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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Tuesday 15th January

Working later shift so a nice lie in until 10am
Looking up more holiday destinations online
Finding a potentially very cheap one for April
Good visualisation session in the mid morning
Nice wander around the country park later on
I have got booked in at the chiropodist's tom
All in all, a pretty good later shift at work
Chat with playful Preeti about crime in Kenya
Chat with Hema about her malfunctioning knee
Suit fit for a customer, the first one in weeks
The amusement of a misdirected text message
(Apparently I have a hosp. app. in Margate)
Chat with Michael about his burgled house
Working on repricing and a big floor move later
Several of us were involved which helped a lot
Lovely ladies were all around the store tonight
Making fun of N'Gozi for most of the shift
Brief chat with Sarria about where she is from
She is starting to come out of her shell now
After a while, I got into a rhythm with repricing
Lee provided the music c/o Spotify playlists
Most of the songs were old skool and I knew them
The amusement of Kirsty singing along to them
Amusing Debbie with rude pictures and memes
Chat with Anupa about her malfunctioning knee
Feeling quite perky and upbeat during the move
We all had a laugh and this certainly helped
Two lads from kidswear helped with the pricing
Dressing a GM frame with discounted accessories
Finishing at midnight having enjoyed the shift
The amusement of Kirsty attracting weirdos
The bike ride home was safe and pretty fast

Wednesday 16th January

Day off and a pretty productive one too
YouTube song from ABC (80's synth-pop)
Up and out early, going it the chiropodist
The walk down there was pleasant enough
She resculpted my wayward big toenails
Things were uncomfortable but not painful
Cut down to size and can now grow straight
The appreciate the amusing chatted with them
Brief mosey around Asda and Sainsbury's
The walk home gave me Fitbit steps and air
Council Tax for January has all been paid up
I now have 'two months off' until next bill
Booking my April 'spring break' rather easily
Booking early made it a whole lot cheaper
Getting fairly convenient flights to/from Luton
Getting a mixed dorm room in a hostel with bar
The hostel is located right in the city centre
I will be near everything, including the airport
I can do daytrips round the island if I wish
This has all the makings of an enjoyable trip
Continued with my list of 2018 appreciations
World Cup month: a wonderful time for me
Doing this made me feel rather nostalgic
Stroll around the country park before lunch
I have eaten and drunk very healthily today
Nice snooze on the settee once I had eaten
Watching good clips of Point Break on YouTube
Evening stroll around the local area in cold
Derby County won FA Cup replay at Southampton
It was a good game and they played good football
Finding further things for my 2018 appreciations

Thursday 17th January

Another entertainingly random kind of day
YouTube songs from Bucks Fizz (80's pop)
Bus to town was waiting at the stop for me
Taking the bus meant I stayed dry and warm
Time passed quite quickly even when not busy
Excursion to 3rd floor to drop off heavy tables
I had an 'assistant' in the shape of the Ops Manager
Worked a load of delivery of knitwear in morning
State visit from regional manager creating liveliness
Amusing Angelina with my humorous one-liners
We had a chat about schooldays, and kinds of sweets
Toast and strawberry jam when I had my breakfast
Size tidied most of the jumpers and coats later on
The lady who was grateful when I queue busted
Amusement of a drunk old fool going on about batteries
I eventually got him sorted and he was grateful
Randomly hugged by two girls doing a scavenger hunt
Getting something of a ribbing for this afterwards
Helping Christina with a slightly awkward refund
Successful spell of food shopping once I had finished
I got a 2 for £10 dine in deal for Sunday night
Keeping Lisa amused when I was paying for them
I have felt cheerful and effusive today: basically normal
Using my nous and getting a less-crowded bus home
Watching a classic episode of The Bill on YouTube
My Mum did dinner tonight and it was very tasty
She is absolutely fine and all is well in my family
Something of a musical madness session once home
Doing some housework ahead of Sunday night
At the moment, life feels pretty good and flowing

Friday 18th January

Cold but sunny once again with blue skies
Ice patches, so I got the bus to work again
I am making good use of my new bus pass
A bus turned up at the stop quite soon for me
It has been another pretty positive day at work
Working delivery of knitwear and suit jackets
I sorted through and grouped the shirts delivery
This will make it easier to put out tomorrow
Chat with Playful Preeti about castes in India
Amusing chat with Angelina about nicknames
Having toast and jam at teabreak once again
Interesting chat with Anupa about Angel numbers
Loads more stock has been brought down
A number of us worked through it and stocked up
This should drum up sales over the weekend
My wayward labour scheduling app works again
Doing delivery of belts with Daft Debbie later
Chats about her previous jobs and experience
The amusement of Angelina wearing cloth caps
Clowning around with these two was a good laugh
Getting out at a nice time and not having to rush
Getting a peaceful bus home minus school kids
The walk back home from bus stop in sunshine
Watching classic episodes of the bill on YouTube
Good visualisation session in the mid evening
Setting up a profile on Guardian Soulmates

I appreciate:

My lovely, fun, gorgeous girlfriend B! :)xxx
Funny friends, family and familiars!!! :)x
Miss C, the Cheshire Cat and slinky fantails Elvis & co! :)xxx
Routine & listed stuff ticking along really nicely. Conducting brilliantly!
Feeling full of beans! Energised! Fit & well! Happy!
Plenty of fresh air! Running, TC, Shuffling & some netball this week.
Cutting to the chase and making arrangements. Noticing!
Standing back and being pleasantly surprised. IB 20:20. Observing!
Investing more and organising, co ordinating logistics. Cocreating!
Feeling ripped, excited and light hearted.
Getting lots done in no time at all! Prepaving! Preparing!
Conscious focus on only what is expected! Presuming!
Pivoting! Moving towards attractions in all directions. Spinning!
New musical soundtrack underscoring navigation. iTunes!
Surround sound, easy. New projections. Notes From The Universe!
Easy downloads ... So much good stuff to choose from! Woo!
Painting perfect pictures inside and out. Magnetic.
New palette. New strokes. New canvases. Inspiration.
Playing with passions! Dabbling, mixing, daubing, feeling free.
New ingredients in old dishes, fun, flavour fusion! Gut instinct.
New recipes and notes to self!
Adjusting cooking times and tempratuture. Baking new ideas!
Gurus, masters, mentors and students. Tuition...Intuiton! Intelligence!
Meditating, viewing, mediating, receiving, mapping & knowing.
Focus. Reflection. Zoom! Crop & enhance.
Special effects! Kaleidoscopic mixing in full color.
Reiteration. Feedback loops ... More & more & more! Beautiful!
Abundance in all things! Bringing it all on! No holds barred! Woohoo!
New iterations. Adding. Creating now ...
Present time, a gift in no time.Unwrapping the intention. Powerful!
Feeling powerful. Feeling free! Awesome!
Steaming hot cups of tea and raspberry porridge.
Clear blue skies and bright wintery sunshine! The dawn chorus.
Clear, crisp days. The smell of woodsmoke and baking bread!
A comfy, cosy home filled with B and her lovely plants, ferns and flowers.
Friends and Laughter
Music and love.
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

I am spending time in Mesa away from Phoenix. I met a couple of new acquaintances.

Saturday 19th January

Working a very nice short shift, mid-morning
Bus to town was waiting at the stop for me
I had time to get a cup of tea before starting
Quiet first of all, allowing me to do delivery
Successful suit for for a chatty older couple
Their tales of being robbed in Amersham etc
Successful suit fit for a man and his chatty wife
They too were pleasant and quite appreciative
Successful online orders for shoes and jumpers
I outsmarted a rather know-it-all woman later on
The look on her face when she realised this
Clowning around with Daft Debbie on sales floor
Chat with Kristina about her new work contract
Brief chat with Daniel about the football season
Bad Luck Ben's story about being held at gunpoint
Once again there were plenty of goals in football
Following my impulse and having fish and chips
Cleaning the flat and making it look really nice
Playing songs on my smart speaker as I did this
My 10 year challenge post garnered lots of likes
I now have two days off work with fun stuff planned

My transportation pass, urgent care, public library, friend/boyfriend

Day off and a nice lie in until 9.45am
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Good visualisation session in mid morning
Continuing to find things for 2018 appreciations
My Mum leant me some bowls for dinner
Stroll in the country park before lunch
It was a lovely sunny day with blue skies
Tottenham dug out a 2-1 win away at Fulham
Watching this as it was the televised game
The sunset this evening was quite nice
Cheeky Chelsea's very nice comments on FB
Daz came round for dinner and things went well
It was easy to cook and tasted lovely
It looked like a proper meal when laid out
Chats about friends, break ups, activities
He brought round a good supply of beers
Further chats about lives, music, and social media
My latest hosting escapade has gone rather well
Stroll around the local area afterwards, burning it off
Day off tomorrow to do as I please, and probably cycle

Day off #2 and a nice lie in until 9.45am
Feeling fine after last night's beers
YouTube song from Gabrielle Aplin
Venturing to Hatch End to burn off stodge
Bus into town chatting with Toothless John
Wandering through the town to get steps in
Train all the way down to Carpenders Park
Doing this avoided all of the busy gyratory
The long walk from there to Hatch End
Once again, I appreciate its Broadway
Very nice cafe latte in Costa Coffee there
Coming up with further rhyming couplets
Making some intentions for Majorca holiday
Train and bus back home, both on time
A change in hours tomorrow suits me fine
Bagging an 8-hour shift for 2 week's time
Watching classic episodes of The Bill later
My Mum got me some groceries at Sainsbury's
She also got me a football autobiography
Forgiveness and gratitude session after tea
Continuing with my 2018 appreciations
Night walk around the local area giving thanks
Updating my Spotify playlist with cool songs
Heavy rain falling outside for me to listen to

I am getting totally ready to move to New Mexico!

I have easy access to a lot of online time today.

I get more of my clothes back today.

The weather is nice where I am.

I got a fair amount of sleep last night.

I have plenty of food for lunch.

I got great new used jeans that fit wonderfully free this morning.

I am expecting to make a lot of great Art in the near future again in my new home state.

Working late shift so a nice lie in until 9.45am
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Majorca
Carried on with my post about 2018 appreciations
Nice walk to the bank in the sunshine/blue skies
Things clouded over later with wintry snow showers
The snow settled a bit but didn't disrupt me much
Bus waiting at the stop for me when I got there
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before shift
Thinking up more rhyming couplets for stories
Fairly good shift, with an unexpected twist at end
Got a whole lot of pricing done on menswear sale
Chat with Playful Preeti about Indian dresses
Managing to get it all done despite lack of guns
One or two others chipped in to help out as well
Working with Sodepocket Pat and Kirsty who can talk
Chat with SP about pub rock and 70's rock groups
Chat with Kirsty about her malfunctioning family
Being sent upstairs to help womenswear with pricing
This development gave the night a different dimension
Working with Luisa and Jessie and getting to know them
They turned out to be chatty and friendly companions
Chats about music, jobs, and nutters in local area
It was nice to have some fluent 'young' conversation
This definitely made the last hour go quite quickly
Getting the last bus home in the warm and dry
Some of the paths were icy but I got home in one piece


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