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I joined this community to help me regain my self esteem and start attracting positive things into my life. It's been a very difficult year and it's a struggle for me to pick myself up and move forward. I feel like the shoe is going to drop at any minute and then I won't know what to do. I feel like a failure, but in my heart I know it's not true. It is my hope that joining Powerful Intentions will allow me the opportunity to learn from others who have attracted positive things into their lives. Please help understand what the first step needs to be. Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.

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At a low point in my life someone gave this to me and now, with the deepest love, I pass it on to you. Repeat it often, write it down, read it every time you need to.
Affirm with me now the following words:
"I am blessed beyond measure, because I am loved beyond anything!."
It is true, you are. You have attracted this community into your life and we are all here, and we are One. You are strong and empowered. Love yourself as you are loved.
I share with you also the meaning of the word, Namaste'.

"I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells,
I honor the place in you which is of love and truth,
of light, and of peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that
place in me,
we are one."



Im really sorry to hear that its been a difficult year for you so far. Funny you should say this, because my motto is, "This is a good year so far." and I believe that its only going to get better somehow, because its how I feel in my heart. The same feeling that you get when u open up a Christmas Gift, and its something you've always wanted. and you got it. WOW. I try to put myself in the meantality that everyday is Saturday, and I have something to be happy and thankful for. Ive suffered from depression for many years, but my challenging myself and also therapy, Ive learned to recognize when I am getting into that depressed mode, and stop myself in my tracks and change my way of thinking. I Know that if I dont, it will only worsen my day, my week and possibly my interaction with other people also.

I took a piece of paper one day, and drew a circle, and put all the negative self thoughts about myself outside of the circle.. and enclosed all the positive things that i KNEW that I possess inside of the circle, Even the characteristics that id love to possess, i placed them in the circle. and put it up, as a reminder to myself when I wanted to concentrate on bettering myself. It doesnt work all the time, because its natural to be down and out from time to time, but as long as we dont stay there for too long, then we are ok. If we do, that becomes unhealthy, and puts us in a place of being unbalanced in our lives. Just remain faithful, that everything will work itself out, and keep reminding yourself that you are very a valuable commodity in this beautiful universe, because GOD created you in his image. Isnt that incredible when you think about it?

wow. Im thankful.

I hope you feel blessed, and see more positive inclination in your life for this day forth. You will. Just remind yourself that you DESERVE IT...

Be blessed,

~ GodSent


aww that was beautiful Teri. I felt blessed reading it as well.

~ GodSent
One idea that I have often heard is that is you want esteem then do esteemable things.

Help someone else or do something courageous and this might cause you to have more esteem
Thank you all for your heartfelt words. I have written down some of what you said in your replies to carry with me. That way when I am feeling a little lost or down I can pull them out to remind me that I am a good person and I am here on this earth for a reason. I truly do feel blessed to be a part of this community. God bless you all.
If you are here on this Earth, then there is a reason. You are on purpose and you HAVE purpose. Your low-self esteem, I imagine, comes from what you percieve "others" have said, or say, or feel about you. Who are those people? What they think does not matter. What matters is the soul of who you are. What matters is YOU!! You are a beloved child of God and nothing you have done or ever will do will change that.

I send you love,
I Surrender This

Fantastically true!

There have been some very good replies to this already, and I would like to add something else: CHANGE YOUR SELF TALK.  The voice inside your head can be your worst enemy, but it can also be your best ally.  You get so used to criticising yourself that it just becomes second nature, but praising yourself and bringing yourself up can also become your main habit.

Start today to deliberately think better things about yourself. Look at the things you think about yourself and change them into positive statements.  Repeat those to yourself instead. So “ I am useless “ becomes “ I am very useful “ instead.  Or If that seems a bit too far away at the moment, something more believable (but still positive) which you can relate to, like “ I am getting better. “

This editing of thoughts can seem laborious at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets and the better you start to feel about yourself.  It can also be fun deliberately thinking positive things about yourself, knowing that THE UNIVERSE WILL TURN THESE INTO REALITY just as much as any negative ones. That’s the key thing to remember, EVERY THOUGHT IS CREATIVE and can become your reality. 

What is the current thought you are thinking?  Do you want IT to be your reality or something else?

Something else I find useful is to do positive thinking in clusters spread throughout the day.  This is so that negative thinking doesn’t get a chance to gain a foothold in your thoughts during the day, because if that happens, it can set you off on a downward spiral. One negative thought can then attract another and another, and before you know it you have a thousand, most of which will be products of your imagination rather than anything true or real.  But this also works for positivity, and when that gains a foothold, it can work wonders. 

Yes, as Abraham says, "Become your best friend & talk about your dreams".


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