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So this is the third time a discussion like this one has gone up since the original forum's inception, from what I know.


By listing our wishes, and posting them out in the open, and by READING OTHER'S WISHES, it assists in manifesting them. And sends out lots of positive energy, too, of course :]

And YES, it does really work. So many wishes were granted with the last "Experiment", my wish included.

So, everyone, let's work together to grant some wishes, put smiles on faces, and get some tears of joy flowing.


Here's Mine....

I wish to be able to aqquire a good, safe, running car or truck Within Two Months!

I wish for a large flow of money into my life by or around August 1st, 2008.

I wish, last but not least, for everyone's wishes to be granted, and for unending happiness for us all!

"...you understand that there is no question about you being able to receive anything that you desire, because, from that vantage point, you understand the Laws of the Universe—you understand that when you ask, it is always given. And so, there is not a particle of discouragement or worry about things not yet manifested, because it is so clearly understood that all you have to do is focus and relax, and allow it to be." Abraham-Hicks

[in case anyone is interested, this discussion topic has been turned into a group. here's the URL for those who are interested. Happy manifesting! http://powerfulintent.ning.com/group/grantingwishesexperimentthegroup ]

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you understand that you are unable to interfere with the free will of others? xx
Law of attraction can work around people...?
Granted.... Just feel u already got... visualise the joy u will feel when u get the news Feel u already got it and visualise and feel wht will u do after u got the news.. don question u ask u get it... if u ask will i u doubt the universe
Biank, SpiritF, Fleur, and Cecil;
You guys bring up such an important point: does my wish for someone else interfere with their free choice?

My understanding of the physics of this all is No! Here's how I think it works:

We each act out our parts in billions and billions of probabilities, each one a little bit, or a lot different from the others, emerging, converging, and diverging from this NOW moment point.

Each of us offers billions and billions of possibilities of what we might be interested to explore with this life, to others.

When we wish to shift our experience of another, we don't "force them" to do something different, we merely choose a different probability that they are willing to act out with us.

Biank can freely choose to experience the probabilities where she and her boyfriend stayed together - she can choose from an "almost infinite" number and variety of them.

In my view we choose probabilities for our own perfectly fantastic reasons, to learn more about ourselves, to learn more about each other, and to help each other along their paths,playing roles that they have requested of us.

You make no mistakes in these choices! We all follow many different threads simultaneously! Our experience of this life is just a lot fuller than we are usually aware.

So you can relax and enjoy your big multi-verse ride!

What we're learning to do is become more and more aware of our ability and the process we use to make these choices.

Loving you guys, Robynne
You are so right you probably don't realize that there are no boundaries to what we can accomplish. We don't have to choose probablitities, they will find us. All you need is an open and most of all a conscious mind.

Keep on flying !!!
Thank you for this post Robynne. :)

I know this is a bit of an older post .. but I just wanted to say that this is what I truly believe as well. That a myriad of facets of experiences with another are possible .. just have to choose the one we want to experience with another.

How many times do we see another have a wonderful experience with someone .. while someone else has an awful one .. and yet .. that can be changed by focusing on and activating that better experience with them. I know this to be so .. as I have done it. :)

I like that .. relax and enjoy YOUR big multi-verse ride! LOL :)
Did this happen yet for you? You needn't question how things happen. That's not your business or your concern. Something must have happened by now because I see the date on ths is 2008. Ohwell just curious.

But wishing for him back is absolutely fine, maybe you will help resolve whatever is keeping him away?!
Granted....i pray for u... and wat answer i got was.... GRANTED... feel u have already got it..how and when don concentrate on tht coz then u hve doubts abt recievin it... let the universe do it 4 u... remember time is just an illusion Einstein said it...
I want to at least 5 million pounds by April 2009, for complete financial freedom

I want all of our wishes to be granted!

much love
Jackie xx
i'm pretty sure she means pounds as in money...
Prayin for you....


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