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Thanks Mary ...But the example of finding someone attractive and likeable and someone may not is interesting! I always thought there is ONE REAL REALITY then more ..... it's like if one believes in god and one doesn't!...isn't there one real reality? God either exists or doesn't exists!
Hi Kara...

I think I've mentioned this already in response to someone's post... but
the debate over whether or not God exists has been going on for eons.

So I say it's impossible to say if there is only ONE real reality around that particular issue.
Seems we all have slightly different understandings/definitions of "GOD" which is why conversations get so confusing so fast when people start talking about God.

That said, I certainly observe that most people I'm aware of are pretty locked onto the idea that there is ONE REAL REALITY -- I just happen to disagree. And the reasons I disagree come from my own evidence and experience... yet this very evidence and these experiences, because they are so personally mine, would certainly be considered subjective and therefore questionable.

And my understanding/definition of GOD is so broad, so all-encompassing (because I know 'GOD' to BE that) that it (my understanding/definition) is essentially meaningless to many people. For instance, to me... GOD IS ALL...

yet I'm certainly aware that when most people talk about "God" they speak as if he/she/it were somehow a limited Being of some sort. This makes me realize we're not talking about the same thing when we use the term 'GOD' and of course right there we have a difference that again, makes it puzzling for us to have a universal, definitive truth that says

"God Exists"
"God Doesn't Exist"

because what you're calling 'God' could very well be something different than what I'm calling 'God'

Even the 'church' that taught me as a very young child that God is All -- teaches that there are some things "not of God" -- which didn't make sense in my little girl mind when I thought they should be more consistent and decide WHICH IT IS... Today, after many more experiences I still see churches confusing people... yet I can wrap my head around the apparent dichotomy that GOD is ALL - the is and the isn't...

So I can comfortably tell you it's my opinion that God exists and God doesn't exist though I can't easily explain why I know that to be so or how, exactly, that works. LOL

So for today... I suggest you just decide for yourself and go from there. ;-)
Student- I have What the Bleep do we Know? ...For some reason i can't seem to absorb it when it comes to quantum physics.. I would love to be able to understand It all!
no more replies ?
The basic idea (for those who didn't read Steve Pavlina's explanation" is this:

Objective Reality means that the world exists independently of you. (In other words, this is the model that's accepted by the vast majority of people on the planet. They believe that the world is a real place that they live in and that -- if they ceased to exist -- the world as it is would continue to exist.)

Subjective Reality says that the entire world, all the people in it, all the politics, the wars, the sickness, the health, the joy, the happiness, the wealth, the abundance, etc......is all like an ultra-realistic 3D movie that YOU have created for yourself. Some say that you created this experience as a "game". Some say it's a life-lesson that you need to learn before you move on to another reality. Opinions vary.

But the point is that -- subjective reality (SR) -- means that none of this is actually "real" in the literal sense of the word. You're creating it yourself.

As an interesting side-note......people who like the SR idea often mention that -- once you start seeing the world this way -- you will often start to notice very strange things that cannot be explained any other way. (If you saw the movie, "The Matrix", it's kind of like when Neo saw the same cat walk by a door way from left-to-right twice within just a second or so.)

I recently had a very strange experience that I don't quite know what to make of. If anyone would like to discuss this, I'm open to it....

Tony Rush


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