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Dear Readers,

I would love to have all your valuable input on how one goes about believing in their intention? I have lived a life thus far of faith in many things only to be disappointed time and time again. I now have this road block in my subconscious telling me that I will be disappointed with the outcome; any suggestions on how to "Re-train" the mind not to have these feelings, only a positive outlook?

Thanking You in Advance,

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I see your disappointment as a wound. Hold the disappointment in your consciousness as you would hold a child that was hurt on a playground and now resists participating on the jungle-gym she fell from. Comfort her and allow your love to nurture her courage. Whisper the truth to her that although she was hurt she can play and as she plays she will have fun and sometimes slowly or quickly she will begin to build strength. The disappointment is but a color in your tapestry of life. What other colors will you weave as you move forward in your experience? Renée
Thanks Renee...
I know I can overcome it! This is sound advise and I will use it...
Have a wonderful day..:)
God works in misterious way ,we cannot always see the miracle in front of us.Ifeel like the secret is like a pair of glasses.I under stand alot better now
this is a great post...i have been there...i am constantly trying new ways of staying on track and one of the things that seems to work for me, apart from the positive afirmations and reminding myself to believe is to try to take a step out of routine patterns. for example, i think i have felt tired, lethargic and more heavy recently (all linked) and that is shifting by shifting patterns - i tried NLP which can help to put you in a trance to change habits and old patterns, I downloaded The Secret and some other similar books that all help to keep me positibe and loads of music i love and play them both over and over, just when out and about, shopping, going to work, etc, and something is definitely shifting - wishing you well!
Thanks to all of you for your response/s! I was asked as a child (as I am sure you all were), "What do you want to be when you grow up"? When it came my turn to respond, I could not answer her because I had no answer. My whole life to this point has been focused on the etherworld and I find that I am not grounded at all..."Arg"...that is a frustration when it comes to mortal thought and humanity. I want direction in the worst way and I envy anyone who knows who they are and where they want to go! I feel as if I am in constant limbo...never here in my mind, only in body. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up...LOL and maybe I will never grow up? Thanks for all your responses!

Amanda, as I am a bit new on my new journey, for me it starts with stopping. Stop believing the negative things told to me throughout my life..."you'll never make it as (insert dream here), you aren't good enough, you aren't doing things "right"...you get the picture. Perhaps you have been told that your intentions aren't good enough or too frivolous or out there...also I am hearing a bit of worry in your "voice". Worry is a killer, and I say this from experience. Worrying throws me into a pool of inertia, and we all know...inertia doesn't rock.

Just my two pesos...
Well Strat...You pretty much hit it dead on! I have a twin brother who was the "Golden Child" and I was told I was the lesser. My triplet passed away so it was both of us for most of our lives. I do not feel bad about it though I struggle with believing that I am good enough...:) I always looked for approval from my parents and I still look for it, though silly...it is embedded back there somewhere and I look to release these things. I am worried to some extent that I will always be the one who isn't "Good Enough"...and I do not want those feelings to control my actions or thoughts because they send my spiraling downward.

Thanks for your response!
Kelly Howell's Brain Sync brain wave therapy has products that have been helpful to me for subconscious reprogramming. The first one I bought was "The Secret Universal Mind Meditation," which has been great for helping me stay aware of my connection to the universe. The most recent one I got was "Create Success," because I felt like I needed something that was more focused on my subconscious feelings about myself and my abilities. Here's a link:
Hi Shannon..:)

I have both of those already and have just started "Holosync" which is even better! I have improved over the last year with the help of those CD's though I am still working on that path..:) I will get there soon...I hope..:)

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the info re: "Holosync." I'll check it out.
Something else just popped in my head as I reread your post and responses to everyone....you seem so resistant to being where you are in the moment....you talk about not knowing who you are or where you want to go and it seems that you have put a lot of energy into your dissatisfaction with the situation.
Did you read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle? I just finished it recently and it was really helpful in terms of helping me to recognize that who I am does not need to be defined by what I do or believe. I am. That's it, and that's OK.
The other thing is, it seems that if you can get yourself to a place of allowing yourself not to know what you want...just accepting that this is the way it is right now and letting go of any sense of desperation or panic about that, you will be in a better position to attract ideas about what you do want.
OK, one more thing....I had this other realization about jealousy recently....the only reason that I could possibly feel jealous of anyone is because deep down I believe that I could never have what he or she has. Maybe this is obvious to everyone else, but for me this was a powerful window into my own subconscious.
I hope this is helpful! :o)
In another thread someone wrote that their mantra is 'I'll figure it out as I go along. I'm good at that and life always unfolds nicely.'

Isn't that a great thought? It is very comforting to me.

It is a good thought...:) Thanks Retta!


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