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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I got enough breakfast. I got a decent amount of sleep. I saw my bf this morning before work.

I got to see videos of my niece whom just got married dancing with her new husband on facebook today.

My partner and I are fine. He was upset this morning briefly, but all is well.

I got enough sleep to feel fine all day today.

I got the tasks I really wanted to do today, all but dying my hair-roots.

I expect to spend some evening time with my BF before I go to sleep. 

Sunday 15th July

Day off #1 spent watching football in the sunshine
Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept pretty well
YouTube footage of Brazil v Italy (1970 World Cup Final)
(This was very much a victory for the beautiful game)
Interesting online article about numerology and life paths
Getting all of my clean laundry sorted and put away
Writing up my Brighton travel journal and getting it finished
I have eaten and drunk very well today (many pints of water)
Interesting online article about the power of forgiveness
Nice wander around the country park before having lunch
The most splendid of World Cups had a splendid ending
The final in Moscow was an absolute hum dinger of a game
Recent finals have been tight and cagey, but this was very open
It was littered with goals, penalties, VAR decisions and chances
It had the advantage of an own goal being scored fairly early
This work both teams up and made them come out and play
The VAR penalty added to the intrigue of everything going on
The second half continued as the first half done done
I appreciate that genuine quality showed through in the end
I appreciate the fight that Croatia made of things despite losing
I appreciate the goalkeeping blunder which added an extra goal
France eventually prevailed 4-2 after a fantastic game
All things considered, the World Cup has had the right winner
The individual awards have largely gone to the right players
England's talisman Harry Kane won the Golden Boot in the end
I appreciate the intrigue of teenage prodigy Kylian Mbappe
He is definitely a player to watch out for over the coming decade
I appreciate how England have developed and transcended
The last month has been a lot of fun with so much entertainment
There have been thrills, spills, VAR moments and individual skill
There have been plenty of goals and plenty of great goals
There have been some fantastically exciting games and moments
The group stages had plenty of intrigue and mathematical machinations
The knock-out stages had plenty of drama and entertainment
Russia has also been a magnificent host nation of the tournament
Changes of plan for the evening probably benefitted me as a whole
Drinking in the Compasses with Clumsy Craig until closing time
Chats about his jobs, his trip to Prague, his family tree and football
Laughing and joking on the way home and generally being plonkers
I now have a Monday off work with fun stuff planned in London


a delicious cup of green tea before I leave for work

Monday 16th July

Day off #2 spent in peaceful parts of London
YouTube song from Fragma (early 2000's dance)
Warm and sunny, but cloud cover made it feel cooler
Bus waiting for me at the stop to take me to town
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at the station
Train to London turned up soon enough and was quick
Two speedster posts on Facebook about LETTING GO OF PAST
I appreciate the public toilets in Heals Furniture store
Wander around Camden Town, zig-zagging into shops
Very chilled out wander along Regent's Canal towpath
I appreciate how this waterway is still being used these days
The peaceful and high vibration of Little Venice basin
Getting booked in at the chiropodist for my ingrown toenail
Stroll around colourful North Kensington and Notting Hill
I appreciate all the colourful independent shops of Portobello Road
Interesting wall postings about films done in the local area
Lovely latte coffee in Costa Coffee, Shepherds Bush Green
Brainstorm of thoughts about autumn holiday activities
This also shook loose ideas for yet another short story to write
I appreciate the cornucopia of prosperity found in Westfield
Train to Marble Arch and then dinner along Edgware Road
Girl in MacDonalds with t-shirt bearing a message for me on it
(Believe that a great way forward already exists for me)
The short story ideas really shook loose my imagination
Very nice peppermint latte in Starbucks afterwards
Working out some things to script and then manifest
I appreciate the pretty British-Indian girl in there at the time
I also appreciate the chubby-cute girl outside H&M Oxford St
In fact, there were lots of lovely ladies in that part of London tonight
Browse around in Soho Original Books for first time in ages
I found two interesting art magazines to browse through and buy
I appreciate how well the tube connects parts of London
A convenient train home was waiting on the platform on me
I appreciate the chubby and elegant girl chatting with her friend
The train journey was quick and hardly took any time at all
Sending out positive intentions during the long walk home
The leak in the carpark of my home building has now been fixed
Fitbit facts: 42'886 steps. 4677 Calories. 21.17 Miles
Bathing my gammy toe in warm water and it looks better now
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things

A beautiful morning meditation
Cooking and cleaning done in the morning
A beautif u l day spent with DS snd family
DS being cured of his diarrhea
Caught up on lots of sleep
Beautiful moments with DS
Afternoon tea with butter biscuits
Mom agreeing to follow a diet plan
Good game of carrom with family
DS reading books
Paying off the library fine
Ds photoshoot postponed to next week


another gloriously sunny day

Tuesday 17th July

Nice lie in until around 9.30am having slept well
Didn't feel too achy or tired during the day
Interesting articles in The Guardian about World Cup
It has felt a little bit cooler and breezier today
Feeling quite optimistic on my way to work in pm
Sent out intentions for a positive afternoon at work
I also sent out intentions for things to do during shift
Caroline sorted out a refund when the till was playing up
Order for £451 which was all my own doing and efforts
The lady had everything she wanted all written down
She made things very easy for me which helped
She was also understanding when the iPad was playing up
Sorting out a customer with a new pair of suit trousers
Got involved in a floor move which passed the last hour
Excursion to the 3rd floor to deposit excess stock
Brief chat with Lisa about her football-watching activities
Nice snooze on the settee once I got home and had food
Finding some interesting posts on here to comment on
I have the day off tomorrow to get my dodgy toe sorted out


winning £25 on the lotto. I'm so LUCKY!!!!!!!

That's so cool! Well done! WTG! :)

Wednesday 18th July

Having the day off in order to get my toenail all sorted out
Youtube song from Haircut 100 (1980's sophisti-pop)
Lie in until around 9.30am having slept pretty well
Interesting online articles about England one-cap wonders
Nice long wander down to the chiropody practice
As usual, the chiropodist got everything done pretty easily
It was also pretty painless and wasn't too uncomfortable
Chance meeting with a former workmate (Lamin) in Asda
Finding some interesting posts on here to comment on
Once again I have eaten and drunk pretty healthily today
The oddity of my Aunty and me both Facetiming each other
We did this both at the same time without touching our phones
Stroll around the country park in the late evening sunshine
Laughing at online posts criticising my company's card scheme
Did some more writing up, ready to put into my novella
Helpful online post about asking the Universe for help


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