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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I played darts today. I woke up early. I am trying new art making ways. I found a new job I may do. I have managed my stuff and cleaning, doing my friend's laundry very well.

I get to see my niece before I leave to live in AZ.

I slept enough last night and feel fine today.

I have great food for my 2.5 days on greyhound busses.

I feel very prepared for my move.

I made a very nice frog image/illustration today.

Monday 15th October

Day off #2 spent pootling around in local area
Lie in until around 9am having slept quite well
YouTube song from The Generationals
Interesting Wikipedia articles about X Factor
Finding a couple of interesting posts on here
Mid-cadence riding as far as St. Albans to stay fit
This is the furthest I have ridden in a few weeks
It stayed largely dry for the journeys there and back
Nice latte coffee in Costa Coffee watching world go by
Listed moments of love and romanticism in my life
When itemised, there have been more than I thought
Using 'The Power' to do a bibliomancy game
Went home the longer way and avoided roundabouts
My Mum and Aunty had a safe journey back from I.O.W.
Reading my book about football tactics as I had lunch
Later on, England won 3-2 in Spain in UEFA Nations League
This was a pretty stunning victory for the national side
We hadn't beaten a big nation for about 16 years now
We played really cutting and incisive football in first half
In second half, we defended well against Spain's attacking
The fact that we scored three goals was also satisfying
This also gives us a chance of topping the group
My Mum is going to have a look at my Amazon Firestick
Long night walk around the local area in the mist
Getting my second USA travel blog finished and sent

I got a free chocolate shake. I got to see my niece today.
My art is continuing to turn out so neat. I am almost ready to leave Minnesota!

Tuesday 16th October

It has been sunnier today than past two days
YouTube song from Bobby McFerrin (inspiring)
Interesting Wikipedia articles about boy and girl bands
I got my Alexa working after the wifi went down
Nice stroll around the country park before lunch
Better and livelier shift at work than usual
Chat with Playful Preeti about languages in India
There was quite a lot of delivery giving us stuff to do
I feel that Labour Scheduling is going to be fine
The guard and me stopped a theft worth £144
Chat with Lisa about her recent anxieties and worries
This then developed in chats about relationships
We are going to the village cafe tomorrow morning
Getting home safely in the dark (first time in a while)
Enjoyable night walk around local area in mild air

I am leaving Minnesota in 3.5 hrs. with my act together.
I left my friend's apartment in very good condition. I saw my mom three times. I have enough food for my trip. I have a book to read. I have been preparing my future in Arizona mentally.
I am continuing my trip
to Phoenix to live indefinitely. I have internet. I am warm and dry.I feel safe. I trust all is working out for me. Everyone is peaceful around me. I am looking forwards to getting to know my new home.

Wednesday 17th October

Day off and a fairly eventful one too
YouTube song from U2 (stadium rock)
I actually slept quite well despite waking up often
Excursion to the village to visit a new cafe
My companion was Lisa and she was engaging as usual
Visiting the Coffee House which was very nice
Always good to go to somewhere completely new
Chats about anxiety, moving away, colleagues and journals
The plain latte I had was very nice, and good value too
Further chats about work, labour scheduling and Christmas
Came out feeling that I had put her mind at rest
Lightbulbs all delivered from Amazon and I now have light
I have also got some vitamin A tablets for dry skin
My Mum has taken my Firestick away to have it looked at
Imprinting session of a goal once I had had my lunch
Walking into town to attend Aaron's leaving do later on
The walk in the vague evening sunshine did me good
The cans of beer I bought cheaply from the supermarket
Dining in Tarboosh Mediterranean Cafe with various others
I was rather hungry so the food went down really well
We had the set menu and there was plenty of food to go round
Chats about work, colleagues, customers, food and new jobs
There was quite a young feel to the group with young chatter
Bad Luck Ben's stories about his various injuries
Charlie's clumsy attempts to roll a cigarette were amusing
The walk home burnt off a lot of the calories I had just eaten
Having the money, health, mobility and friends to do all of this

Thursday 18th October

A nice mild day enlivened by some vague autumn sunshine
YouTube song from the Seahorses (late 90's indie)
Assisting Bad Luck Ben in de-rigging some knock downs
Excursions to the 3rd floor to get shot of metalworks
Friends and Family event meaning the story is busy
After a quiet start, things started to liven up nicely
Successful click and collect which I persisted in getting
Frosty Cheryl was a bit more conversational today
Snooty Janice actually had to do a bit of work as well
Worked in shoes for a while and tidied them all up
Peter helped me in processing an unusually complicated order
Despite all sorts of generic errors, we got it done
I'm hopefully getting annual leave sorted out tomorrow
I am also hopefully getting my Spotlight Award too
Signs that my current visualisation may soon be manifesting
Finishing my reading book about football tactics
I appreciate how well written and researched it is
Fairly long evening walk around the local area at sunset
Dose off dream in the evening hinting at energetic blocks
(Failure to, and the need for trust in the flow of life)
Finding out more things for my second LA travel blog

Friday 19th October

All in all, a pretty positive and good-feeling day
Lovely autumn sunshine and blue skies all day
I have also felt very 'on a roll' all day long
YouTube song from The Charlatans (90's indie)
Bus to town was waiting for me at the stop
Imprinting my Christmas intentions on the journey
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before work
'Remastered' some of the summer's events
This will help to clear up any vibrations around them
Wally Head Mark getting locked out of his house
Sorted out a complicated transaction with an e-gift card
Then sorted out another with a gift receipt and VAT receipt
Mary on the desk was very helpful with this one
We have had the chubby-cute Fatima covering bank today
Anupa was speaking positively about labour scheduling
She also appreciated my own positivity towards it
I have finally been given my coveted Spotlight Award
This is recognition for me 'being an all-rounder' in my role
Anupa came up with numerous reasons for giving it to me
I now feel that I do contribute quite a lot to my workplace
The picture garnered all sorts of likes and positive comments
I was also very pleased at how well the picture came out
Kirsty got stuck on the till and very nearly wet herself
The amusement of two drunks at the end of the shift
Successful Internet order for shirt right at the end of the day
The customer said that I " couldn't have been any more helpful "
I then did another and had a laugh with the customer
Getting a jar of coconut oil from Panacea health food shop
Bus ride home from work was surprisingly enjoyable
There were several lovely ladies who brightened that journey
Watching old episodes of The Bill on YouTube when I got in
Walk around the local area in the pleasant late afternoon
It was clear, still slightly sunny, and very serene outside
An Ocado delivery has been and I am now stocked up again
Finishing off my 'treasure map' of festive intentions later on
Reading through it to imprint desired events even further
Night walk around local area making intentions for tomorrow

Saturday 20th October

Once again, a warm and very sunny autumn day
YouTube song from The Killers (00's post punk)
Bus waiting for me as usual, at the bus stop
Very nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before work
Made some intentions for a potential Paris trip
Busy day at work again and time passed quickly
Chat with Sofia: I can book up my stay to Paris
The thought of this captured my imagination
Sale for £441.50p, the biggest one of the day
No difficult or complicated transactions today
The two guys buying velvet who were grateful
Three successful click and collect orders
The amusement of Posh Anne's peevish chatter
Suits also sold well, and suiting is picking up
We had help from kidswear when it got busy
The new part of Intu was busy and atmospheric
The main atrium part certainly looks impressive
A bus home arrived very quickly at the stop
My super team chalked up first win in a while
There were a couple of other lively games
I have booked a pre-Christmas stay in Paris
Fairly long evening walk in the vague sunshine
Nice jacket potato and chilli con carne for dinner
Went through retro charts finding forgotten songs
I now have two full days off work with good weather

I appreciate:

Running along the nature trail every morning looking out to sea!
A fantastic sunrise today, beautiful mist rolling in over the sea!
Newly ploughed misty fields with pigeons and crows gleaning!
Loving this beautiful Autumn mist! Feeling cool, calm and collected!
Fresh, sea air and the peace & quiet of early morning.
Still and sunny days, perfect weather for tidying up the garden.
Buying some more really nice oversized tubs to put by the gates.
Planting up all kinds of colorful winter bedding & violas & pansies.
Enjoying all of my gardening jobs & basking in sunshine.
Pink, white & purple heather & trailing ivy.
Tightly clipped topiary & variegated & chocolate cordolines.
Finishing off repainting the outside of the house quickly & easily.
Really noticing how inspired action pays off in big time satisfaction!
Enjoying working on every aspect of redevelopment& feeling the buzz
Ruby the exuberant tiny Yorkie & Biscuit the pale, chatty, ginger tom!
Excellent TC, with a very nice, fun bunch.
Master Classes & great corrections, tweaks and new perceptions.
Feeling connected in all senses! Tapping in & feeling really good.
Flowing & moving Chi, working consciously on blocks & feeling good!
Improving flexibility in mind & body ... expansion & contraction.
Dancing With The Cobra again!
Rooted. Balanced. Connected. Aligned.
Calm. Peace. Serenity. Stillness. Rejuvenation ... Awesome!
Slowing down, feeling groovy!
Letting people out in traffic and getting nice smiles & thumbs up!
Feeling loving & hugging and communing with my favourite oak tree!
Feeling completely relaxed, not an ounce of anxiety or stress ...
Rejoicing in feeling the very best I've felt in years ... Awesome!
Miss B my favourite person on the entire face of the planet! :)x
Miss B for being kind, nice, awesomely clever and funny too! :)x
Miss B for painting the highest parts of the gables because I couldn't!
Miss C for being the only authentic Cheshire Cat in our county! :)x
Miss C for rigidly sticking to her hectic sleeping & eating schedule! :)x
Miss C not caring two hoots whether the house is painted or not! :)x
Everything working out perfectly, right place, right time.
Work all going well, new projects starting up in interesting areas.
Income streams increasing, saving for another special purchase.
Enjoying being productive & resourceful, getting a kick out of it!
Enjoying all the new house plants B's dotted about the place!
Enjoying all of B's lovely, homemaking ways! Hygge!
Feeling very lucky always and counting my lucky stars!
Feeling "tuned in, tapped in, turned on"! AH!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x


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