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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Thursday 25th June

Britain’s week-long heatwave peaks today
Dream about sending magic to people
I slept fairly well despite overnight heat
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Nice wander round shopping ctr before work
Two more people have been called back
People greeting and admiring lovely ladies
There were lovely ladies everywhere today
Avoiding a doo-lally and obstreperous woman
It was quite busy when it was my time on till
I managed to work on homeware for a while
Had Bharti for company and we got lots done
Chats about her redeployment and Hatch End
The towel wall is now looking pretty strong
The homeware department is looking lots better
Chat with Zeinab about her upbringing in Iraq
More staff are being called back tomorrow
This will help us a lot and was music to my ears
Up selling several jumpers which were on sale
Kim is going to change my hours for next week
(Taking into account me not working Sundays)
First increment of Divine sorting things out
Again, this was very much music to my ears
Chat with Lorraine about tarot and spirituality
We are going to have a longer chat at weekend
A TFL employee gave me some face masks
Nice tuna risotto for dinner when I got in
Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1 in evening
This hands Liverpool a deserved Premiership
They have been the best team all season
Sorting out a birthday card for Dipstick Barry
A fairly long night walk around local area

Friday 26th June

Feeling a bit calmer than yesterday
Slightly cooler with sunny intervals
Rode into work and didn’t get too hot
Pretty busy day on the sales floor
On door duty for first two hours of shift
Lovely ladies were everywhere today
Chat with Claire about blood donation
Took quite a bit of money when on till
My hours for next week have been sorted
I have some very nice shifts all week
I have some very nice days off too
These break the week up rather nicely
I am also back to having Sundays off
Chat with Amy about her redeployment
Drinking beer with Clumsy Craig later
Sitting out in his garden with bonfire
Chats about jobs, virus, random TV
The Amstel beer I drank at the time

Saturday 27th June

Shorter shift today which was nice
Heavy rain early on for me to listen to
YouTube songs from Creedence CR
Bus arrived at the stop after a short wait
Short wander around town before shift
It’s getting busier in town and in store
Helping out in womenswear first of all
Lovely ladies everywhere when I was on door
Successful orders despite poor WiFi signal
Internet orders are trading really well
Staying calm when things got busy
The extra staff are making a difference
Plans are being made to go to the pub
Sidepocket Pat has voucher for Essex Arms
Sale for £302.50p all of full-price bedding
Convenient bus was waiting for me in town
Got home just before some showers came
Nice snooze on the settee after lunch
Wander round country park in evening
Staying dry despite further showers
Getting some food supplies from Tesco
Writing chapter plan for football story
Long night walk around the local area
I am off tomorrow with fun stuff planned

Sunday 28th June

A Sunday off work, and out exploring again
Interesting clips of Euro 96 on YouTube
Bus was waiting at the stop for me
Got to station with time to get earlier train
The platform vendor is now open again
Very nice cup of tea and rest on train
Exploring Little India near to Wembley
Incense, gold, and colourful grocers shops
Now open, Ealing Road is getting character back
Stroll along the towpath of the Grand Union
Exploring Horsenden Hill: a wholly new place
Self-esteem affirmations made in West Ealing
Oaklands Court: a winsome Art Deco vestibule
Lovely lady count picked up from here onwards
Exotic food aromas around West Ealing
Got into M&S Ealing without having to queue
Tasty lunch items and use of staff discount
PM’s spending plan to stimulate the UK economy
The chubby-cute Romanian girl in food hall
She was result of an intention made yesterday
The pretty churchyard along Ealing Broadway
Polish culture in Ealing and surrounding areas
Wandering freely around the shopping centre
The comely big-built girl fussing over a dog
Browsing in a bookshop for first time in months
The lovely village feel around South Ealing
All of the characterful Fullers pubs round there
Buying from a Costa Coffee for first time in months
Lovely hazelnut latte from South Ealing branch
Their large awnings sheltered me from a shower
It really came down and cleared the air
Exploring around peaceful Gunnersbury Park
Affirming Divine resolutions as I did this
It has been a good day for affirmations
Exploring Acton and Acton Vale after that
Watching world go by on Shepherds Bush Green
Getting direct train back home from there
The cute Asian girl in Shepherds Bush station
Writing up another chapter plan for football story
Brief night walk around the local area after
Having money, health and mobility to do all this

Making a successful banana cake!

Going to see ET again in a movie theater.

Monday 29th June

I slept pretty well overnight
Writing plan for chapter of football story
Brief chat with Dan about 90’s rave songs
Plenty of lovely ladies around when I was on the door
Managing to find replacement Honeywells
Idoya’s ‘woe is me’ tales made me appreciate my life
Chat with Lorraine about tarot cards
The UK is creating travel corridors with other countries
This makes an autumn holiday that much more possible
I eventually sorted out a tricky refund
Customers were understanding when their parcels didn’t turn up
Chat with Angry Ang about the dodgy former BHS owner
Mad Margaret was speaking positively about autumn travel
Daniel was speaking positively about the cafe reopening
An Ocado order has been put in for Thursday
Lengthy snooze on my bed in the evening
Night walk around the local area afterwards
I am off tomorrow with nice things planned

That my husband still has a good job during these trying times. That my family is healthy and happy. <3

Easy breakfast, air conditioner and dehumidifier, someone cleaned up the property I am visiting yesterday, the newly moved Rhubarb already has a new stalk.

Tuesday 30th June

A pretty enjoyable day off work
Nice lie in until 9am having slept well
Watching World Cup games on YouTube
Exploring around Hatch End and Pinner
Bus arrived at the stop as I got there
Didn’t have to wait too long for London train
Hatch End/Pinner are always worth appreciating
Art Deco around Hatch End Broadway
Farmstead architecture around Paines Lane
Pinner’s pretty and villagey old town area
It’s pretty garden suburb vibe as well
Getting some stationery in WH Smith
Lovely peppermint latte from Starbucks
Lounging around in Pinner Memorial Park
The fountains and subtropical vegetation
The suburban pretty girl by the museum
Enjoyable walk back to Hatch End station
The overground train turned up on time
The surgical mask is fairly comfortable
Expressing gratitude for the good in my life
A convenient bus suddenly turned up
In doing this I was saved lots of walking
Reading The President’s Hat as I had lunch
Nice snooze on the sofa after having eaten
Evening stroll around the country park
The fit brunette out walking with her mother
Brighton v Man Utd was a pretty good game
Man Utd played some very good football
Carmen’s very pretty Facebook picture
Writing chapter plan for football story
Fairly long night walk around the village
I am intending a good day at work tomorrow

I almost forgot. Checked my mailbox today and I had a flyer with the slogan A MILLION MILES AWAY COULD BE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. A reminder from the Universe for me that desires which I think could be difficult to manifest, are actually pretty easy to manifest, and that they are actually quite close to manifesting. A reminder to think big, believe and keep on believing in the positive.

I am really apreciating being back in work after a period of time off! Also being back at work has given me the oportunity to apreciate the surprise day off today, meaning I get to spend some time on my new music project, which is going realy well and all just falling together! 

I am apreciating so much right now, that my mind is clouded with gratitude and love and that is exactly what I like my mind being clouded with, I have felt more positive recently than I ever have. 

And of course, I apreciate the email notifications from this website, because they are what keeps reminding me that there ar others out there that "get" it and it reminds me I have another avenue with which to express gratitude, love and read other peoples amazing stories.

I feel like I could write a book with all the positive thoughts flowing around right now.

Here's wishing you all love for the day ahead, hope it gives you more to apreciate. 

Over the last two days I have started seeing black feathers, and I believe that this is rare. However, I have now seen three and when I looked up their meaning, it is that I am PROTECTED by angels. They are looking after me and helping me, and I sense that this may be their new sign, whereas a few months ago, it was robins. So I appreciate these calling cards, and I appreciate their help and guidance.


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