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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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There id s real chance I could go West on Wednesday and be making my way back out of Minnesota.
I have access to plenty of food. I am consciously prepaving my life from here forward. Mt romantic partner wanted to talk to me a lot over the past two days.

Sunday 9th September

From yesterday: I had another positive CSAT at work
The customer wrote some really nice things about me
The old boy upstairs had an epic sneezing fit
All in all, I have had a pretty positive day
Nice lie in until 10.30am having slept for 9 hours
YouTube songs from Walk The Moon
These sounded really good on my Amazon Echo
The same effect was later achieved by Fickle Friends
Listing numerous places to visit whilst in Seattle
The place has a lot to do and has a very distinctive character
It has definitely felt warmer today than yesterday
Jogging around the country park before I had lunch
Denmark's 2-0 win over Wales was fairly absorbing
Finding numerous posts on here to comment on
My Mum, still poorly, has now been to the walk-in clinic
They have made a diagnosis and it seems fairly straightforward
Nothing serious or life threatening, but I didn't think it was
Drinking in the Kings Lodge with Mr. and Mrs. A later on
It was nice to drink in a different pub for a change
I mixed London Pride beer with non-alcoholic beer
Chats about dogs, veganism, my home building, and jobs
The walk home from the pub got me plenty of fresh air
Sunflower's VERY detailed reply to my email last night
I have the day off tomorrow with walking in sunshine planned

Access to the net. Making rice krispie bars. Deciding to paint an exceptionally beautiful bird species. I had a nice night alone last night in my friends apartment. I slept enough last night. I have a lot of food I can choose from at a lower cost grocery store I easily walk to nearby. The man I care about wanted to talk to me a lot recently "just to hear my voice."

Sunday Sept 9th
Weather is getting colder, so the air is much cleaner (thanks to rain) and crisp
Leaves are turning, a sign of transformation, death, and ultimate renewal
Arrangements for a much needed vacation at the end of the month are finalized
Looking forward to flying to a favorite location and spending my time shopping, pub hopping, and seeing the sights
My newly arranged and decorated living room is soooo much nicer and looks very chic
Neighbor's cat came by and waved his paw at my window to get my attention; he was in need of his nightly snack
I've been asked to consult for a project that will bring in some serious cash, that will be a nice bonus
Space was available in a sports class I have been wanting to do and I'm excited to be learning a new skill
My life seems to be going incredibly well right now despite a chaotic summer and I'm grateful for the flow of new energy
I've got plans for some philanthropic donations that will really benefit the people who receive it

I am grateful that me and my boyfriend are working this out together.

I am grateful for my listening skills.

I am grateful for my full attention when people are talking to me.

I am grateful that people recognize me as a great listener.

I am grateful for letting go of old patterns and controlling others.

I am grateful for my job my salary and money.

I am grateful for the Sister hood group I am in.

I am grateful for my fancy new gym.

I am grateful for my healthy positive mind.

I am grateful for my friends here in London.

I am grateful for all the love and support that is around me.

I am grateful I met my cousin in London.

I am grateful for my intuition and gifts and talents.

I am grateful for my life.

I am grateful for my beautiful eyes and face and good looks. 

I am grateful my nails have grown.

I am glad my body is so fit and healthy.

I am grateful for my sisters hen book is so beautiful creative and fab!

I am grateful for my relationship, the great conversations we have, the support I get and receive and the fun we have together and the laughs. I am grateful for freedom in our relationship to be ourselves. I am grateful our vision together and I grateful for the choices we make together.

I am grateful for our holiday in Gran Canaries. 

I am grateful for the trip to Granada. 

I am glad that we have two trips to Ireland to enjoy.

I am glad that Karolina will do my nails.

A friend went to check on my BF and take him to the Dr. If needed.
I slept enough. I got lots of good food.
I will have s couple of nights on my own this week in the apt. I have been staying. I did find cheap flights to return to CA very soon much more easily.

Monday 10th September

After a fashion, it has been quite a positive day
Youtube song from The Smashing Pumpkins
I once again slept pretty well and woke up with energy
My skin has been pretty good today and felt better
My Mum has been referred for surgery at the hospital
This will get her abdominal pains sorted out easily
Now that we know what it is, things are getting done
She is feeling a lot better and more easygoing
She has also been able to sleep thanks to painkillers
Day off work to go walking in the breezy sunshine
Bus to town turned up when I arrived at the stop
Nice cup of tea from the platform vendor at station
Train as far as Kenton then a nice straight walk east
The hustle and bustle of Kingsbury Circle midday
Getting some lunch items from Tesco Express
Views of Wembley Stadium from Jubilee Park
The peace, quiet and childhood memories of Colindale
Finding my way around Brent Cross shopping centre
Reacting calmly to not being able to buy US dollars
Lovely hazlenut latte at Costa Coffee, Hendon Central
Listing some 'wow moments' from past holidays
This will help attract some for this coming holiday
Feeling excited about my trip: just 2 weeks away
Text from my Mum, now sounding more like normal
Bright and breezy stroll through Holders Hill and Mill Hill
Getting the train back to St. Albans from there
I appreciate how frequently trains run on that line
Reacting calmly when I had to pay a penalty fayre
Brief wander around St. Albans before coming home
A convenient bus got me home quite quickly
Watching some of Portugal v Italy whilst I ate
The reply I wrote to Sunflower's very helpful messages
It looks like I have got out of doing a night move tomorrow

Bed time is coming soon. I had a greatbed time snack.
I made a little art today. My gifts for my mom that art art are almost completely finished. My partner did reach
Reach out tobme a little bit.

I am grateful for all the photos and messages received for my sisters hen book. Thank you.

I am glad I am going for dinner today with my man. Thank you.

I am glad I reached out to Joanne. Thank you

I am glad I bought some prizes for the quiz I made. 

I am glad that I have the book 70% complete.

I am glad that it has helped me come up with some great ideas. Thank you.

I am glad that I have my nails booked.

I am glad that I am being more positive and more focused. 

I am living in a new house, it is big with two stores and it has a beautiful garden and there are places for zen and space. I am grateful for our big rooms and spacious rooms and the lovely peaceful quirky area we live. I am glad that it is healthy environment. I am grateful for my loyal trustworthy calm and relaxed and positive husband. What a wonderful wedding we had with good friends and family. I am grateful for my baby,. I am glad of my work from home job and how much fun I have living my life working to help people and how I speak my truth. I am grateful for my gifts and talents. I am glad that I am patient kind and beautiful. 

Good music, nice sunny 80 degree weather. Buying more food. Making a nice Butterfly picture. Sleeping pretty well. Meeting my cousin for a short chat. I get the apt to myself for a night in two days. I am manifesting a fast plane trip back to California.

Tuesday 11th September

My Mum slept a lot better thanks to painkillers
Youtube song from Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
Stroll around the country park before having lunch
Affirming good things about my afternoon shift
I was hardly on the till or in the fitting room at all
Worked through a whole stack of accessories
Feeling a bit 'meh' in the middle but that changed
Had coffee for a change during my break
This had the effect of perking me right up
The second half of the shift augured pretty well
Delivery eventually came in giving us sth. to do
Chat with Lisa about her future plans and anxieties
Josh reckons that I am some kind of free-spirit
I rather took this as an unexpected compliment
Chat with Chantelle about her upbringing in Hackney
This was the first bilateral convo I have had with her
Tidied the whole of the top half of the BU after that
Brief chat with Aaron about tonight's football
Rain on the way home but I stayed fairly dry
England ground out a 1-0 win over Switzerland
Finding out things about Washington DC online
The city seems purpose-build and grandiose
Photoshopping some pics to create beauties
I have tomorrow off and will get all sorts done


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