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Tell me one nice thing your partner has done for you? express your gratitude here...

My husband snook out one morning to buy me flowers while i was in bed, I woke up with them on his side of the bed with a note telling me how beautiful i am. I am grateful that he makes the effort to make me feel special. He tells me he loves me everyday.

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My partner:

He's been with me just about 6 months on Valentine's Day. WOW!

And he drives so much to be with me, see me.

And he takes me out to eat.

And he trusts me to be his lover. *This is big actually.

And he smiles and looks so adorable when I see him.

And we thank one another and are positive often and appreciative of one other when it comes to doing things for one another often.

And I love having his kids to give little fun gifts to here and there.

And I love expecting nice things in our future, more trust, more love, and exclaimations of love and continuing desires to be partners for the long-term.

And he has stored some of my belongings during a time when I took a three week trip to see my elderly parents.

he gave me money for my car repair just like that

he came to me when i lived 50 kms away sometimes just to see me for 1 hour during working week when he didn`t have much money

but i can say for sure he alwyas always always believes in our relationship and our together future no matter what I say and what I want He always is a believer in us.

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to. I'm thankful because my boyfriend loves to cook. He used to be a chef, and I get to enjoy some very delicious meals. Last night he made me one of my favorite dishes. He cooked a vegetable lasagna and actually made his own sauce. It was delicious! I appreciate everything he does for me.

My hubby makes me hot tea all night long and always offers me a blanket when I'm cozier up on the couch. He's so sweet. I'm so lucky to have such a caring friend and husband!

Ohhhh there are so many more than just one...

Buys me my favorite wine every week

Sends me lovely good morning and good night texts every day

Gives me back rubs at night

Tells me I'm beautiful

Tells me he loves me

Offered to help me financially this year with christmas gifts for my family

Buys wet food for my cat

Supplies me with all of my vaporizer needs

Lovingly hold me every night all night long

Cooks for me

Downloads special movies that I want to watch at night before bed

Updates me with his where abouts all the time without me even asking

Makes us dinner reservations and takes us out to eat once or twice a month

Always loves to make me laugh :)

Runs me a bath when I'm exhausted and cold 

Buys me my favorite chocolates :)

5'7 guy. Hence no partner.

he cleans recently our flat every day without asking! thx thx thx and he is so happy about our wedding

He made me tea in the morning and kept kissing me till I woke up from my sleep! Is that not sweet???
He supported me when my family was being all in my face about my support for Hillary (which I posted on Facebook and it wasn't like anti the other candidate.) . He said I have a right to my opinion and suggested we don't go to thanksgiving with them but do something special so that's what we are doing. It just felt nice that he was protective. And respectful! When my brothers were not.
He hugged me tightly in d morning nd told me how much he luves me :)
Cutest thng ... jst luv d way he smiles at me <3

my current partner (my dog XD makes me believe in love & infinite tenderness, sweetness & joy!!


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