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Hey everyone,
im new to this community, so im sorry if this topic is repeated etc...
but i was just wondering how you guys attract more friends into your life?

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You're most welcome. One of my favourite authors John Kehoe has a saying " don't worry about results, just do. " Basically, there is a time-lag between you starting to think your thoughts, and your mind registering them subconsciously and turning them into reality. In this period, you may feel like nothing much is happening and that you are wasting your time, and this is when you just have to forge on. The results will come if you are consistent, and so will the feelings too. (I usually find that they start coming within about 3-4 days. Small things first, and then bigger and more significant developments as you continue with your practice.

Something else I have thought of is to show gratitude and give thanks for the friends you already have - even the ones who are ignoring you. Resenting them will only lead to more things for you to resent, but if you appreciate them, they will feel this energy on a subtle level, and act accordingly. Plus you will also be paying attention to what you already have, and so more will come into your life.

Your question now is, what do you like about each friend you have and have had over the years?

yes so true, I usually state in my gratitude journal on my phone: I am grateful for my friends and family :)

That will also help a lot.  What is also good is taking each friend and relative, and stating WHY you appreciate them, and why you like having them in your life. Everyone is different and we have a different relationship with each of our friends.  When you pay attention to why, it draws more of the same and more of the same types of people to you. 

Thankyou for that tip :)

Its interesting Neil that you mention John Kehoe, as his name has been popping up a few times.  He has a mindfulness course that he has on special offer at the moment for $129, yet the reviews seem to be rather fleeting which has surprised me.  I know you mentioned his book before, but just curious did you ever do his online course? 

I picked up one of his books in a shop in Cape Town years ago, and it instantly resonated with me. He has a great way of explaining things, which is both inspiring and doesn't make you feel guilty. Some of the things I picked up from that book, I have sought to speak about on this forum.

As for the course, no I haven't done it. However, he does also have a website which I go on from time to time. He has a question and answers archive with a search engine on it. I type in search terms of things which interest me, and read the questions and replies. It's a great way of learning things.

A couple of years ago I manifest a friend.  I actually prayed for a friend, a reason to leave the house (some place to go), and I wanted to be around spiritual minded people.  I can't remember if I said my prayer once or a few times, but then I let it go and went about my day. 

Then my dad tried to call someone and he accidentally dialed the wrong number.  Well that person he accidentally dialed didn't answer the phone.  But the guy ended up calling us back to see who called him.  And I recognized his voice, he use to be our neighbor when we were kids.  What is the likelihood of that happening?

Anyway, we talked on the phone for a few minutes and he invited me to go to church with him and his family.  And I started going to church with him on Sundays.  I'm not religious, and I didn't agree with everything they taught, but the people there were very loving and friendly people, who were spiritually minded. 

So I guess I did get my prayer answered.  I got a friend, a reason to leave the house, and I got to be around spiritual minded people.  And that was what I prayed for. 

It's amazing how somethings will manifest quickly and with little effort.  It doesn't take a minute to say a prayer, believe and let it go.  I don't go to this church anymore, I don't really share their beliefs.  And I haven't hung out with this friend in a long time now, although we were friends for over a year.  So I haven't had any friends in a while. 

Several days ago I decided to pray for another friend.  This time I prayed for a friend that is shy or has social anxiety like me and who would like to have a social life and get better at talking to girls.  I didn't specifically ask for a male friend, but that was what I had in mind because I thought it would be easier for both of us to get over our fear of approaching girls if we weren't doing it alone. 

That day or the next a girl on another forum sent me a private message and wanted to be friends.  She read a couple of my posts.  And she does have social anxiety and probably would like to have a social life.  So this time I didn't manifest exactly what I wanted, but I did manifest a friend with social anxiety.  I was really trying to manifest a male friend and not an online friend. But, I guess I just needed to be more specific in my prayer, I don't know. 

I don't know why I go so long (years) without any friends when all it really takes is a minute of prayer to bring one into your life.  Maybe I have a little bit of resistance to having friends.  As someone who has been a loner for so many years I just don't feel like I know how to be a good friend.  I don't always know what to say to people.  That might be why I manifested an online friend instead, who knows. 

Lovely stories******

Thanks for this bump, in same boat :)


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