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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Monday 20th November

Day off spent mainly in festive and glamorous London
Nice lie in until 9.50am having slept well
Interesting football articles in The Guardian online
YouTube songs from The Surfing Brides (actually two songs)
The audio track of the first one was the studio version
Began a pleasant enough walk to the framing shop
A bus arrived part way along so I jumped on
Dropping a birthday present off to be framed in gold
Magazine in shop window with article about SUPERPOWERING YOUR LIFE
It also hinted at LOVE BEING IN THE AIR for people who are the age I am
Train to London turned out not to be delayed after all
Very nice cup of tea from the platform vendor in the station
Text from Aaron hinting at extra hours being available tomorrow
Continued with my thoughts of self-forgiveness like yesterday
Wander around the characterful back streets of Bloomsbury
Finding hidden treasures: coffee shops, bookshops, Shepherd Neame pubs
New Age shop with adverts for SPIRIT GUIDANCE and HEALING
Realising a theme in messages from Universe that I am receiving today
(Effects of forgiveness, plus the presence of angels in my life)
Colourful PHOENIX and HARRY POTTER posters in bookshops window
I thoroughly appreciate the free public toilets in Foyles books
(Reality can and will change with sustained forgiveness)
Colourful and cheery advent calendars on sale in the children's books
Using photos from today to reply to the banter on my brother and Clumsy Craig
Some very attractive 2018 calendars on sale in Stanfords books
Lunch items bought from Marks & Spencer Covent Garden
With staff discount it came to £4.44p (Angel number of ascended help)
Orange van along Long Acre with the word GENESIS on the side
The festive and happy atmosphere around Covent Garden piazza
Getting a lovely set of charity cards from a church sale round there
Metro newspaper article about ANGELS FINDING THEIR WINGS
Discarded Metro newspaper article called GOOD SPIRIT GUIDE in Leicester Square tube station
Splendid gingerbread latte in Starbucks, Holland Park
Listed some lovely things to happen over my own glamorous Christmas
Shazaming really cool songs from their playlist (none of which I knew)
Found a box of suitable Christmas cards in Paperchase
Found a very colourful 2018 calendar in Stanfords (Alice in Wonderland)
Finding several DISCARDED COINS on a traffic bollard along Charing Cross Road
(Recurring sign from the Universe about the powers of forgiveness)
Very tasty and filing dinner in Subway Salads nearby
Nice after-dinner coffee in Cafe Nero over the road as well
Going in search of this year's London Christmas lights
I appreciate the Christmas market in Leicester Square
I certainly appreciate the Christmas lights of ANGELS along Regent Street
Another sign from the Universe fitting in with everything else today
Carnaby Street Christmas lights: always my favourite ones
As usual, they are postmodern, weird and trendy in equal measure
A colourful collection of trees, parrots, paper-chains and flowers
Carnaby Street lights usually indicate what kind of Christmas it's going to be
These indicate that it could be a fun, vibrant and carnivalesque one
I am getting the feeling that it could be a very happy Christmas this year
Further festive colours in shop windows along Tottenham Court Road
I have got some fantastic pictures of the illuminations today
Missing the train I wanted but having another to fall back on
The walk home in the fresh air got me more steps and did me good
Practicing further self-forgiveness affirmations as I walked home
I have burnt off an impressive 4196 calories today which will help the metabolism
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things

All the beautiful resources I have at my disposal.

How unique each human being is

Beautiful, heavenly music. 

Magnificent skies and sunset

Delicious pizza

My strong, athletic body.

My ability to perservere

My persistence

My intelligence

Connecting with people

Beautiful art

interesting movies

comfort & coziness

I will be online plenty, I slept well, I have cheap coffee, I'm manifesting my dental work done easily and very soon,

My aunt started texting me this morning, I got my address changed through the DMV, I should be able to get cheap food for lunch easily. My application for SSDI, SSI is coming along. 

Tuesday 21st November

Feeling tired all day so I appreciate the lie in I managed
YouTube songs from The Beatles (remasterings from the Anthology album)
My Mum and Aunty had a safe flight all the way down to Tenerife
They are now all checked in and enjoying life
Interesting football articles on The Guardian's website
Nothing much happened at work and things were quite serene
Chat with Wine Gum Steve about new starter inductions
The fact that we were even talking about this was quite promising
I get some extra hours for tomorrow and Thursday
It sounds like the overtime is coming back into being now
Winding up Mit in the office as we were plotting hours
Happy Hannah's cute reply to my comment on Facebook
Sam and me sorted out skinny adolescents in the last hour
This could have been complicated and time consuming but wasn't too bad
Ngozi the host did all of the standards on the flat-pack tables
Gillette Soccer Special was once again full of thrills and spills
Some fantastic games in the Champions League and Championship
Continuing with my self-forgiveness affirmations despite feeling 'meh'
It's raining heavily outside now giving me something to listen to

That I can go to this site and start to feel better again

That I wrote things I can revisit to remind myself

That I'm warm

That the angels love me

That I will be getting my own place of choice just any day now

I found a nice pie to bake and bring to a very large pot luck tomorrow.

I found much needed info. for my paperwork I'm preparing.

The cat where I live has become very close to me, likes me-again.

I keep dreaming of the man I love coming over to where I live, in the town and seeing me and telling me he thinks he has feelings for me.

Wednesday 22nd November

All in all, a decidedly better day than yesterday
I slept in until 9.45am and had more energy today
YouTube song from Nancy Sinatra (proper swinging 60's)
Interesting articles on The Guardian online about Zimbabwe
Sunflower's very helpful email about the signs I received the other day
This may just have helped me work out what my prison pattern is
A bus was waiting at the bus stop when I arrived
We got to town quickly and I had plenty of time for tea
All in all, a pretty good shift livened up by conversations
I avoided having a 'conversation' about dimly-lit stores
Chat with Charlie about binge-watching box sets, and her school
A wider conversation involving Sam and Steve about jet streams and climate change
I certainly appreciated breaktime when it came as I was pretty hungry
Glamorous Paris sent me a message about a BHS get together next month
Chat with Sam and Ops James about swearing and swear words
Working late so as to get lots of stock out to the floor
Working with Aaron and Sam so a fun atmosphere prevailed
All night long there was laughter and laddish banter
Chats about work, colleagues, girls, football, basketball, boxing, fights and TV shows
I appreciate Sam's rather amusing way of talking and the words he uses
Finished on time and got a suitable bus home
Happy Hannah replied to my comment on her post with a cute love heart
It's windy outside but the forecasted heavy rain has held off
Thursday 23rd November

Missing all of the heavy rain overnight and staying dry
YouTube song from the Wamdue Project (daft lyric)
The picture I dropped off the other day is now framed
I appreciate how quickly the framers have got this done
I also have a lift on Saturday so I can get to Braughing easily
Got into work on time despite strong cross winds
That said, it was a pleasantly mild and sunny day today
Sale for £325 (suit, shirt and two pairs of trousers)
I appreciate the customer who praised me for having knowledge
Myself and Janice comforted a customer whose mother had died
By the looks of things, I have the day off on Sunday
Chat with Ben about his Christmas plans and extended family
Helping one of the new hosts and explaining numerous things
Watching intriguing episodes of The Bill on YouTube when I got in
I intend to have a very productive day at work tomorrow
I appreciate having run into a few old aquaintances at a big potluck today. I even talked with someone I had a big crush on too.
Friday 24th November

Working my normal hours and nice times
YouTube song from Peter, Bjorn and John (Swedish pop indie)
Bright and sunny day with clear blue skies
Busy day in the store due to Black Friday deals
This meant more to do and lots of lovely ladies
The amusement of Sylvia being her usual, madcap self
Sale for £386 (suit, shirt, tie and trousers all in one go)
Skiver Janice actually took her turn on the till and didn't vanish
Further big sale for £218 later on in the day
The amusing pair of sisters talking about the tooth fairy
Claudia's amusing story about 'conning' the tooth fairy
She then tried to exercise her muscles and created aches and pains
I appreciate that she too is an amusing and convivial companion
I appreciate the pretty girl auto-erotic preening at the till
Getting a suitable birthday card in Paperchase after work
Picked up a picture from the framing shop and they have done an excellent job
Riding home in the clear skies and the sunset was serene and pleasant
The Stone Roses t-shirt I ordered off Amazon has arrived on time
Updating my highlights diary which I haven't done in a while
The snooze I had on the settee which I rather needed
Novella writing in the evening (negative comparisons and goal setting)
It's cold outside so I greatly appreciate my lovely warm home
Day off tomorrow to go to a 40th birthday party
Photos shared on What's App and there will be lots of free beer


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