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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Friday 16th August

Back to working short morning shifts
YouTube song from Oasis (2000's indie)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Once again had plenty of delivery to work
Gradually, the large delivery is going down
I am getting to know where things are now
Training Di to do an order and feeling useful
Doing a small move on bedding later on
Finishing early and then going to chiropodist
Nice cup of tea in the Junction Cafe before
Writing out some intentions for Barcelona hols
Train departed bang on time as it usually does
Getting to the chiropodists largely in the dry
She resculpted my wayward toenails easily
They are now well and good for a few months
The rain had stopped and I got home in dry
Reading book about geopolitics as I had lunch
Stroll around the country park before dinner
Huddersfield v Fulham was entertaining enough

Saturday 17th August

The rain has gone and now it's quite pleasant
YouTube song from Suede (90's indie)
A fairly busy day at work; time passed quickly
Anupa gave me jobs to keep me occupied
Worked a load of delivery of bedding first
I then moved on to fragrances and bathware
The attractive big built girl with plaited pigtails
There were quite a few lovely ladies around
Sale for £236.05p, biggest of the whole week
Chat with Daft Debbie during lunch hour
Merchandising gardening fixture in afternoon
Finishing at 4pm and riding home in sunshine
Several talking points in the day's football games
Wander around the country park before dinner
Reading my book about geopolitics as I ate
Manchester City dropped points in a 2-2 draw
They also had a late goal ruled out by VAR
Getting some washing and household chores done
Texts from Lisa sorting out going out tomorrow am
Fairly long night walk around the local area
I have been plotted very nice hours once again

I have arrived very safely in my new state to considering living in.

The weather is totally the opposite now from how it was when I was leaving the last state.

Making a little art.

Talking with art gallery workers/managers.

Realizing I'm not in the exact right place I want to be in-yet.

Sunday 18th August

Day off Sunday and a very positive day
YouTube song from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
My Firestick is back up and working again
Finding numerous pics of beautiful Barcelona
Feeling excited about my forthcoming holiday
Meeting Lisa in the Coffee House mid-morning
Chats about family, work, new job, money, her boyf
The very nice pot of tea I drank whilst in there
I also refrained from drinking sugary coffee
Further chats about characters of the local area
I appreciate this slightly unexpected conversation
Staying dry on the way back despite a downpour
Writing more of my poem-story when I got home
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Anupa has changed my work hours in my favour
I have my birthday off and also get Saturday off
In return, I work on a night move tomorrow night
This gives me chances to chat up the VM girls
It gets me out of an unwanted Saturday shift
I get 4 days off over the Bank Holiday weekend
This was golden-point moment for my affirmations
Realisation that psychic momentum is now under way
Feeling rather happy and elated after her message
Things are beginning to turn for the better again
Chelsea v Leicester was a good entertaining game
Lengthy walk around the local area for a good hour
Getting plenty of exercise and fresh air at this time
Naughty Ami's nice replies to my Facebook messages
Good visualisation session once I had had dinner
Writing more rhyming couplets later on in evening
Night walk around the local area feeling happy
Realisation that I have lots of good stuff coming up
A night out on Tuesday with my current workmates
Day off on my birthday so I can go out somewhere
Night out on Wednesday with various friends
A long Bank Holiday weekend with good weather
Night out with Mr. and Mrs. A. in the pipeline
Notting Hill Carnival on either Sunday or Monday
Life suddenly feels pretty sweet-as at the moment

Library time, one offer for a ride to a different area, cooler weather, quiet, free bus rides, a dollar store walkable, some solid sleep xx a little help from a stranger, my cell phones, clean clothes, making a little art, preparing my life where I am physically going, 

Monday 19th August

Working later, so I got to have a lie in for a while
Watching documentary about geopolitics in morning
YouTube song from Reef (early 2000's indie)
Carpet fitters have made a start in my home building
Writing up and adjusting poem-story in morning
Stroll around the country park when rain stopped
In fact, it stayed dry for me riding to work
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting work
Working out where I want to visit in Barcelona
Night move went pretty well and things flowed
Hassan managed things well and was v. friendly
Chats about football, coaching and his plans
The amusement of Lee ironing pillow cases
Any heavy lifting done was actually pretty easy
I appreciate how fit Jess was looking tonight
Chat with Chloe about her previous jobs
The department is short on hours this week
This has enabled my 4-day bank holiday weekend
The Universe is working things out for me now
Getting home safely despite lacking a front light

I have breakfast and lunch, I slept last night enough, air conditioning, nice people, helpful people, friendly people, coffee, safety, supportive people, art communities, murals to see in different areas of the country, warm dry climates all year round, new easy light simple jobs I could do in areas where people pay well for it.

And running into a friendly cat to pet this morning.

I got a good amount of sleep. I will eat fine today. I am staying in a decent warm climate right now.

Tuesday 20th August

Working evening shift so had a nice lie in
YouTube song from Cast (more 90's indie)
Interesting documentary about Djibouti
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Pretty good afternoon shift at work
Lots of delivery giving me things to do
I got a birthday card from the menswear lot
I appreciate that I am being missed by them
Colleagues appreciated the sweets I took in
Successful click and collect for a bed set
Chat with Nicky about her fitness regime
Dining in Weatherspoons once shift was over
I had Daft Debbie and Ngozi for company
Chats about office politics and workplace
Refraining from drinking too much alcohol
Further chats about past relationships
Meeting a few former M&S temps in there
Getting a bus home with seconds to spare

Wednesday 21st August

My birthday: I appreciate another year of life
Not feeling too groggy when I woke up
YouTube songs from James (anthemic indie)
Interesting documentary on China and HK
Another sunny morning jaunt to St. Albans
A bus there turned up pretty soon for me
Wander around the shopping area first
Banking cash I was given for my birthday
This can be put towards a new wristwatch
It was a fairly warm and sunny day today
Having my first cup of coffee in 10 days
Lunchtime buzz of Costa Coffee, Maltings
Text messages wishing me happy birthday
Writing up more rhyming couplets for poem story
The rather cute yummy mummy in there
The birthday messages on What's App threads
Brief wander around the park and gardens
Getting train home to avoid all the traffic
Pretty girl in the Rose-print top on the train
Pleasant walk home in the afternoon sunshine
Interesting documentary about Uguyars in China
Brother, sis in law, nephew and Hugo visited
They brought some very nice presents with them
Including a wall print which they put up for me
This now adds some real colour to my hallway
Nephew was being pretty playful and mischievous
He kept us amused for a good hour or so
He is now forming sentences quite easily
Realising that digital money had been credited
This can go towards a ticket to watch Barcelona play
Drinking in town with assorted BHS friends later
Amusing chats about all sorts of things
Duvets, sleeping habits, digestion, holidays etc
Once again, not drinking too much alcohol
Further random chats about deep-sea diving
Compliments I received about not looking my age
The walk home burnt off the beer I had drunk
All my family and friends who have been involved
Being able to take my birthday off work again
I appreciate being given the gift of life

I have had desserts today unexpected. Other things as well, unexpected. I've had a couple of people to chat with today. I've made some interesting art. I've decided to go back into the state of FL and consider a certain degree in Orlando. 

Thursday 22nd August

All of the birthday wishes written on my Timeline
YouTube song from McAlmont and Butler
Once again, we had plenty of delivery to put out
I got through three cages worth before changes
Going to prepare stock in the A&A department
This took the rest of the morning and used up time
Sorted out four stacks worth of children's shoes
Finishing feeling a sense of job satisfaction
I was tucked away in training room to get on with it
Chat with Cheryl about workplace personalities
Amusement of Simon moaning about his name badge
Nice latte coffee in Starbucks once I had finished
Writing further rhyming couplets for story in there
As usual, the lovely lady count was pretty high
Paying birthday money into the bank after that
I have plenty of money coming in at the moment
The carpet fitters have finished the work at home
The building now has the clean, used-carpet smell
Reading about the 2009 recession as I had lunch
Nice wander around the country park and cornfields
The weather looks excellent for my long weekend off
Dropped in to see my Mum and she is fine
I have some supplies thanks to Ocado delivery
Writing thank you replies to all of my friends/family


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