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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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gratefuli i have a fridge in hotel and water

i think i have been dehydraed

good water

i love myself and will never stop fighting neuro lyme disease

i cant sing or speak

but i am still here

i can hear , i can listen to music 

Tuesday 15th August

Day off getting some odd jobs done
Nice lie in until around 8.30am
YouTube song from Squeeze (surprisingly good song)
Blonde highlights done at a stylist in the village
I now have a head full of blonde hair and look modish
Between them, the stylists did a very good job
My credit card bill from last month is now paid off
I had a fairly lucid posting session on here when I got back
Stroll down to the bike shop to get some minor repairs done
The staff in the bike shop were very helpful as they always are
Rode home a different way and it was quite interesting
The bike is now safe to ride once again and the brakes work
Reading my Lonely Planet Guide to Israel when I got back
Finding out the dates of Yom Kippur BEFORE I make any bookings
Fairly positive replies to invites for my birthday get together
Nice wander around the playing fields and local area before dinner
Very interesting episodes of The Bill on YouTube about terrorism
High pressure is building and the weather is getting better
I am feeling quite upbeat having had this day off work
Wednesday 16th August

All in all, quite a positive day
Dry and sunny for my ride into work
Working a long day but time didn't drag
Once again 'Captain Ranjit' helped repack essentials
It was pretty busy during my time on the till
Sale for £302, largest of the day
The customer was patient and understanding when the till played up
When I needed a key to unlock the tills, someone in foods obliged
The new commercial manager explained some floor moves
She seems to have a plan for the department
Some things were done on essentials in my absence yesterday
It certainly looks a good bit better now
My Mum paid a visit and kept me amused for a while
She also bought some jacket potatoes and left them in my kitchen
Counted 20 beautiful women during my time in the front zone
Bilateral chat with Anupa the new menswear manager
We talked about this and that and some of her ideas chime with me
She has a lot more experience and Knowhow than I first thought
She spoke very positively about me and my personality
It seems that I create favourable impressions around the store
If I need any help with essentials, I know it is there for me
Anupa is also very into positivity and inspiration which is good
The amusement of Ryan and Leo bantering and winding each other up
Did a suit fit for a skinny adolescent and his Mum and things went really well
It generated a sale for £270 and they were both very grateful
The whole suit fit was easier than I thought it was going to be
Chat with Sadie from head office about her degree and my travels
Late on, I turned a grumpy customer into a very satisfied one
I managed to order him some size 30 waist, when Marble Arch had failed
The fact that they were available to order helped a great deal
His whole demeanour changed throughout our conversation
I felt very pleased, and had a sense of job satisfaction afterwards
Further interesting episodes of The Bill on YouTube when I got home
TODAY is my last day of undergraduate school for my second Bachelor's Degree!
Thursday 17th August

Once again, a fairly positive day
Early morning rain held off as I was getting up
I got to work in the dry and stayed that way
Got a stack of essentials worked first of all
I avoided 'Captain Ranjit's' moaning about a messy fitting room
Chat with Wine Gum Steve about climate change
Lack of managers, so a relaxed atmosphere prevailed
Memorable customer: lady who bought a leather jacket in 1978
Customers who paid off their credit card bills and filled the tills up
Helped Hamida with a price override and felt quite managerial
For the third shift in a row, I was able to placate a grumpy customer
We ordered a pair of slip-on loafers, and he cheered up after that
He said that I had been more helpful than anyone else in the store
Today's count whilst in front zone: 21 beautiful women
I'm pretty sure my customer interaction was noted during the walk round
Began my big task of ordering the essentials area and felt more accomplished
I have now replaced my defunct tin opener with one from Wilko's
Absorbing episodes of the Bill on YouTube which I watched when I got in
Dinner at The Harvester down the road with my Mum
I had scampi and chips and they were very tasty
I also didn't overdo it on the salad bar and feel stuffed
Chats about holiday plans, school contemporaries and local people
Updated my Spotify playlist with all sorts of old skool dance anthems

I have internet access. I can sleep indoors. I can likely go for a swim in the morning. I can watch cable tv if I use an exercise bike tomorrow.

I slept enough last night.

I felt fine all day today.

I'm watching tv online now.

I'm research attending an alternative graduate school in the state where My LOVE Lives.

Friday 18th August

Working my normal hours today so a shorter day
YouTube song from David Lee Roth (80's pop metal)
Whipped out delivery all around the menswear zone
The amusement of Ryan and Leo trying to wind me up
The amusement of Ryan getting stranded in the fitting room
I have my hours plotted for the next 2 weeks and they're good
I get 3 days off with my birthday in the middle
I am working the following Sunday but get Bank Holiday Monday off
This gives me a free day to go to the Notting Hill Carnival
Aaron seems to understand my preference for an early finish on Saturday
This is because he has exactly the same reason himself
We are going to get an anomaly with my pay sorted out
I am changing departments again at work, and looking after accessories
I reckon this should be quite easy and straightforward
I managed to find a much better toothpaste than the one I bought yesterday
I avoided all of the heavy thundershowers floating around today
Further interesting episodes of The Bill on YouTube
I appreciate that it was much better than I thought during the 2000's
I have reactivated the colourful thread on here with some pictures
I appreciate:

Having a really good exhilarating week!
Feeling relaxed, open, loved and free.
Having lots of fun! Laughing and feeling great!
Miss B just for being gorgeous, fun & funky ...
And also everso, slightly barmy! Quite a bit actually!!! ;)
And Little Miss C, the original love-bug, for hugs & being soft, fat 'n' furry!
I appreciate all three of us sometimes meditating together to Miss Cs purrs!
Practicing internal & external alignment without even thinking about it!
Loving the process and enjoying the changing terrain.
Releasing age old blockages and softening into long lost spaces.
Internal, endless expansion. Deep meditation. Moving meditation. Unity.
Feeling light, feeling bright, feeling surprise, wonder and delight.
Feeling who I really am into every cell & fibre of my physical self and merging.
Remembering & reconnecting and feeling new!
Resonance throughout, connecting all and every thing,
Inbetween unexplored galaxies. Speechless. Awesome!
Enjoying every particle of material abundance arranged in pleasing ways ...
Everywhere. All ways. Always! Everywhere I look! Keenly observing! More!
Running everyday along the nature trail and enjoying the changing elements!
The changing pattern of waves on the sea.
The changing colors of the sea & the sky.
Changing light & changing views. A loaded palette!
The salty smell of seaweed & the earthy, organic smell of foliage after the rain.
The sound of my footfall on the the path & the waves crashing on the beach.
Transformation! Wonderful views!
I appreciate adaptability, flexibility, fitness, resource and reflexiveness!
Attracting happy, smiley, nice, friendly, chatty people wherever I am.
Tai Chi on the beach with like minded friends. Harmony & simplicity.
Feeling relaxed & unfettered. Minimalist. Distilled. Essential. Radiant.
Deliberately attracting nice people, good things and great experiences.
Attracting pleasing stuff and situations by default.
Feeling happy, lucky and blessed. Noticing all good things.
I notice noticing!
I notice:
Feeling great appreciation for every small piece of my life.
Enjoying everything, every moment now & now.
Loving love, joy and happiness. All ways. Always.
Feeling "tuned in, tapped in, turned on"! AH! Aha! Aha! Abraham Hicks!
Thank you Infinite intelligence, all that is ...
The Universe inside and out :)X


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