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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Friday 24th February

YouTube songs from The Chemical Brothers (block rocking beats!)
Sunshine and blue skies pretty much all day
The store was a little bit busier today, with increased footfall
Sale for £217.55p, the biggest of the day
Chat with Mark about Brixton and multicultural London areas
Moves being done, so lots of pretty VM girls in the department
Chat with Preeti about pancakes and what to put on them
Socialising plans are being made for tomorrow night
Chat with Suzy about her extra-curricular activities outside of work
The ride home in the sunshine was quite safe and pleasant
Interesting episode of The Bill (virtually an episode-long car chase)
Gave the flat a much-needed clean and tidy in the evening
Got shot of some old stuff which will help the chi circulate more easily
Reminding myself of the musical fun of the Chemical Brothers as I did so

I appreciate beautiful Saturdays studying and enjoying peace and quiet. I appreciate the rain and birds calling and smelling the cleanliness of rain. I appreciate the food on my table and green coffee. I appreciate my computers and the internet when studying. I appreciate my lecturers. I appreciate my school mates and having intelligent conversation. I appreciate NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy and Tad and Adriana. I appreciate ML and reiki that he gives and the awesomeness of his healings. I appreciate Brian and our hoe in Sydney and the house on the coast and that my children are healthy, happy, have great jobs, new opportunities and wonderful partners and my grandchildren are healthy and happy. I appreciate new opportunities opening for me and the respect I get from people regarding the work I have already done and the respect from spirit for the work I have already done. I appreciate CC and that my payments are being made and I don't have to be concerned about money this year or next year. I appreciate my solicitor DP. thank you thank you thank you for dean. I appreciate my garden on the coast. I appreciate my body and health.I appreciate fb. Rev R. and Lisa F. I appreciate the joy of living in Australia. thank you thank you thank you xoxoxo

Saturday 25th February

The weather has calmed down a bit since Thursday
The shop floor has been a lot busier today and time didn't drag
I was pretty busy when it was my time on the tills
When customers needed shirts, I was able to find them
Chat with Posh Anne about Chelsea's fixtures
Janette demonstrated how to properly repackage a shirt
Eduardo gave me a throat sweet when I was feeling croaky
Chat with Varsha at tea break about her current vicissitudes
I have some hours plotted for next week and get 2 days off
Although I have late finishes I also have a number of lie ins
Chat with Mit about his various jobs and his career so far
My Mum and me are going out to eat somewhere nice next week
Got home just before the evening rains started
Public transport to get into town in the heavy evening rain
Drinking in Weatherspoons with various former BHS workmates
Meeting Lee's girlfriend and she is very pleasant
Prankster Darren, Priyan and Nicci all turned up later on
We got the only free table left in the whole of the pub
Drinking in that particular pub chain are always good and cheap
Chat with Darren and Lee about beers from around the world
Chat with Nicci about past lives and releasing prison patterns
Chat with Priyan about films to watch when you are drunk
An interesting conversation about the sending of Valentine's cards
More socialising plans are being made for the coming weeks
It was great to see everyone again - some for the first time in ages
The walk home from town allowed me to burn off all the beer
Doing my good deed: calling a taxi for a very lost girl
Having the money, health, mobility and friends to do all of this
Sunday 26th February

Feeling quite good and energetic when I woke up
Reading through Wikitravel and Lonely Planet articles about Israel
I appreciate that there are day trips for me to go on from Tel Aviv
YouTube songs from Enigma (mid 90's ethno-ambient music)
Falling back asleep for a while felt nice and did me some good
Researching energy providers: there are some good plans for me
The Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am well stocked up again
I appreciate home delivery and that it saves me from a trek
I have felt quite lucid in my posting on here today
Walk around the country park created a space for my lunch
Six Nations rugby: England eventually prevailed against Italy
We sit top of the table and keep on winning our games
The League Cup final was a good, exciting game which finished 3-2
Frisky Freda approved my friend request on Facebook
Long walk around the local area in the evening affirming about DIVINE PROTECTION
I appreciate my calendar and being able to plan ahead
Finding colourful pictures of Tel Aviv and Barcelona basking in sunshine
Organising my channelled short story into manageable 'chapters'
Playing some quality songs on YouTube and on CD as I did this
Walk around the local area thunking further thoughts of DIVINE PROTECTION
I appreciate:

Early morning run along the prom as the trail is waterlogged.
I appreciate a different view!
My breathable, dayglo running jacket.
Feeling: Fit, strong and healthy.
Being able to repair the TV quickly and easily.
Integrating more devices, enjoying simple solutions.
Getting more done and feeling excited about plans.
A fruitful working week, this week with lots of opportunities.
Feeling: Optimistic, excited and ready!
All my friends and how kind they are to each other.
S&P who are on holiday for a week.
Cute Spaniel puppies!
My hard working team who are reliable and conscientious.
Miss Cuddles who is fat, fun and furry and always in alignment!
Olly and co!
My books are on their way from Amazon right now!
I appreciate hot cups of tea and raspberry porridge!
I appreciate better weather is on it's way soon.
I appreciate the next major phase and how good that makes me feel.
I appreciate noticing feeling good and happy!
Thank you Universe! :)x
Monday 27th February

Different routine today, and that can be a good thing
Slight lie in until 8.45am having slept quite well
YouTube songs from the Polyphonic Spree (very happy songs)
Heavy rain, but I could get public transport into town
It got there quite quickly, allowing me to have a cup of tea
Interesting thread on Football Nostalgia about the England football team
Quite busy at work and time passed quickly
I avoided a very rude customer in the fitting room
It was pretty busy when I was on the till and customers were quite cheery
My contract has been extended for another couple of months
My hours stay the same and I can work extra hours as and when
Mit praised my hard work, flexibility and customer service
He also praise my astuteness, which I was pleasantly surprised by
It was something of a relief to have this all sorted out
I now have peace of mind for 2 more months, and for my holiday
My rate of pay is going to go up by quite a bit as of 1st April
I appreciate having good newspapers to read during my tea breaks
(I took this to be a message from the Universe about the power of forgiveness)
The last hour went quite quickly as there was delivery to do
Chat with Liam about internal office politics and his contract
Chat with Aaron about gigs, West End musicals and Motown music
Chat with Wine Gum Steve about workplace personalities
He too praised my customer service and abilities with people
Fighting my corner against a competitive poster on Football Nostalgia
Musical Madness session later on, updating my Spotify account
I get another late start tomorrow which means that I avoid overnight ice


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