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Today is my birthday.

It was going quite well--until my daughter broke my camera.

She dropped it--and now the lens won't close all the way--and it takes blurry pictures.

We got it for Christmas--and it's a REAL nice one.

I don't know what to do.

I can't get another one.

Even to send it back to get it checked out will cost more money than I can spend.

I am depressed.

I was furious with my daughter--but it could have happened to me too.

I swear that every time I feel good--something then not so good happens. And it comes as even more of a shock when I'm feeling so good.

What is this--a test?

If so I am flunking. sigh

Sorry for the negative post.

But if you have any suggestions or advice--I'm all ears!


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I know how that feels. You have a great day then one thing goes bad and thats it your day is ruined. Sit down take a few minutes to yourself and say the rest of my bday is gonna rock!! Listen to a great song and make that your anthem for today. Say Im gonna have another amazing year, im gonna get so many bday wishes. and try to believe it! If the rest of your day does turn out a little gloomy, start a new day tomorrow!
btw i totally know that if i broke my camera i would be soo upset to!! but if you know negative thoughts lead to more negative things isnt it better to fake being positive lol

It's just a camera, perhaps not easily replaced but it can be eventually.....I think you owe, no I know you owe your daughter an apology - it was an accident and you have admitted that it could of just as easily happened to you.....I don't understand how you could blow this all out of porportion, IT'S JUST A CAMERA.....

Let me get to the important part of my message:


May the peace of God and the freshness
of the Holy Spirit rest in your thoughts,
rule in your dreams and conquer all your fears.
May he manifest himself today in ways you
have never experienced.
May your joys be fulfilled, your dreams be closer,
and your prayers be answered.

I pray that faith enters a new height for you,
I pray that your territory is enlarged.
I pray for your peace, healing, health,
happiness, prosperity, joy, true and
undying love for God.



With so much love,
Right NOW in this moment you have the power to change things - you can have a really nice day/life from this moment on if you just choose to do so, bake a cake with your daugher, put some/few/all candles on the cake, it's all up to you and remember, the best way for our children to learn this, is foremost from our examples, so have a good time with it now and enjoy it, get over it, and take control of it, and when you blow out that candle - I WISH FOR YOU TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY FROM THE INSIDE OUT AND I WISH YOU WISHED THIS FOR YOU TOO!

Thank you so much for your responses--I do feel somewhat better.

I have looked at the scale of emotions--and I was feeling many of the negative ones all at once. Powerless, depressed, guilt, anger at the situation, discouragement, worry, disappointment, overwhelmed, frustration and pessimism.

Now I have gone from depressed to down. And guilt to blame (myself still though) The rest I still do feel some but less than I did. And I also do feel some hopefulness--which of course is in the positive range. Which is great!!

As I said before I could have dropped it myself.

And I continued with at least nothing happened to the disk. A camera can be replaced--all of the pictures that I took cannot!!

Plus I do have another digital camera--I could still take some pictures today.

Wouldn't it be nice if it just started working again?

or somebody we knew could fix it?

Maybe soon we could take it somewhere and have it repaired?

And I have added fixing my camera to the to do list that I have for the Universe.

That is as far as I've gotten so far--but it's a significant improvement!!!

Let the joy your daughter is in your life shine. It's the moment
with her you will cherish, long after the camera has been replaced.

Happy Birthday, enjoy it!

P.S. The universe (God, your faith) will take care of replacing the camera.
Let it go once you believe that.
I will just write ditto to what everyone else wrote. You manifested it in your post,

"I swear that every time I feel good--something then not so good happens. And it comes as even more of a shock when I'm feeling so good."

Somewhere deep in your subconscience...you knew this would happen...murphy's law and all that stuff. We can't expect thirty-some years of negative thinking to change overnight. It takes time to rid your conscience and subconscience of all the negative residue and old habits.

But the good news? Starting today it's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more do bad things happen when everything was going so good. It's over!!!

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!



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