Heston Place
The big collection of white feathers I found
(Here was the sign I had been looking for)
Tesco had rather a lot of milk when I went in
They also seem to have more new deliveries
The fit athletic bird in the flip-flops in there
A scare in the evening turned out to be false
Chat with Nikki upstairs for a short while
Working on the plan for my next piece of writing
I appreciate having a happy, loving family

Monday 23rd March

A mixed kind of day but still pretty positive
Nice lie in until 9am having slept quite well
Interesting articles about Archangel Michael
Invoking a blessing and protection from him
Splendid sunshine and blue skies all day long
A progressively enjoyable jaunt to St. Albans
Still fairly busy despite the corona virus
Dins of activity despite an eerie atmosphere
The Tudor-beam houses on Holywell Hill
Commonsensical antivirus measures at bank
I appreciate the suburban-pretty girl in there
Nice latte coffee bought from Costa on High St
Sitting drinking in the sunshine made a change
I was still able to sit and watch the world go by
This rest enabled me to feel more energised
This was probably the turning point of the day
From then on I was feeling more peaceful
The chubby-cute chav girl in the town square
Exploring the neighbourhood around train station
I appreciate its attractive red brick architecture
The attractive, big-built girl in Subway Salads
I appreciate her instant wow factor from afar
Exploring around the lovely St. Peter's Church
I then explored around the Cathedral and park
I appreciate how lovely the Cathedral is
The afternoon sunshine really brought this out
Organ recitals in the knave made me happy
Relaxing wander around peaceful Verulam Pk
There were a number of people around then
I got some fine pictures of the lake and trees
I appreciate the area at the far end of the park
I appreciate postcard-pretty Fishpool Street
Getting back in enough time to get the train
Two instances of rainbow paintings during day
Those were a sign from the Universe for me
Thinking thoughts of God taking care of it all
Reading the spiritual book 'In The Flow of Life'
It's inspiring chapter Life Comes to Pass
Late afternoon stroll around the country park
The PM has put the whole country on lockdown
However, it's not as bad as I was fearing
We can still go our for walks and exercise
He has also given a time frame of 3 weeks
My fairly calm reaction to this news
3 weeks is doable: we can live with that
Continuing with plan for my latest story

Tuesday 24th March

Dream about a performance of Shine Sweet Freedom
YouTube song from Michael MacDonald (as above)
The video the store manager posted on store's app
It was to-the-point and very reassuring to hear
We are staying open and trading fairly normally
We are being classed as key workers which will help
Feeling very relieved when I watched the video
It has been a splendidly sunny spring day today
An Ocado delivery has been and I'm nicely stocked
Face timing my family and having a 'conference call'
The amusement of what my nephew comes out with
Stroll around the country park in the sunshine
There were a few people about keeping their distance
I appreciate the humanity and the form of normality
Thoughts about my soon-to-be-started new story
A pretty lively and productive afternoon shift
Moves of lines to ground floor generated activity
Zeinab helped me to rearrange some shelving
Chats about what her name means (Arabic/Armenian)
I then merchandised all of the men's polo shirts
Dan and Ian don't seem to be showing any worries
I have avoided most of the doom mongers today
Helping out in the food hall for the final 2 hours
Worked delivery of spirits, then fruit and veg
Michael gave me some tips to do things faster
Cycling home from work safely in the dark
Inspiring post here about things coming to pass
Pure synchro-destiny with my life now

My workplace closed ten days ago, and today I learned that I am now officially laid off, and can collect unemployment. Previously, I was in limbo: not scheduled to work any hours, but not terminated, so I could not file an unemployment claim. After a week of this, I decided to let go of the entire situation because I have plenty of money saved and low expenses, and thus would be okay without unemployment. It will be very helpful to have it, however, so I appreciate my former employer for laying me off.

Late last year, I contemplated leaving my job, but did not because there was no good, clear reason to do so. I was  bored and wanting the freedom of no job once again, but I liked my co-workers and many of our members too much to leave, and the timing did not feel right. Thus, I let things unfold as they would, knowing that when the time was right the decision would either be an easy one, or else it would be made for me.

As much as I appreciate events unfolding naturally in my favor, I think I appreciate more that I now have gained the ability to float along in a situation without needing deadlines or guaranteed results. I can live with ambiguity and uncertainty now, and not need to control situations (or, rather, maintain the illusion that I am controlling them). Given the person I used to be, for whom everything was so black and white, this is a miraculous gift.

The friend I live with has been on the same page as me since January regarding the coronavirus, and how to best navigate any crisis that comes from it. Thus, we already had plenty of food, medicines (and yes, toilet paper! Ha!) long before others started to panic. Now that my employment has ended, neither of us has to leave the house for anything if we do not wish to. Thus we are both very calm and at peace in this strange situation. 

The co-operative gallery where I sometimes sell my art works is closed, but I have made friends there and we are supporting each other's creative efforts in an online group. We each have projects we have longed to undertake, and did not feel we had the time in which to do them, but now we almost have more time than we know what to do with! At the suggestion of one member, we have a chat session over coffee together in the mornings, which gets our day off on the right foot, so I every morning I have a clear reason to get up, showered, dressed, and ready to start my day over coffee with friends.

Not even two weeks into this, I can see how my group of creative friends is functioning as a Mastermind group, much like Napoleon Hill describes in Think and Grow Rich. Most of us have made art or various skilled crafts as a hobby while working in other fields, so the pool of knowledge among this group of people is incredibly varied. If you have a problem, at least one member can offer a solution. I find this remarkable, because while in my previous life, I joined an intentionally-formed Mastermind group of professionals, the energy was all wrong and I felt like everybody had their claws out, trying to grab whatever they could for themselves. Part of that was a reflection of my own inner struggle, I now understand. This current group, however, formed organically, with no other intention than for friends to come together in strange times to enjoy camraderie and mutual support, talk about what we are working on, and get honest feedback. Our gallery "home" may be closed, but we are keeping its spirit alive, and I am looking forward to seeing what new and wonderful things we all will bring to our first show after re-opening. 

I have been in communication with the younger of my two older brothers, and this has been surprisingly positive. I was perfectly happy at the idea of never speaking to my brothers or our mother again, and for ten months after our father died, we did not exchange so much as a word. When my brother contacted me, I was surprised. However, just as I have undergone my own transformation following a major crisis and break from my family, it now seems to be his turn. Our older brother has always been an overbearing bully, and now that he is the "patriarch" following our father's death, my brother can no longer tolerate it. He always imagined he would get relief once our overbearing bully of a father died, but our older brother is worse, and our mother makes no attempt to mitigate this. So he is now freeing himself, which is difficult because he has to discard so many bad ideas about himself and reality. However, for the first time in our lives he is taking his scapegoated little sister seriously and treating me with what seems to be genuine respect. I am no longer the bad and wayward one who went crazy, abandoned her husband, and brought shame to her family; I am the one who escaped, and thrived, and now has things to say that are worth hearing. I honestly cannot tell you how astonishing this development is. 

Wednesday 25th March

More glorious spring sunshine and blue skies
A fairly eventful and productive day at work
Chat with Kevin in locker room about pool
Worked delivery on foods first: spirits and ambient
Chat with Maureen about whisky distilleries
Assisting with the mass move to the ground floor
Excursions to kidswear to retrieve stock
Merchandised leggings and other things
Chat with Emma V about football and jobs
It's nice having chats with different people
I appreciate the social interaction I have
Working on foods in the final part of the day
Worked delivery on cold chain and vegetables
I am slowly getting to know where things are
Cycled home through the main municipal park
It was lovely, so colourful and springlike
Face timed my Mum and she is absolutely fine
She has been out in the garden doing jobs
She has plenty of things to keep her occupied
Inspiring articles about impossible situations
Mary L. Kupferle's article about letting God
Splendid evening walk around the village
I appreciate rainbow drawings springing up
These are a symbol of the Universe's promises
Bibliomancy session: my job role is safe
This all ends speedily and happily if we believe
Supernatural with Sid Roth on God Channel
Finishing the plan for my next short story

My surgery day is almost here!

I got decent sleep last night 

So many of my needs are easily bring met!

I have had plenty of time alone lately!

I am looking to buy a home in the relatively near future 

I am healthy and energetic
I am working and getting money
I am working in the right place
I am active and busy at work
I can get out of the house
I have social interaction of sorts
I have the freedom to exercise
The parks and gardens are open
The weather is good
Lovely ladies are out and about
Strangers are being friendly
My family, friends and workmates are fine
My neighbours provide companionship
I live in the developed world with a great health service
I have a lovely home to live in
I have things at home to keep me amused
My Alexa, Firestick, wifi, laptop, iPad and phone
Clumsy Craig is getting financial help
My brother is getting Furlow's money

Thank you Source for all of these things 

Thursday 26th March

Despite what's going on, a pretty good day
YouTube song from The Corrs (inspiring last line)
Splendid sunshine and blue skies once more
Working in the food hall today, supporting there
This could be where I'll be working for the while
Worked delivery of sandwiches and food on the move
Sarah explained a few things about labelling
Emma game me some hints to do jobs easier
It was busy and time passed quickly at this point
Quieter mid-morning but I still found things to do
On the till for a while taking a few transactions
The trolley of shopping which I had to put away
I appreciate this because it gave me a job to do
Chat with Janet about my previous workplaces
I appreciate her breezy and sunny outlook on life
Finishing at a nice time and going down to Tesco
They have got quite a few supplies down there
I got some of the household things I need at the mo
Cycling home through the park was lovely again
Chance meeting with Clumsy Craig in afternoon
Chats about his family, their operations and his jobs
It was really good to see him again and banter
He seems to be fine and seems to be his normal self
Reading In The Flow Of Life as I had my lunch
Long stroll around local area in the afternoon sunshine
Strangers are starting to talk a little bit more now
The orange sunset at this point was fantastic
Numerous thoughts about Divine protection
Consoling Nikki upstairs who has lost her cat
The national round of applause for NHS workers
Inspiring programmes on the God channels later
(Need to believe in God's ability to turn things round)
Continuing to plan my next short story later on
I have now incorporated signs from Universe into it
I have felt quite peaceful and cheerful all day today

Friday 27th March

The relative peace of yesterday continues
Once again, splendid sunshine and blue skies
Interesting articles about African dictators
Working in the food hall keeping busy
Worked delivery on the ambient section
I then found delivery to work on cold-chain
Stocked up the whole hot cross bun fixture
The 3rd in command manager toured store
He was very pleased with the food hall
Helping a customer to his car with shopping
I appreciated having my break when I did
Spending a while on the till processing sales
The store seemed a bit busier today than has been
The manager's very grateful message to all of us
As of next week, more work will be done on GM
However, I may be working in another store
I will get to meet new people and be busier
The bike rides there will give me exercise
Riding back home through the main park
Reading In The Flow of Life as I had lunch
Long evening walk in the splendid sunshine
Affirming Divine protection as I did so
The glorious orangey-red sunset at 6.30pm
Chatting with my neighbour as I took rubbish out
As things turn out she is very spiritual
Chats about metaphysics and reincarnation
I have a spiritual companion under my nose
My cousin has had a pretty good birthday
Correcting poem-story and reading an old one
I appreciate that it's better than I first thought
I am going to sleep pretty well tonight

❤️Originality❤️❤️❤️Miss. B❤️❤️❤️Love❤️
❤️Focus❤️Meditation❤️Miss. C❤️
❤️Great people❤️Winning Ways❤️Vitality❤️



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