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Hi all!

Lots of meditation exercices and The Master Key System too are saying that it is necessery to "empty your mind" "let go of thoughts" name it like you want.

I would appriciate, if you would share your experiences and your how-tos of this exercise.

I have managed to get into this state of mind only for a few moments heretofore. But how to let go of thoughts for 15 mins?

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Emptying your mind can mean so much things an differs from person to person. I personally don't sit and try to empty my mind that much. I rather run for 45 minutes in the country side or listen to my favorite music (or run in the country side wilst listening to my favorite music :) ). The more i do this the more i notice that that my mind is getting empty i just forget the burdens i have. I feel really great when i am done doing this and i personally think that feeling good about it is the most important measure to see if you did a good job at empying your mind.
The point of meditation is not just to empty our minds. Becoming empty is the way to realize Who We Really Are.

Look at it this way. Every thought pattern is simply a temporary firing of some neurons along a certain set of pathways in our brain. Does this define who we are? We think it does, but it doesn't really. On an eternal plane of existence, none of these thoughts can ever say a damn thing about Who We Are. We exist beyond thought, beyond our creative worldly experience.

Meditation is a doorway to Who We Are, beyond all ideas of self.

Buddhists talk about "the sky of mind," a clear expanse of blue that exists whether there are thoughts (clouds) to obscure it or not. The sky of mind is always clear at some altitude and meditation takes us above our cloudy thinking into the blue.

It's not that we are here to control the clouds that pass. That just sets up resistance and mental struggle to fight them and that never works. We CAN observe them and observation --ah, there goes another thought-- can separate us from identifying with the thought. That is the beginning of meditation... just observing, not forcing, not trying to chase after or be consumed by those clouds, but knowing that we are ultimately the emptiness itself.

nothing but blue sky...
A way I found was.

You are not able to think when you are listening!!

But not music, just hear the silence. Im sure you will hear some static noise (even in the most absolute silence). Focus in that.

Right! But i don't think it will ever be empty, that's why we should follow the heart.

It may not, but the gaps or quietness start to get longer and longer and there the heart can be given greater control.  

I personally prefer the ‘I am’ awareness than emptying the mind. 

The awareness that you speak of though can be gotten through the mind and "I am" statements or affirmations.  The mind isn't a bad thing, it is just greatly misunderstood and misused.  

I was referring to the awareness of being which is separate from the thinking mind . 

Essentially it is like emptying the mind . But having to empty your mind can feel stressful . Focusing on your real self is a better way I think. But then everyone has their own ways. 

Even focusing on real self though can seem stressful in that it means different things to different people.  The mind gets a lot of bad press from many LOA believers, and its undeserved.  The mind can be useful although it isn't the only method out there and it isn't by any means the prize winner when it comes to creation and like you, I think the heart is superior yet I think the mind when used as an active tool can speed up that process of accessing the heart too.


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