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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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They're here Dotty! ;)

Oh well now i understand, they were too big to be in that quote! ;D

Sunday 9th December

Relaxing day off spent around home
Nice lie in until around 9.30am having slept well
Feeling a bit better because of this
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Morocco
YouTube song from the Pet Shop Boys
Finding some interesting posts on here to write on
Mild sunshine for most of the day
This will be the case for next few days
Going to a family get-together at my Aunty's
My nephew is now walking and causing antics
He is taking an interest in everything now
Every day he is doing something new
Every day he is learning new words and expressions
He is exactly as he should be at this age
We played in the conservatory and living room
My family are absolutely fine and in good spirits
I appreciate the food which my aunty laid on
I also appreciate having a happy and loving family
Evening walk to new places admiring Christmas lights
I appreciate that there are shocks of colour all around
My new trainers are starting to break in now
I appreciate Tesco and their war chest of medicines
My laptop has successfully run some 61 updates
Amusing clips of Frankie Boyle audience insults
Going to bed early ahead of a long day tomorrow

I got online some. I made two new great art pieces. I got out of the house today for a long while and the weather was very ideal. I got enough sleep. I'm working on watercolors and keep finding more paper in order to paint on.

I expect to have a wonderful morning tomorrow turning in my art for a MAJOR to me SHOW.

I have set a standard to not be in a text relationship and to only be in a guy's life if he wants actual live dates with me. 

I'm very very open to meeting or being in a relationship where I am very confident it will culminate in marriage! (I'm beating that drum, over and over getting excited about it).

I realize I totally do not feel valued by my last lover and said it clearly. I feel better about moving on.

I get to go out and about and look at new art galleries. And maybe see a certain new potential lover I have a crush on. 

And my art will be turned in with about 45 .   minutes for a big for me Art Show of 8 smaller pieces.

Monday 10th December

A long working day which actually went quite well
Awoke around 6.30am having had 8 hours sleep
YouTube songs from Michael Jackson
A bus arrived as soon as I got to the bus stop
I have felt a bit healthier today: cold on its way out
Ranjit showed me how to do a suit alteration
We had enough staff to cover the department today
The first few hours went pretty quickly
Had a stint in foods to give me a change of scene
Successful Internet orders for all sorts of things
Sale for £55.55p (sign of big things on the horizon)
Plans are being made for a night out on Sunday
I have had a CSAT complimenting my good cheer
Barbara and me dealt with a pair of dotty old birds
Apparently, they had 'made friends' whilst in the till queue
We eventually got a malfunctioning till working again
A number of people came for inductions today
Sidepocket Pat is now working with us as a suit fitter
I appreciate the enthusiasm he has for his work
A combination of Angelina, Debbie and me did a suit fit
Bantering with Debbie and doing impressions of oddballs
'Mad Elaine' got in a right old tizzy after a rude finger gesture
Amusing chatted with Debbie and Angelina about schooldays
We shared tales of corporal punishment and weird teachers
I appreciate all of the belly laughs we had at this point
Finishing after a 10-hour day and feeling job satisfaction
Getting a suitable Christmas card and other items after
I appreciate the buses which drop me off near to home
My Mum had left me a beef and vegetable stew
I have got some print ups done for a visit to Kew Gardens
Night walk in the fresh air feeling healthier now
My nose and chest are clearer than they were 24 hours ago

I got up and went out for the day to spend it at the Library.

I'm finding plenty of various people at ask to let me couch surf for a few nights.

I got a decent amount of sleep.

I have lots of coffee.

My phone has continued to work today so far.

The weather is very nice. 

I'm working on my next art show which will be dedicated to being influenced by the works of Tiffany.

Tuesday 11th December

Working late night shift so a nice lie in
I am feeling better again today
Cold feels like it's on its' way out
Classic episode of the Bill as I had breakfast
I have got my 'disco Christmas tree' sent back
Lovely sunny day which put me in good spirits
The walk to the post office did me good
Ride into work in the sunshine also did me good
Busy shift and time passed pretty quickly
Floor move going on and this kept me active
As a result, I was hardly on the till all shift
Sidepocket Pat came in even though he wasn't scheduled
He proved to be a very helpful presence
Excursion to 3rd floor to retrieve a heavy table
Chat with Kirsty about favourite films
She also helped me to get the table back
I appreciate that I have a biologically young body
Pat helped me to move all of the out posting cubes
Helping Angelina and Preeti to complete a suit fit
Chat with Lee about his holiday in Morocco
Chat with Preeti about family, Christmas and caste system
Drinking in the One Crown with Pat and Kirsty once finished
Chats about BU's, managers, and workplace personalities
This helped us all unwind after a busy shift
I appreciate that it's very festive in that pub
Riding home safely despite the cold, and no back light
I have fun things planned for tomorrow night

Wednesday 12th December

All in all, a very good and enjoyable day
Up fairly early having slept pretty well
YouTube song from Lily Frost (festive ballad)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Lack of managers first thing so it was relaxed
Got through all sorts of odd pieces of delivery
The amusement of Janette's minor bad luck
Chat with Angelina about arty album covers
This then developed moved onto celebrities
Despite her grumpy exterior, she can be v. chatty
I also appreciate her blokey sense of humour
Amusing stories of her husband's day job
I have been in pretty good spirits all day long
The cold I have had definitely seems to be healing
The amusement of Bad Luck Ben's mysterious bite
His story of being tied to a TV stand when drunk
Bantering with Food Hall Frank about lingerie
Finishing work nice and early and going to London
Chat with chubby-cute Brazilian girl in Costa Coffee
Getting a Christmas present for Hugo the dog
Nice easy train ride as far as Shepherd's Bush
It was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine
I appreciate the mobile charging points in Westfield
Getting gift cards for my Mum and Aunty at M&S
Brief, slightly humorous chat with the cashier there
(For that, she earned herself a positive CSAT)
Lunch items bought from their basement food hall
I appreciate all of the festive decor in the centre
I also appreciate the festive atmosphere there too
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee Shepherds Bush
All of the festive-sounding songs on their playlist
Ruminating on things which make me happy/smile
The carol singers from Electric Umbrella in Willesden
Colourful Christmas lights along Richmond High Street
Welcome dinner in Subway Salads as I was hungry
Visiting the Christmas light show in Kew Gardens
Bit disappointing as my photos didn't come out well
However, the story was to have a happy ending
The Palm House music and light show was fantastic
Their use of songs from Frozen and Love Actually
Watching this did make me feel pretty joyful
Nice glass of mulled wine in the Railway Tavern
Getting the train home with only moments to go
Daydreaming about happy Christmas moments
Long walk up expressing gratitude for my life now
Fitbit facts. 36849 steps. 18.45 miles. 4448 calories

I found I was only about 7 blocks from N. AZ univ. so I could hang out in their library today and look at Art Books and see an Art Gallery in their Art dept. Bld. too. Great detachment stuff.  I should sleep very well this evening again, and know I am safe, and away from the W. side of Phoenix where I was seriously unhappy only a day or two ago, living.

I am weeding out other potential opportunities to actually stay in the other two warmer areas south of where I am for a short time right now.

People have been super kind, and supportive and helpful all morning since before 6 am, so I can understand most of what my options are. I am learning new info. fast.

Thursday 13th December

Day off after yesterday's fairy-lit activities
Nice lie in until around 10.30am having slept well
YouTube songs from The Sugababes (semi festive)
Interesting articles in the Guardian football section
Creative additions to Dipstick Barry's card
Appreciation of just how iconic London is
Nice walk around the country park in the sun
Reading my book about football tactics in afternoon
Walk around the local area giving gratitude in advance
Finishing Dipstick Barry's Christmas card later on
It's cold outside and this will kill off all the germs
Gratitude in advance for a good working day tomorrow

I have a totally safe place to sleep tonight and many people have been really, really nice to me all day.

I have a place to live offer if I want it and can get a ride there very soon.


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