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I just started reading this book 2 days ago and found it very inspiring. Anyway, while I was reading it, a thought popped up in my mind - can the secret be used to change your sexual orientation? Apparently, if you really really want to have or be something, you can. If you imagine and believe in it strongly enough, you will one day receive it.

The reason I asked the question is I see so many gay people in the world out there, (and in fact my really close friends who are gay), who struggle so badly to turn straight. If from now on, they try to visualize every day the fact that they would meet the perfect soulmate from the opposite gender and that one day they will have a happy, normal love life...would they get it? if they really wish to turn straight, can the desire be strong enough to change who they want to "BE"?

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any opinions?
Hi Cellophane,

Whereas I do believe everything is possible, part of manifesting things and especially making big changes like recovering from illnesses, or wanting to change orientation, requires you to seek out happiness, through gratitude and getting to a stage where you love and accept yourself as you are, then changes can happen and amazing manifestations can occur. Accepting and loving who you are is not denying that you want something else it is just setting the stage, you cannot change a feature if you are unhappy, as the unhappiness continues to manifest strongly, so you have to become happy with how and who you are ...then you can change anything because it just becomes a preference. I love my nose, but I would prefer a smaller one or a cuter one, (that will work).

But if you got to that stage of being happy with who you are, you would also be manifesting more happiness about being who you really are. So if you were gay, and you completely accepted and loved yourself for who you are and were grateful every day for the wonderful gift of being gay, you would probably attract a wonderful gay partner and friends who accept you for who you are and you would starrt to feel happier and more fulfilled with who you are. Then when you are in full swing of being able to manifest ..you would probably see that changing sex now that you are happy is perhaps not such a wonderful thing to do. And so you would stay as you are but just go on manifesting more and more happiness.

The other scenario is that once you get happy with who you are it may dawn on you that you are transexual or transgender or you may see that you are not in the right body for the gender you feel yourself to be and it may make a path clear to you how to attain what your hearts desire is.

But if you are gay and only want to be straight because you feel the pressures of others around you to fit in, then getting into the happy zone where manifestation takes place will only make you happier to be yourself and accept your gayness and you will again either attract your gay soulmate or you will be inspired to move away from those who make your life unhappy, and move to where you find a group of wonderful and supportive friends.

We cannot escape our inner and God given nature, and when we are at our happiest, our inner and truest nature will shine out for all to see, whether that is Gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, transgender, transexual or any other of the wonderful nuances of gender that God has given us to spice up our lives.

So the first thing to do is to manifest being happy, start with feeling just a bit better than where ever you are starting out, and build up to being contented and then happy, happiness is contagious and once you get into it it starts to grow and grow ...and once you are feeling happiness ....manifesting just starts to happen. Nice things come your way, happy people come into your arena, things just seem to go your way, you feel lucky ... that's the best state to be in for deliberate manifestations to startt o be effective. When you are in a "down" state you really only manifest more down things, so you need to work a little at first on happiness.

Being grateful, being content and then happy leads to a contagious state of happiness and that leads to effortless manifestation of ALL that you desire !

love Gen
This is a wonderful post! You have to be happy with who you are in order to make changes, and I am not talking about changing your sexual orientation. If it is something you are not liking because you think the lifestyle is too difficult, make it easier on yourself! Tell yourself that you are going to make this lifestyle the best lifestyle you could ever have, because you DESERVE it! You deserve the best life you can give yourself, and you should intend the feelings of freedom and joy every day. Intend on only coming across those who are accepting of your lifestyle. Too many of us are concerned about other people's lives because we do not understand that only we, ourselves, are responsible for our own reality. Some people get afraid that your reality will affect their reality, and so they push against your reality, or your friend's reality. Being gay is not a big deal, and in fact it can be a wonderful lifestyle. Embrace it and enjoy it! Trust me, it's a great experience!
I think until you accept yourself and believe in yourself as well as much as love as your self... You'll find the true happiness with who you are. I'm bisexual and I actually decided to be this way because I've been through very life-threatening situations when I was younger and the only person I had was myself. So, what I wanted in life? I wanted love. I didn't care who it was or who it was with. I just wanted love in myself, in life, and in others. Really, we're just bodies. We're in temporarily vessels. That are specifically labeled. Our energy can't be labeled and it can't be constricted so why does our love have to be? Why does our love for a physical entity need to? So, with that being said, I made it possible for myself to genuinely accept love from everybody whether they may be black, orange, short, disabled, male or female. Love is love.

But I do trust that whatever you desire will be very healthy. Be careful though, you ask for love but I think the universe doesn't see what you see. The universe in a way has a mind of its own and aspects of it that are uncomprehending. Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

Just be happy. Then you'll find the goodness in everything. The thing is, I don't want to be straight, gay or whatever. I want to be me. I never got persecuted for being the way I am and mainly because I wield a confidence in myself that most in my orientation lack. Like many stories of homosexuals and bisexuals, they fear the things that will hurt them and if they continue to feed that though, they'll attract it.

This is my philosophy which I will also carry with me throughout the rest of my life and I wish to spread this openly through out the entertainment industry. One of my friends, is also an actor in the Office and he tells me that everybody is telling him to "go back in the closet" and his manager is telling him, who is also gay by the way, to abandon everybody who is remotely gay or bi. It's a tough world only because you create it. If you understand yourself and believe you can be what you aspire to, then others will follow because not everybody is a leader.... we need leaders.

What's a normal life by the way? What can we define normal? Nothing is normal? Normal for me? isn't normal for you. Being married with a woman, a 2 story house with a white picket fence and 2 kids is normal? But if that's what you want--so be it. Just be happy.

It's kind of funny because people my age have adopted the same philosophy as I have. Many of them are artists, of course, but majority of the people I meet are bi-sexual or pan sexual. Regardless of the name... It's about the individual we are aligned with and share a intimate passion with one another... the only difference between here and a different plane, is that we're physical.

Thank for posting this Cellophane and reading my message.

it's not gay people who need to change, it's society.
If using LOA you send out conflicting messages you may attract a soulmate who is conflicted in the same way. So if a gay guy sends out messages to be straight and to attract a female soulmate, he may begin to think he is straight and meet a girl who is conflicted about her gender, she may then become male and we are back to being ourselves two men, soulmates from the start just seeking each other out in all the turmoil of life, and going about it in a very roundabout way !

I dont think we can cheat ourselves of our true feelings and desires.

I listened to a lovely story on the radio here a couple of years ago , where two people met and became soulmates and lifelong partners. The first was a young male who "knew" he should have been "female" and he saved all his life to have transgender operations and treatments.

He had dreams of meeting a wonderful man and settling down. But in the course of the treatments and the hospitalisations he now a she met another young man going through the same process. They had a lot to chat about and helped each other through surgeries and recoveries.

When they were both finally over all the operations the emerged into the world as two wonderful women and remained great friends. That friendship eventually blossomed into a full soulmate partnership. I remember the interviewer being astounded that two young men who wanted so much to be girls would then chose each other rather than seek out men. But I had no difficulty understanding the profound friendship and partnership that grew up between these amazing souls. Eventually gender has nothing to do with it ....they truely are soulmates !

All we want in life is to be happy !

I am so happy that my teens have friends of all genders and sexual orientations and that so many kids nowadays can be open about gender and have fun exploring all the nuances of peoples preferences

love and light Gen
I only know of a very small number of very very young gay people who are even considering being straight and it usually has nothing to do with their personal preference but rather because of social expectations, be it family or otherwise.....

This may get some people, but with all do respect, I've personally come to an understanding within myself that I love men and women equally and I've been "so called" straight most of my life and I was married for 17 years and then after years and years of wondering if I would ever be happy again, I met a woman, yep, me.......Never been curious, and although being gay or straight never really mattered to me, I can honestly say, before this, I never thought about being with the same sex.....But then I met a woman, and the rest is history and it didn't matter whether she was a woman or not, what mattered was the way she made me feel, how important she made me feel, how she valued me as a person, and how she believed in making my life worthwhile.....It was if she knew my soul, always said the right thing, always made me feel so very very special.....Had I not removed all the barriers society forces one to build from such a young age, I may of let this loving experience pass me by, I'm so glad for myself that I was open enough to consider it.....

Believe me I flipped, I literally climed a few walls wondering what the *&^% was going on with me, this wasn't me, and like I said I had no prejudice to begin with, it wasn't about that, it was something bigger than me and I had to ALLOW MYSELF TO STEP OUT OF WHAT I CONSIDERED THE NORM.....

Seven years later, I am happy to say, it was probably one of the most generous gifts I gave to myself, the choice to love unconditionally without boundaries.....and I've never been treated more like a QUEEN in my whole life.....She brought that to me, she gave me that peace, she open my heart and eyes to a whole new world.....

So am I by? I guess.....Would I give her up? Not in this lifetime......LOVE makes the world a better place, and it's experience fills your soul, so LOVE WHO YOU ARE REGARDLESS OF THE SEXUAL PREFERENCES YOU MAY HAVE, JUST LOVE! Love for real, Love for Life, and honor and adore the relationships you make, FEEL THEM!

Don't change who you are, change what you think, change your thoughts, thus, changing your life!
That is a beautiful story Awesome and a beautiful testament to the Art of Allowing.

How terrible it would be to hear a knock on your door and open it but not recognise your soulmate for lack of being able to change your thoughts. But to open your eyes and SEE that all that you were seeking is now presenting itself to you in a form that you are not yet familiar with but that is beyond what you were imagining, that is so beautiful !

It brings to mind Luanne Oakes who always says to add to your request "this, or something better, that I cannot yet imagine"

Thank you Awesome for reminding us to BE wide open to all the universe has to offer.

Love and light Gen
Thank you too Gen, I LOVE you thoughts too! Allowing has so much to do with the Grandeur that exists.....It is truly truly Amazing.....
It was my pleasure Beth.....when you let go of your beliefs.....You see more truths.....and I'm glad you enjoyed this......

Thanks IIdiko...........


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