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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Friday 19th April

Long Good Friday spent day tripping once again
Warm sunshine and blue skies all day long
YouTube song from The Jam (very apt title)
Pleasant walk to the suburban railway station
Very nice cup of tea from platform vendor
Convoluted journey but all was well in the end
Having enough transfer time despite delays
In fact, a delay benefited me at Richmond
I appreciate the pretty Israeli girl on the train
Finally boarding a delayed service to Windsor
Having an historical place fairly near home
Peaceful wander around Eton College etc
I appreciate the brasseries around the bridge
I appreciate the waterside Baths Islands nearby
Windsor Castle: world's largest occupied castle
It is a fine feat of architecture and engineering
Lunch items from M&S and use of staff discount
Feeling a bit more energised once I had eaten
Hazy high cloud started clearing around 1pm
Strolling around the outer grounds of castle
This provided me with all sorts of photo opps
The Long Walk around the back of the castle
The cherry blossoms and other Spring trees
The sunshine had brought the happy people out
Exploration around the characterful town centre
Pesacod Street seemed almost Mediterranean
(It reminded me a bit of Rue Massena in Nice)
I appreciate all of the terrazas found around here
Lovely coffee stop in Costa Coffee, Royal Arcade
Text convo with PI member about intentions
Setting some intentions for my trip to Israel
This rather captured my imagination for a while
Feeling perkier when I came out of there
Exploring around Alexandra Park and its funfair
Giving a straight answer to two scrotes in station
Getting train back to Richmond without any fuss
Welcome evening meal in Subway Salad as hungry
Stroll as far as Richmond Riverside for sunset pic
Lots of people were out and about on this warm eve
Drinking London Pride in The Railway Tavern pub
Composing a few rhymes for my poem-story in there
My calm reaction when the train home was cancelled
Said train home then departed just a bit later
Then being able to transfer at Willesden Junction
I was a bit relieved when I finally got back home
The walk up from the station gave me further steps
Affirming forgiveness during the long walk home
Having money, health and mobility to do all of this

I appreciate:

Easter bank holiday, long weekend!
Fantastic weather, blue skies and warm sunshine!
Lots of time to paint! Time to do what I want!
Time for gardening and starting more seeds off in the green house.
Trimming & reshaping the holly tree and lowering the crown.
I appreciate my hedge trimmer and thick, leather, gardening gloves!
New irrigation hoses laid, connected & ready.
My new stainless steel trowel! Thanks B ... So romantic!!! ;)xxx
New roses and split clumps all doing well in the borders.
Some of last weeks' seeds beginning to poke through!
Getting lots of things done and feeling good!
It's nice to be at home with B, larking about and having fun. :)xxx
Miss C checking the boundaries & napping on the swing seat!:)xxx
BBQ tonight at ours with netballers, sailors, shufflers & instructors!
B going into party planning overdrive!!!Roll out the bunting!!!
Stringing up the sail and party lights at the top end of the garden.
I appreciate the Easter eggs and cards I've been given this week!
I love Lindt & Thorntons especially! Waiting till Sunday!
Sneaking some mini eggs down in the shed anyway!!! Ha! Ha!
Toasted, spicy, hot cross buns dripping with butter for breakfast!
And steaming hot cups of tea!
Progressing plans quickly and feeling the momentum.
Manifesting brilliant signs & symbols, synchronicity left, right & centre! Magic! :)
Feeling a weight has been lifted now that Phase III has finally begun!
Kicking procrastination in to touch! Woohoo! M is ecstatic! Ha! Ha!
Another, new , very entertaining, funny book on Audible while I paint!
I love my Bluetooth headphones, speakers and Echo Dot.
Everything's so easy these days... no leads or trailing wires!
Everything's effortless! Easy! 'Reading but not reading!' Awesome! ;)
New tracks from N&B of whom, I was thinking on Thursday!
Magic! Great titles and lineups! Cracking!
Enjoying each and every moment of goodness NOW!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! Ah!
Thank you Universe inside and out. :)x

Time with my love, coffee, motivational books, pizza , quiet, art making, Easter events, salt, sleep, dreaming, Woodland, CA.

I believe the man I love, loves me!

Saturday 20th April

Our lovely Easter heatwave is continuing
YouTube song from Mark Morisson (90's RNB)
My in-store computer account is now unlocked
Busy morning on the sales floor with lots to do
Sale for £287 (a family buying a job lot of things)
(They were friendly, chatty people and we had a laugh)
The menswear department took plenty of money
The amusement of Crazy Kirsty being daft
My Labour Scheduling app is now unlocked
I plotted some very good shifts for future weeks
Got a nice job lot of Easter eggs for my family
My super team chalked up a win away from home
Got out of a convoluted night out to London tonight
Travel disruptions and obstacles actually suited me fine
The lovely aromas of barbecues in the local area
Paid a visit to my Mum and she was absolutely fine
Got an Easter egg and present from her and my Aunty
Composing yet more couplets for my poem-story
Enjoyable later stroll in the warm, clear night air
Plotted some more shifts using Labour Scheduling app
I am anticipating a very good day tomorrow


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