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Hey everyone,
im new to this community, so im sorry if this topic is repeated etc...
but i was just wondering how you guys attract more friends into your life?

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By knowing in my heart that there is always room for one more.....
im trying to do the exact same thing. im still a little puzzled about how the law of attraction works with attracting people into your life [friends, relationships] since everybody has "free will"
I think that the "free will" not matters, because you're attracting people that wants make friends too, not force them to be your friends. When you put yourself into the frecuency of having friends, you enter into the same "bubble" of all people that want that too.
Yes..........just like that......
I feel like I attract friends based on my needs and wants and it has been pretty awesome. Below are a couple of examples:

1-I was teaching English in Korea for a year. My first 3 months were horrible. All my Korean friends that I had befriended and assisted quite often never returned contact with me or didn't care to help me at all. I was miserable. I thought about the kinds of friends I wanted and soon they appeared. First was a guy I had only met a couple of times in Texas and he had returned to Korea for good. The first day he got back, he traveled for an hour and a half just to meet me for lunch. Later we would spend nearly every weekend together. I really wanted the company of this one Korean girl that I was great friends with. Soon after (sad for her) she broke up with her bf and stayed at my place for nearly a month. That really helped me a lot.

Second was a guy who helped me with getting a job. Teaching English wasn't really my passion but this guy who I had only met once in college started messaging me and told me about his job. We talked a lot and hooked me up with an interview in the company. Life changing. Now I'm doing what I always wanted to do but could never find.

Just this week (whether from LOA or sheer determination) I found two friends I knew over 20 years ago, one of which I hadn't spoken to for over 15 years. Also, I found an exchange student from my elementary school whom I would find and lose constantly.

In addition, I noticed that whenever I would remove a friend from messenger because we never spoke, they would message me literally 15 seconds or less!
Since I've been practicing LOA I have taken sometime to evaluate the current relationships I have now. I realized that there were a few friends/people in my life that were" toxic"--people that I dealt with--people that I put up with and never felt "good" after being with them.

I have slowly limited my contact with them always jumping on here after I do hear or see them to bring me back to the place I want to be. I have found that since I "cleaned" out most of those relationships it opened up a place for new positive relationships. I figured that those relationships were holding me or keeping me in a place one place when I want to be in a different more positive space for myself. For a few weeks it seemed a little lonely. That friend I spoke to everyday on the phone having my morning coffee--was one that I needed to move away from. My day always started out negative after I spoke with her about all her troubles and stuff. Don't get me wrong...I take pride in being a great friend but it wasn't healthy for me to --it started my day off on the wrong foot.

So with that said--and I think I went off track a little--- Take time to evaluate the relationships you have now. See if some "house-cleaning" needs to be done.... make some changes...make room for positive people in your life. I will tell you my life is so much more positive since I did this---I'm a little more picky these days on who I spend my time with --- I feel maybe by hanging out with some of these nay sayers I was becoming a nay sayer and therefore attracting naysayers.

Just a thought!

Great response Annie......Fantastic.....You are really growing into your OWN and I'm so very happy for you.....You are allowing goodness into your life and learning valuable information and lessons along the way.....

Make some changes....make room for positive people........................Thumbs UP!

Awesome--Thanks---I probably learned it from you a few months ago. You are always such a great inspiration to me and everyone here... So..thanks for all your suggestions and insight--leave knowing you are very appreciated.

i totally understand what you're saying =D but when you say that i attract people who want to make friends too, are you saying that im attracting people who are making a conscious effort to make more friends or would i also be attracting people who don't exactly have the intention of making new friends but are open to it??
yeah, its weird because i was thinking that too..
by saying that are we only attracting people who also are saying they want to attract more friends? or are we just attracting more people to be friends with in general, whether they need more friends or not? :) xox
All people, even "wallflowers" attract people by being open to them. The more open, welcoming and friendly we are, the more people are drawn to us naturally.

At the same time, we need to move around some, cover new ground, follow our intuition about new places to BE and then GO there.

We can't attract friends if we have either physically or mentally closed ourself off from them. If we are locked off by fear of rejection, judgment or some other form of mental separation, people pick up on that....it's part of our natural "radar." But if we bolster our self-awareness and esteem and not be attached to whether a specific person likes us, we attract exactly the friends and friendships that we desire.
I love this statement because it rings so true to me.....


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