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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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The resident cat has finally decided to befriend the new cat. The new cat still has lingering neurological issues, but for a cat who was hit by a car and left for dead he has made a remarkable recovery.

I am drawing all the time now, and looking forward to the intermediate session of my drawing class. 

After accumulating too many art supplies because people keep giving them to me for free, I felt anxious at having so much stuff. Last week, sorted it all into various lots and sold everything on Craigslist. I have kept what I can realistically use in the near future, which all fits in one large bin that I can still lift unassisted. It was good to see other people leave with all of my surplus, feeling that they had got a good deal, and it was good to have more cleared space in my life (and cash in my pocket).  

I can stay here as long as I like. I can go whenever I please. I can get the van ready and loaded in an hour and a half. I have enough money to get to any destination here in the US that I might choose, and do it comfortably. I have jewelry and art to sell. I have now been in this place longer than I have been anywhere else in almost seven years. If I ever feel itchy and restless about staying longer, I can go. However, it feels good to not have that restless feeling any more, or at least not right now.

There was a time when I could not even tolerate sleeping inside a house, and now it has become normal again.  

I appreciate the beautiful experiment and experience that is Life. So rich in its contrast, variety, depths of highs and lows.

I appreciate my resilient body, always reconstructing itself and supporting me - even when I don't support it always.

I appreciate my friends, my relatives, and all the beautiful people that have enriched my life in one way or another.

I appreciate the remembrances of the Soul, calling us back to Who We Really Are. 

I appreciate:

Running along my usual paths and enjoying the clean, sea air.
Sunrise & the dawn chorus. Enjoying all the views, looking out to sea.
Wildlife and nature springing into life all along the trail.
Lovely clear, warmer, sunny days this week.
Clear, cold nights with star laden skies. Beautiful.
Last nights drive through Owl country. Barn owls! Woo Hoo!
Crackling logs on the fire and smell of wood smoke.
A light working week with plenty of time for other stuff.
Getting on with interesting things and making progress.
Cooking some interesting recipes and enjoying having friends over.
Finally integrating some more home devices and feeling pleased.
I appreciate finding an easy, organic fix for an underpowered element.
Enjoying Qigong & Tai Chi practice & catching up with nice friends.
Learning new postures and walking meditation.
Summoning, flowing and directing chi, feeling my feet on the earth.
Rooted. Grounded. Solid. Mountains & clouds.
Practicing with the KM crew & appreciating their differences.
Appreciating the slow, calm, serenity of TC practice.
Its cultivation of peace and stillness helping every area of my life.
It's clarity enhancing my focus, power, speed & aim in Krav Maga.
Integration. The slow and gentle with speed and brutal force.
An elegant equation in black & white with many shades of grey.
Loving Miss C scrambling to her place in the front row by the fire!
Miss C and her penchant for starfish & whale shaped biscuits!
And brainy, Miss B for being kind, clever and cool
And gorgeous and lovely and fun and everything good, right and true!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x
Feeling: Happy, connected, awesome and free!

I appreciate SAFEWAY and the LIBRARY and the INTERNET and My PHONE and SEEING beautiful cats in the library parking lot and planning on working somehow with cats again in the future.

Wednesday 21st March

Holidays day #4 transferring across Spain 

Up early for slap-up breakfast in the hostel's dining room 

It was very busy in there and I got the last seat available 

Got all my packing done and checked out on time 

I still had plenty of time to go exploring around the city 

I appreciate that cloud gradually cleared to leave a warm day 

I appreciate just how atmospheric the Barri Gotic is 

Colourful things such as postcards and fridge magnets on sale 

The fest buzz of Las Ramblas (never fails to be a fun place)

The sights, smells and colours of La Boqueria market 

The palm lined promenade along the top of the Port Vell

The antics of the Senegalese tat hawkers along Moll de la Fusta

The aromas of all of the seafood eateries along there

Wandering around the peaceful side streets of Barceloneta

Getting the sea air and breezes along Platja de Barceloneta 

The intrigue of all of the bulldozer activity along the beach 

The sunlight and blue sky pictures I got at this point 

Feeling at one with the world as I ambled along the seafront 

Linch in the Port Vell banquet filling myself up on healthy things 

Winding up Clumsy Craig on the 'Banter' What's App group 

Getting lunch items for later from the supermarket in El Corte Ingles 

Getting across to Sants station on the metro with my suitcase 

Nice cup of tea in station coffee shop to pass the time before train left

I left plenty of time so I didn't have to rush or get flustered

The Seville forecast for tomorrow is excellent and will probably improve by Fri

High speed RENFE trains across the country are worth appreciating

They are comfortable, high quality and have clam shell seats 

Zooming across Spain at 297 kmh was quite a thrill at times 

Making out all of the landscapes and features as we went across country 

Highlights were the snow-capped Pyrrenees, semi deserts and wooded mountains

Considering that it was 5 hours, it wasn't all that uncomfortable or boring 

I was able to watch the film 'Tracers' over someone's shoulder on their laptop 

Reading my book about memoirs of the Britpop era once that had finished 

Some slight insecure feelings wore off after a while of positive thinking 

Arriving in Seville after a journey which was better than expected 

Eventually finding the hostel after getting just a little bit lost 

The Ukanian receptionist gave me a friendly welcome when I arrived 

Exploring the historic city centre in the evening: memories of 10 years ago

There are so many beautiful buildings and photo opportunities here 

The mint flavoured ice cream I bought from a gelateria at some stage 

Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things 

1. Slept peacefully. Woke up and then took a nap again.

2. I was awakened by a mouse.Yes, a mouse that we want to catch and put out of the house. It feels good to mention it in my "gratitude list".

3. Went to the office with daughter where she feels alive and free and happy. I feel the same because she is there with me. There Is a sense of ease, peace, happiness and gratitude when she is there with me.

4. Its "Navratri Season" in India and I am fasting. I am happy that I am really keeping up with it.

5. I had a nice, uplifting conversation with my sister and I could really inspire her to do a few things and say a few things at her Institute that she has recently opened. It's her new venture and I wish her all the best.

6. I am writing in this thread. I want to list down the pleasant things of my day here daily! Thank you.

7. I felt really good while coming back home from work. Apparently, my motion sickness has reduced a lot.

8. I watched this YouTube video and I am planning to try "Polyphasic Sleep" from today. It' 23:51 at the moment and I will go to sleep around 01:00 so I can fall asleep by 01:30. I plan to wake up by 06:30 for 11 Days in a row. Why I am writing it here because a few days back I mentioned in my journal that I want to sleep for 5-6 hours and feels fresh. I am sure this video was an answer to my desire of sleeping for just 5-6 hours and feel fresh.

9. I actually pampered myself really well. I cleaned my face with Gram flour+curd+turmeric, buffed my face with plastic face brush (it removed my blackheads to an extent). Massaged it well with Aloe Vera gel, applied serum and night cream. I feel really pampered and fresh.

10. I am becoming more and more aware of my words, others words and my thoughts. After a very long time, being a loophole with less than good thoughts.

11. Apparently, I am giving love to everything. I talked to my skin, plants, a lizard in my house and I have never heard a lizard making a sound. It did that. When I talked, it made the sound again. If she did talk to me, I am so grateful. They say when you emit positive energy animals and kids get attracted to you. They come to you and talk to you.

12. I talked to a friend on WA regarding my side business. I am sure she had questions about my side business and she got all the answers. This is why the Universe played out this moment with her. She never asked those questions though.

13. I appreciate that my girl had her dinner. She was sleeping and I had to wake her up, and that whole process was very smooth, considering kids (and adults too) get cranky when they wake-up from sleep and asked to eat something.

14. I crossed 110 subscribers on my YouTube.

15. I have decided to spend less time on Social Media and more time in gaining knowledge and producing content.

16. I created a Digital Vision Board today. The final piece didn't make the cut but the whole process was really vibration raising.

17. A huge fee is involved for the new class of my daughter and I am very calm about it. It feels like I have a lot, a lot that I can do whatever I want. It's good!

There's more but .... OMG one more that I would love to mention here.

18. Today, when I was taking a walk I saw a small white butterfly, she was on my path.

19. I have been manifesting butterflies so much. A single butterfly flies around me and sits nearby. I am thrilled.

20. The larity I have for things now, is amazing. I decide that I will meditate and keep my mind clear so I can have more clarity and intuition.

Thank you!

Thursday 22nd March

Holidays day #5 and an absolutely glorious day in Seville
Warm sunshine and clear blue skies all day long
Ideal photography weather and Seville has been very photogenic
YouTube song from Sash (Italian language song with apt title)
Slept very well during the night on a very comfortable bed
Slap-up breakfast in the hostel dining room going back for more
Chat with an English staff member about Edinburgh and Bristol
I then chatted with an Australian staff member about health food
This gave me the burst of intellectuality I have been seeking
I appreciate all of my chargers and electronic devices I use
Seville's elegant 'ayiuntamiento' and the square it is located in
In fact, all of Seville has seemed beautiful and elegant today
Pedestrianised Calle Serpies and its colourful shops and buildings
I appreciate that churches here are colourful and distinctive
Santa Maria de la Magdelena church in particular is like this
I appreciate the free public toilets in El Corte Ingles nearby
Seville's medieval old town is an open air museum of treasures
I love hearing spoken Spanish and Spanish accents
Preparations are under way for Semana Santa next week
I may well get to see the start of this including the processions
Further pretty pictures along Calle Alvarez Quinteiro
The Iglesia San Salvador and the tony square in front of it
Seville's fantastic Cathedral and the set piece treasure it is
Next to that the signature Giralda Bell Tower another treasure
I got the postcard picture of it with an orange tree in front of it
Coffee in the wonderful and stylish Cafe La Canasta opp. cathedral
It was unexpectedly cheap in there (2 coffees only 3 euros)
I appreciate the suburban pretty French girl on the next table
I appreciate the Metropole Parasol the world's largest wooden structure
This 'mushroom canopy' has livened up the moribund Plaza de la Encarnation
It looks very striking and is a very imaginative idea
The locals have really taken to it positively and in a big way
Exploring around the Archivo des Indies and the Real Alcazar
Then exploring around the picture postcard Barrio Santa Cruz
This is the colourful Jewish quarter which has been well preserved
It is full of colourful houses, shops, pretty squares and medieval lanes
I appreciate the Spanish skill with pottery and flower arranging
I also appreciate their liking for decorative ceramic artefacts
Getting lost in and around Santa Cruz and not minding at all
Seville is already so much better than it was a decade ago
Everywhere seems so much more alive than it was then
Making my way to Plaza de Espana: splendid former Expo site
This is a wonderful reconstruction of Venice with Andalusian themes
I appreciate its towers, buildings and decorative ceramic arts
I also appreciate its horseshoe shaped canal and bridges
It was full of happy people, artists, buskers and tat hawkers today
Once again, much more alive than I remember 10 years ago
Watching the rowing boats and gondolas go by was pretty relaxing
Wandering around Parque Maria Luisa in the sunshine afterwards
I appreciate the colony of pure white doves which appeared
I appreciate all of the happy photo shoots for weddings going on
Getting a fine shot of the Seville skyline from Calle Betis
Also getting a fine shot of the sunset from the riverside
Welcome snooze on my bed when I got back to the hostel
Chat with an Argentine dorm mate about his home country
I was allowed to eat the free dinner even though my name wasn't down
Chat with an Irish dorm mate about football and the World Cup
Night time stroll as far as Plaza de Espana once again
Lovely rum and raisin ice cream bought from a gelateria
I appreciate the Metropole Parasol by night and how it is lit up
Exploring the peaceful shopping streets by night was relaxing
I appreciate Seville's vibrant nightlife and bar scene
The whole city centre has been a lot livelier tonight than last night
Doing a circuit of the centre and then making my way back having walked a lot
Making lots of affirmations about things turning out well for me
Playing the wouldn't it be nice game regarding socialising
All in all it has been a very productive day and I have over 100 splendid photos

At €10.10c it has also been a rather inexpensive day 
Seville is much better, livelier and more colourful than it was before
Having the money, health and the mobility to do all of these things

Your gratitude list is #ifegoals, sir Sunshine!



1. I listened to many podcasts based on growing our spiritual business. Awesome coaches. Wow.

2. So thankful for my iPhone for shoiwng me a way to listen to podcasts and find these coaches.

3. Coming home early from work and super cooperative manager. He is awesome and helps me a lot.

4. Friend A to come for tea with me.

5. The Uber driver who dropped me home safely.

6. Not switching on AC in Uber, saving somefuel for the driver, helping environmenta little and did my part, and enjoying natural air.

7. Last day of my fast.

8. I went outside alone and shopped items to complete the fast rituals.

9. I am practising polyphasic sleep and today is my 2nd day.

10. OMG I created awesome vision baord. It is more like a guiding path for me. You guys wanna see? :)

11. Got pastries and cookies for my daughter and husband. They really enjoyed.

12. My followings are increasing in double digits on al platforms daily. I am so happy!!

13. I am getting clearer and clearer on how to decorate and organize my room for my home office. I am on it guys.

14. My skin has got really better. Good news!!

15. I had many instances of butterflies flying near me. I know it's spring and they will fly but just one and circling around me. They are for me doing happy dance for everythin I have become.

16. The girl I create a wall arund me when she comes near me. She is there to teach me be confident to be able to cummnicate with everyone. So, thanks girl!

See you tomorrow guys!

Love and Light.


Friday 23rd March

Holidays day #6 and not as much to report due to cloud and light rain
YouTube song from Mr. Bloe (early 70's harmonica music)
Breakfast in the hostel dining room was once again filling and tasty
Chat with Fiona the Australian girl about hostels and sights in the local area
Exploring the bohemian areas around Alameda de Hercules and the parasol
I appreciate the kind of bohemian vibe/North Laines Brighton vibe of Calle Feria
I appreciate all of its off-beat boutique shops and colourful murals and shop fronts
Alameda de Hercules is a redeveloped pedestrianised mall with shops, cafes and bars
Once again, this is somewhere which has been redeveloped in the last 10 years
I appreciate the two coffees I had in the Cafes de las Columas at the bottom of the mall
This wasn't a touristy cafe and was more authentically Spanish than downtown
Using Google translate to work out what signs and notices meant
The stroll back through the centre to the riverfront was interesting enough
Exploring the Expo 92 site and finding out in advance that it's a bit of a dead loss
I am glad that I didn't waste a sunny day on this area which is in a state of disrepair
I felt strangely relieved to get back to the cutting edge and touristy centre
That said, I appreciate that the walk I had up there burnt off lots of calories
Channelled conversation with my higher self about the need to expect better
Nice cup of tea and jabon y queso sandwich in the same cafe as yesterday
Welcome snooze on my bed when I got back as I was pretty tired by then
I eventually found somewhere to eat in the evening down by the cathedral
After some translating I managed to order a paella and meat for dinner
The amusing chat which broke out on What's App about fights at school
Eventually finding a postbox so as to send my cousin's birthday card
Channelled convesation with higher self about not trusting life to flow
Evening stroll along Calle Feria and up to Alameda de Hercules
The alameda at night is a vibrant and happening place with so much life
The bars, restaurants and general atmosphere of youthful drinking was fun
Realising in time that I had gone the wrong way and turning back
There were lots of lovely ladies in the area living it up and drinking
England chalked up a good 1-0 win in Holland and played good football
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things

One of my favorite members comes in every Saturday morning, and I enjoy talking with her. She is in her 80s, has been all over the world, and has had some incredible experiences. She is still young in her outlook and attitude, and when I am in my 80s I want to be just like her! 

Another of our members owns a clothing boutique, and she has admired many of the pairs of beaded earrings I have made and worn. She asked if I would be interested in selling similar earrings and other beaded jewelry in her shop, and perhaps making jewelry specifically keyed to colors of the garments she has in stock. I do not have a business license, and am not prepared to be a wholesaler, but she has given me a lot to think about. For now, I have several items that she can take on consignment, and we are going to do just that. She can sell them in he boutique for a lot more money than I charge random strangers out in public, and I will make more money even after she takes her cut. 

My job may not seem like much; it is certainly "low-status" when compared to my old career. But it brings all kinds of people into my experience who I might not have encountered otherwise, or had to talk to, and some of them have been incredibly kind, friendly, supportive, and generous, and who have offered me new opportunities I had not previously considered. It does not seem like much of a job, but I am very happy to be here, and to do it.


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