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What do you like or dislike about the new forum? Comments/suggestions/ideas for making this forum a cozy place for all of us!

OK, so some of us are having a hard time with acceptance of the new Secret forum! So I thought this would be a good time for us to offer suggestions about things we like about this forum or liked better about the old one so that the participants of this forum can make our opinions heard and perhaps contribute to making this one as great as the last one. Hopefully this post sticks around and people contribute in positive and constructive ways!

Having been on the old forum, I am partial to it, but I am trying to keep an open mind to this one as well. So I'll start it off!

What do I like about this forum?
1. I like the pictures next to everyones names! I think it will make it easier to remember who posted what and easier to identify people other than simply reading their name. People will stand out more!

2. I think the new profiles when you sign up are a bit more detailed so that's kinda cool.

3. I like that there AREN'T a zillion buttons at the top when you want to post something. It makes it difficult to know which button is for what. Only the really crucial ones are there (bold, italic, underline, strike out, hyperlink, and picture) with the exception of colored font which will be going under my dislikes.

4. I haven't checked yet but I'm hoping the search problem on this forum is fixed so that when you find a topic you can read the whole topic at once instead of just each individual post. I'll hafta check that one and come back to provide my opinion on it after..haha

5. I like that we can post pictures right in the thread now! I'm not sure, maybe we could do that on the old one too and it was just a matter of finding the right "button" among the zillions that were there to choose from, but if it's a new concept I think it's a great idea!

What don't I like about the new forum? (Suggestions):
1. I don't like the white background. The background of the old forum gave it a classy ageless look and was much easier on the eyes. White is so institutionalized.

2. I don't like that the threads in the old forum will remain there. That means if there is something we were looking to find and knew was there we would have to jump back and forth between the old and new forums just to find the topic that was posted there. It's like losing all your hard work, and restarting these threads is kind of a pain, plus we lose all the knowledge that came with the many posts on the old threads. It's not easy to go back and look them all up again. Perhaps there is a way we could "import" the old threads?

3. There is no "colored font" option! Plain old black and white is boring. Plus colored fonts allow us to distinguish posts easier. For instance, if we remembered something someone posted and know their font was red but couldn't remember their name, it might be easier to scroll down a page and find what they had posted. Oh...also just noticed there's no option for changing the font size or font face either :( Arial is great but again, lack of variety is boring. May be another consideration for future upgrades ;)

4. The top, most active threads are no longer in bold. I kind of liked that because those were the ones I'd look at first to see what was interesting and new before checking further for other threads.

K I'm done. Those are my suggestions so far. I hope others will feel free to contribute their ideas and suggestions as well! We want this to be a place we all LOVE to come to, and I know the old forum was so my hope is that this one becomes just as great!

Much love and light to you all! We rock!

Eternity (aka Michelle B) ;)

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I like it just the way it is. :D
I think my main complaint is that it seems kind of squished together on the main page, hard to differentiate one post from another, or is it just my eyes?

But I do like the photos next to our posts! LOL!!!!!!

I love writing in different colors...

I notice that this site now has that myspace smell to it... for lack of better terminology (consider a new car smell for a moment).

Beth P.: Check out Aspell. It attaches to Firefox and gives you spellcheck on anything written in a web page (like in these text areas you use for posting). Comes as part of Pidgin IM software too.

First post on the new site. Yay for me and stuff.


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