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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I got online for hours today.

I'm able to make favorite foods for dessert tonight.

I slept very well.

I should see my mom very soon.

I'm making plans to see Albuquerque for a while at least.

Tuesday 21st August

Another birthday: thank you for another year of life
YouTube song by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Nice lie in until around 9.02am (the time I was born)
Getting up and affirming my own life affirmation
Feeling it sinking in pretty much straight away
Watching highlights of The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3
A steady flow of birthday texts and What's App messages
I appreciate all of the great people I have in my life
Venturing to St. Albans for a picturesque wander
The weather turned out to be a lot better than expected
A very pleasant wander around the park and Fishpool St
I appreciate how well-preserved St. Albans is in parts
I appreciate all of its many lovely, characterful pubs
Banking birthday money to be spent on Amazon music
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee in the Maltings
Scripting a scene for a summer-Autumn away day soon
As per usual, the lovely lady count was very high
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl in the maroon blouse
Browsing around in Waterstones bookshop afterwards
I have now earmarked Kyoto as a potential place to visit
Finding a well-written book in football tactics by chance
Bus ride home was very quick and efficient, and free
Nice snooze on my bed once I had finished my meal
Big drinking session in town with various friends later
Prankster Darren immediately appeared along the High St
John the rugby boy appeared soon after at the pub
Chats about the intricacies of airport security first off
Tall Kelly then appeared about half an hour later
Chats about meetings with wild animals in the wild
The conversation then steered around to Brexit
The band on in the pub entertained us with 60's music
This created a nice atmosphere in the pub as a whole
Changing tables to one in the corner where it was quieter
Clumsy Craig appeared at this time as he said he would
Chat with John about rugby and the Rugby World Cup
Winding up Clumsy Craig about all of his mishaps
Daz then appeared a bit later on having come from work
Lee did the same, having been called into work quite late
There was a very nice atmosphere among everyone
Daz and Craig got on well and bantered like old times
I appreciate everyone coming out for my birthday session
I appreciate the 8 pints of Amstel beer I drank
Getting a taxi back to my door with Craig as chaperone
Having the money, health, mobility and mates for all this

Wednesday 22nd August

Not feeling too groggy when I woke up
That said, I do appreciate taking the day off
Nice lie in until around 10.45am
YouTube song from Simply Red (90's indie dance)
Episode of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'
Returning to bed for a short while to rest
Feeling somewhat better once I had done this
The many birthday messages written on my timeline
Knowing so many great and kind people in my world
Stroll around the country park in the fresh air
It has been pleasantly warm and sunny today
Having a very healthy lunch including salad veg
Reading my fascinating book about football tactics
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had my lunch
Stroll to Waterdell cornfields giving thanks in advance
I appreciate my Amazon Echo and music library
All day long I have played fantastic songs on this
The sound quality from the smart speakers is excellent
This could well take my musical appreciation to another level
Getting through all of my thank you's later on
I appreciate all of the good will which has come my way
I am getting some extra hours for tomorrow and Friday

I appreciate:

Great health, vitality and fitness.
Running, netball and paddle boarding ... Fun, fun, fun.
Tai Chi: Balance, centre, rootedness.
Internal alchemy.
Excellent TC classes this week with brilliant people.
First class instruction and feeling deep connection.
New QiGong postures and feeling serene.
Increasing agility, low snakes & high kicks!
Attracting some unexpected interest and invitation? Also ...
Attracting animals (cats,dogs,birds), kids & high vibration individuals.
I appreciate people letting me out in busy traffic this week and
Someone telling me to go ahead of them in the supermarket queue.
I appreciate the very helpful assistant showing me all the shutters.
And finding enough time to stop off at the showroom to have a look.
Having another clear out of old, broken, unused or unloved stuff.
The very upbeat, personable, young guy at the charity shop.
My great colleagues who can be relied on & who do a really great job.
Galloping through a huge amount of stuff I thought would take ages!
I appreciate awareness of limiting beliefs and feel uplifted and light hearted to have shined a spotlight on this one!
I appreciate everything growing well in the garden & vegetable patch.
Miss C sleeping in the shade of the courgette leaves
Miss C completely flattening the lavender!
Miss C for deep, thunderous purrs!
Miss B for brains and beauty and for always being there!
Miss B for side splitting impersonations and slapstick humor!
Miss B for love and kindness.
Thank you Universe inside and out.
We love U :)x

Perfect image, So beautiful*****

Thursday 23rd August

Working extra hours so a bit more money for me
YouTube songs from Billy Bragg (great baselines)
Riding to work for the first time in a while and it was fine
Motorists all drove safely and were considerate
Worked two stacks of essentials and got a lot done
Sale for £225.05p, biggest one of the day
Cracked on with returns and found them easy to do
Tidied the top half of the BU and made it look better
I appreciated my breakfast and the sit down I had
Excursion to the VM room with Anupa for company
A rude and condescending old git soon disappeared
He is like this to everyone, so it wasn't just me
Thankfully though, his alteration was done correctly
Suit fit for a pleasant father and son made up for him
They were surprisingly easy to deal with and grateful
Excursion to the third floor to find an accessories stand
Brief chat with Kirsty about her trials and tribulations
Reading my book about the tactics of Premiership football
It is very in-depth yet also very absorbing to read
Dining out with my Mum at The Harvester later on
I had scampi and chips and they were very tasty
Chats about family, babies, my birthday, and holidays
Playing further catchy songs on my Amazon echo
The bass lines sound so much better with these speakers
Scripted an intention for my Californian holiday

I have also completed 1000 nights in my 'new' flat and love living here.  

Friday 24th August

Earlier start today because I got extra hours
YouTube song from Young Love (found by serendipity)
Size tidied all of the casual trousers and cracked on
Excursion to the 3rd floor to retrieve parrot stands
Quirky Jade came to the rescue when there was a tricky refund
Rude customers all stayed far and away today
Finding the right pair of jeans for an appreciative customer
The amusement of Josh dressing in a suit and tie
(Even better, he was later likened to a Labour MP)
The amusement of Charlie admitting that she's 'a friendly drunk'
The amusement of the manager walking around 'being smooth'
The amusement of Faye the VM threatening to beat him up
The amusement of Ben trying to undress a dummy of trousers
Finding the right pair of travel trousers for a customer
I also played several pranks with a growling dinosaur toy
Working briefly in foods for a change of scenery
Finding a pair of Airflex shoes for a former workmate
Night out plans changed to next week and that benefitted me
Getting home just before the afternoon showers passed over
Reading 'The Mixer' book on Premiership football tactics
Nice snooze on the settee listening to the afternoon showers
Lisa appreciated my Facebook messages asking how she was
She also said that I always cheer her up and make her smile
Further entertainment c/o songs played on my Amazon Echo
Made some more intentions for things to happen on holiday
It looks like I have got Bank Holiday Monday off work
I have also got out of a floor move on Wednesday evening

chocolate chip cookie bars, making new interesting modern art people really like talking to nice librarians, free cup cakes, sleeping enough and feeling refreshed, experimenting painting on glass.

I heard from my lover and he lost his phone. That is why he hasn't been in touch.
I get plenty of time alone today.

Saturday 25th August

I have kept busy today and time has passed quickly
Youtube songs from Blur (prime 90's Britpop)
I was safe and sound riding into work again
Quiet first thing, enabling me to get some delivery done
The suit promotion drove footfall right up
Once it got busy, I was able to do some upselling
Successful internet order for a pair of deck shoes
Tidied the top half of the BU and made it look good
Chat with Posh Anne about train engineering works
It turns out that I CAN get to London by train on Monday
Chat with Alex the temp about football fixtures
Suits sold like hotcakes during my hour on the till
Sales for £270 and £273 (biggest of the day)
Showers on the way home but I stayed fairly dry
Some intriguing results in the day's football matches
Seemingly invincible Manchester City dropped 2 points
Reading more of my book on Premiership football tactics
Finding some interesting posts on here to comment on
I have had 2 positive CSAT mentions at work today
I now have Bank Holiday Monday off with fun stuff planned
I am also booked in at the travel agents on Wednesday

Lol i don't like so much jam but these days me too im obsessed with strawberry jam


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