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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I ran into someone who knew me from a meditation place, it was interesting cause I was just looking at video at an event there few months back ,  few hours before , i chatted with her about it , only cause fresh on my mind

someone from cancer group called me , really kind loving person, so nice, it meant the world to me,

and i got a contact number to call about a room to rent hopefully

i am living in a hotel literally surrounded by suticases

  i am alive,

The art homework I was SO Afraid of trying to do is, ALMOST completely done!!!!! -PHEW!

The weather is very nice.

I got a pretty good amount of sleep last night.

I'm feeling pretty good.

My class went well.

i have paint to finish my project.

My prof. helped me get a much better location for my art painting to show it on June 2nd.

Tuesday 23rd May

Working later today so another nice lie in until 9am
Random acts of kindness during the terrorist attack in Manchester
Once again, the quick response of the emergency services deserves praise
Messages of support coming in for Britain from across the world
Nice wander around the country park in the mid morning
The late May heatwave is still on with 10 days of sun on the way
Bus ride into work was both quick and efficient
Anupa and Wine Gum Steve sorted out a customer moaning about Sparks cards
All other customers I managed to deal with, with minimum fuss
Successful click and collect order for two pairs of jeans
There was a lot of delivery to do but we got it all done and put out
Chat with complaining Karen about holidays and her rowdy neighbours
I appreciate that the building I live in is very quite and peaceful at night
Nice snooze on the sofa when I got in from work
A brief musical madness session as I updated my Spotify playlist
Wednesday 24th May

Back yo working my normal hours today
YouTube song from Saint Etienne about springtime
Bus into work today and everything ran very smoothly
The lights on Lowestoft Road stayed green and we got through them straight away
I don't think that has ever happened to me before
When I was on the tills for the first two hours, it was pretty busy
Mit the line manager is back off holiday and has been in pretty jovial mood
We had a brief chat about my contract and he reckons that I am going to be kept on after Saturday
This is subject to a chat with the Finance Manager, but things look promising
Others won't be kept on, but the fact that he said this shows that he wants to keep me
Aaron later asked me to swap a shift next week, hinting at me actually working next week
Helped Matthew the new starter with a few things, and felt useful
Successful click and collect order for a 'Limited' sweater
I appreciate the couple who appreciated the help I gave them with navy blue suits
Bike not yet ready, but the stroll home in the warm sunshine did me good
The good weather continues with long periods of sun and blue sky in the afternoon
Reading through Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain again (1987 election)
The amusement of the precocious talk of the little toddler girl next door to me
Thoughts about a 'young love moment' and affection
Manchester United beat Ajax in Stockholm to win the Europa League
I always appreciate it when a British club wins in Europe
Football has once again United people after the attrocity earlier on this week
The final itself passed without any incidents
Musical madness session later on as I updated my Spotify playlist
I have felt quite cheery and exuberant this evening
I appreciate:

The lovely calm, clear and sunny weather we're having.
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.
Wearing my summer clothes and not feeling bundled up for winter!
Running my usual route every day & looking out across the blue twinkling sea.
The verdant countryside, luscious and green teeming with life.
Ladybirds, butterflies and honeybees.
Everything growing well and looking nice in my garden.
Roses in full bloom, looking and smelling wonderful.
Miss Cuddles the cat using the courgettes leaves as a sun shade!
Miss Cuddles for sleeping on top of and squashing the lavender!
Lunch at the beach yesterday.
Delicious rainbow salads and fruit cocktails and smoothies the colour of limes!
A cool light breeze, and sand between my toes!
A lighter days work today & my favourite Tai Chi class later.
A lighter days work today an island of respite in my busy week.
Accumulating copious notes adding to my research.
Having lightbulb moments joining up disparate topics in unusual ways.
Feeling competent, unstoppable and knowing.
Listening to the neighsayers with indifference!
I appreciate the new books that have arrived & the useful info they contain.
I appreciate expanding networks and creating new routes and pathways.
Visiting new places and gaining new perspectives.
Invitations to interesting events and places from unexpected sources.
Synchronicities left, right and centre with major signposts being revealed.
Knowing now, what to do and how to do it.
Flashes of inspiration, intuition and creative outpourings.
High productivity.
Training, nutrition and conditioning all going well.
New routines feeling great, working well.
New customers, new contracts, old customers, partnerships & synergies.
Customers paying invoices on time. Thank you.
My team, their comittment and reliability, thank you.
All teams working together well, in harmony.

I appreciate:
The emergency services for the fantastic job that they do.
The Army for patrolling UK streets, keeping us safe.
The Police for keeping us safe.
MI5 & MI6 and other friendly intelligence keeping us safe.
Fellow countrymen & women for compassion, bravery and backbone
And acts of great kindness.

I especially appreciate swift, tough and permanent action.
Thank you! :)xoxo
Thursday 25th May

Day off, and a nice lie in until around 9.30am
I appreciate having a day off on a lovely sunny day
Interesting football articles on The Guardian's website
I also did an interesting quiz on Europa League finals
YouTube songs from the Global Dance Project
The leak in the airing cupboard hasn't really done any damage
I have found a way of minimising it so it doesn't make noise
Stroll to the bike shop in the blue skies and sunshine
On the way there I found a £5 note on the pavement
My bike was ready to collect, fully serviced and the brakes work well
Mid-cadence riding to Radlett to test everything out
Everything worked well and the ride was pretty comfortable
I appreciate the open fields of suburban countryside in North Bushey
Getting lost in far flung corner of Hartspring and finding new areas
Eventually getting to Radlett having complied the main road without death
Lovely amaretto coffee in Cafe Nero along the High Street
Made some plans regarding a possible early summer holiday next month
One or two European destinations look quite appealing
The ride home was also pleasant and drivers drove safely and considerately
Reading through Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain (Thatcher's end)
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
Long stroll around the village and Studioland in the sunshine
Pretty girls and women were all around, and everywhere I went
Clear blue skies and 28c: best weather of the year so far today
Tomorrow looks set to be even better with sunshine all day long
Did some more early-summer holiday research when I got back
My aunty sent me a message detailing what LA is like in Sep and Oct
This seems very promising for a longer early autumn holiday there
My aunty also found a phone number for an engineer to look at the boiler
Finished the first round of proof reading of my channelled short story
The washing up bowl is proving very handy at collecting leaking water
Brian's helpful reply to my question about trusting the flow of life
Giving thanks in advance for a very positive and optimistic day tomorrow
Friday 26th May

More warm to hot sunshine and clear blue skies
That said, there were also some pleasant tempering breezes
Getting through to the manufacturers of my leaking hot water tank
They are going to send an engineer round tomorrow to fix it
Reasonably busy day on the sales floor with spurts of custom
Did a small move of suede shoes in footwear and felt accomplished
Redressed a wall of slippers and it looked a whole lot better
Excursions to the third floor to find more slippers to put out
The amusement of Sylvia wandering around with a blazer
When it was my turn on the till, it was quite busy and active
Aaron fiddled the system a bit to work out my hours for next week
Chatty customers talking about Nice and Lisbon as holiday destinations
Brief chat with Mit the line manager about my contract extension
I am only being extended for a month, but at least have that much employment
Realising that now may be the right time to move on from the company
My actual gut reaction to all of this was actually pretty calm
Remembering how the higher power helped me out a year ago
The situation was similar then and turned out well: now will be the same
As soon as started thinking this, signs from the Universe began appearing
Post on Facebook with the encouraging tagline of JACKPOT ALERT
Second post on Facebook about the DIVINE PLAN FOR MY LIFE
Third post on Facebook: the song AMAZING GRACE (MY CHAINS ARE GONE)
Got home to find that my Mum had dropped in and emptied the washing up bowl
Resting on the sofa listening to the sounds of summertime outside
Very detailed visualisation session after I had had a brief snooze
Night out with my entertaining workmates in a curry house in Bushey
Bus turned up quite quickly and took me there in plenty of time
I appreciate that the food was very tasty when it arrived
Chats with Liam and Rhys about the pranks they play on each other
Chat with Charlie about Ramadan and music festivals
Further chats about colleagues and weirdo section managers
Walk home in the warm night air burnt off all of the beer I had drunk
Silly chat on What's App with my former BHS workmates
Further sign from Universe about a local MIRACLE MINISTRY
All in all, a mixed day but one which has been oddly encouraging
Saturday 27th May

I have felt pretty calm and upbeat all day long
YouTube videos of classic FA Cup Finals (1953, 1981, 1987, 1988 and 2006)
Brief shower on the way into work which freshened things
I also managed to stay pretty dry as it passed over
Very nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting work
Scripted a happy ending to my current work situation
Being a Saturday, the sales floor was pretty busy with custom
Most of the menswear team were upbeat and in good spirits today
Customers were also upbeat and in good spirits
Sale for £311.50p, the biggest one I have had in a while
Sejal showed me how to print a credit note for a tricky exchange
The leak in my hot water tank has now been fixed, and didn't cost a penny
My Mum house sat and let the engineer in whilst I was at work
Brief chat with Charlie about our fixed term contracts
Working in kidswear for the final hour and having a change of scenery
The journey home was very pleasant as I sped along
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had my lunch
FA Cup Final day: I appreciate this venerable old football competition
The punditry programme beforehand was very interesting
The game itself got off to a good start with an early Arsenal goal
Chelsea perked up in the second half, but Arsenal ran out surprise 2-1 winners
This was the surprise which English football needed
It was also a really good game and a great advert for football in England
Very detailed visualisation session in the mid-evening
Going through old notebooks to find descriptions which would be good for stories
Doing this was strangely nostalgic for me and brought back some memories
I appreciate:

Another lovely warm, bright, still and sunny day!
Running along the creek trail & swimming to The Point and back: Refreshing!
A fun BBQ yesterday at Dyl's, lots of laughing and dancing with nice friends.
Lots of lovely things to eat and drink. Mmmmmm!
Front & back gardens looking colourful and super abundant.
Sweet smelling, glorious roses and rambling honeysuckle.
Jasmine and tropical looking lillies: More & more abundance everywhere.
Miss Cuddles the sweetest flower in the island bed! xoxo
Honeybees now calm after being made angry by my neighbour last week!
Conscientious, humming, worker bees, nurturing the hive: High productivity!
Flowing freely.
Getting lots of good stuff done.
Great feelings of satisfaction.
Meditating with Cuddles purring in my ear!
Magic! Feeling the vibe.
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'!
Thank you Universe inside and out :)x


I am grateful for my slim beautiful body and beautiful clear glowing skin. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I am grateful for being surrounded by nature and for grounding and healthy air and healthy universe. Thank you.

I am grateful for career development and growth and learning and I am grateful that I focus on the positives. Thank you.

I am grateful for Oliver and his loving heart and I am grateful for Oliver kisses and warmth and I am grateful for his self awareness and I am grateful for his beauty and I am grateful for his respect. Thank you.

I am grateful for my confidence in myself, I am grateful for praise and encourge-ment and I am grateful for a posiitve healthy relationship. I am grateful that I loved and accepted and approved of. I am grateful that I give love and respect. I am grateful for appreciation. I am grateful for organisation. I am grateful that My computer is working again. I am grateful that I am more organised at work. I am grateful that the consumer law will be sorted out. I am grateful that the forum was a success. Thank you for priase. I am grateful for happiness love and joy. I am grateful for breathing and health. I am grateful for balanced chakras. I am grateful for my power my confidence and my heroine energy. I am grateful that I communicate with my partner in a positive light. I am grateful that My relationship and career and home are devinely protected and guided. 

Sunday 28th May

Nice lie in until around 9.45am
Finding some really cool notebook designs on Cafe Press website
Strolling to the branch of The Range and Office Supplies
Finding a very suitable notebook in Office Supplies
They have one or two other things in there I may find useful
Chance meeting with Lippy Lynne my former line manager
Finding an A3 sketch pad in The Range with good quality paper
Nice cup of coffee in Dee Dee's afterwards
Channelled conversation with my higher self about my current work situation
(Ask the Higher Power for help and I will get it)
Getting the bus home which saved me a walk in the humidity
Reading through the Sonia Choquette book 'Trust Your Guides'
A brief thunder shower in the afternoon cleared the air
Stroll around the village in the early evening
The thundershower had brought out the most redolent flower fragrances
Worked out the format and then schematics for a fictional football tournament
This will help with a possible story that may write soon
Stroll around the local area thinking thoughts about bygone music
Brian's helpful reply to my question on his Q&A thread
Later start to work tomorrow so I get to have a little bit of a lie in
It's raining heavily outside at the moment giving me something to listen to
Sweet apples in abundance, free. I decided to offer my number to a nrw guy.


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