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Hi there!

I'm being made redundant from the job i've been doing for 17 years!
I've hated the job for as long as i can remember but circumstances (mainly financial) have held me back so this is quite an exciting thing for me, although obviously concerning.

I am a draughtsman/design engineer but really would like to do something else....still not sure what though. I am mortgaged up to the eyeballs, so much so that i have hardly any spare money left over a month.

I just don't know whether or not, that i play the safe option and get another Design engineer job and risk being bored stiff (but paid well) or just totally try my luck and apply for things that excite/interest me although i won't have the qualifications to suit and will probably be lower paid? ( ihave a family to feed and bills to pay!)

I'm still in such a rut and the redundancy money won't last forever.
Any suggestions by applying the secret for ideas/inspiration/affirmations please? Help!

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Hi There Patra !

Thanks very much for your swift reply!
What you said seems so obvious and easy and is great advice.

Basically, I'm a computer aided designer (some say Design Engineer - sounds more important!?!), and detail all kinds of engineering parts/machines etc but i'm just plain bored with it and it doesn't seem to interest me anymore.......at all.
The trouble is that i can't for the life of me work out what i want to do for a career change and am scared to choose the wrong path as i have bills to pay, mortgage, wife and children to support and don't want to let them down.

I think i've got to "what's the meaning of life/mid age crisis" stage quite early in my career (i'm in my early thirties) and just feel lost!
Hey Guevara,

It would seem I'm in the same boat as you except I haven't been made redundant, sometimes I wish I was so it would push me to find something else, but I don't know what I want to do... Mortgage is high, cost of living is high so what do you do?? I've decided to take steps now to improve my life in the future. If I did lose my job tomorrow I would be screwed so I am looking into other incomes that I can generate in my part time, idealy from home so I dont miss out on any more family time.. Who knows where it will go after that but I put my trust in the universe. I think I didn't create enough detail in my goals when I was younger, I have everything I dreamed about, nice house, nice car, lovely family, security but we live pretty much pay check to pay check and are limited in what we can do because of it...

I think you should go with the flow for now, trust that if you see an opertunity and it feels right go for it, even if its something you never considered before... We've been thinking of down sizing our house maybe that would be an option for you too??

Start to enjoy the bit of money we work hard for and spend time together doing things we want..

See this as an oppertunity and use LOA to your advantage.

Keep me posted!!
Hi there ruredfox,

That's spooky! That is exactly the way i have been feeling - in fact i've been feeling so trapped. I wish (years ago at school) that the teachers/career advisors had said to me "go with your interests and your heart" but back then it was basically "gotta get out there and get a job" so that's what i did.
I've done all sorts of career tests but am no nearer finding out what will suit me the best (the answers to the tests always seem to be different!).
So.... I've decided to go with the flow and i KNOW something big is coming round the corner.
I'm actually really excited and not worried at all. I'll definately keep you posted.

All the best and i hope it all works out for you too.

Yep, i use Autocad etc.

I think my problem with my job has been the engineering side of thing's.
I'm just not that interested in engineering. The reason i got a draughting job in engineering was because there was a recession at the time and the only thing booming was the engineering industry.

I actually do like working on autocad and maybe looking at other industries is the way to go but, a little nagging voice keeps saying to me "get out and do something else" It's almost like my soul is trying to scream out at me.
My interests appear to be the opposite of what my job is!
For example....
i love the outdoors - (i work in an office)
I like excitement - (i sit behind a desk all day barely speaking)

The list could go on and on !

Thanks for your kind reply and i'll try and get my juices flowing (so to speak!)
Well 17 years is quite a long time to feel the way you have been feeling and you must realize that the Law of Attraction hs been working in full effect ALL YOUR LIFE..... You must realize that what you FEEL you are bringing to you....You must know that Like Attracts Like.....so in order to change your life you have to change your thoughts.....

This is very important and I want to share this with you: If you have 'needing money' in your vibration, then you will KEEP ATTRACTING 'NEEDING MONEY'. You have to find a way of being happy NOW, feeling good NOW, and being in joy NOW, WITHOUT THE MONEY....Once you feel good NOW, even though you don't have the money, IT WILL COME. Make a decision that you are going to do everything you can to be as happy as you can in every moment. You will be amazed at how the Universe will flood so many things into your life that will continue to make you happy - including MONEY.....

The Law of Attraction never fails, your doubt however, is greater than your strength and I do pray you realize that you've allow the last 17 years to prove the theory RIGHT.....

Please don't jump to any conclusion here, I know where you are, I've been there before. I'm merely here to help you see that there is another way, that your life can and will CHANGE, given the right knowledge with the right support, you will begin to see just how POWERFUL you really are and that all that you've ever needed has always been with in YOU.....

If you are complaining, the Law of Attraction will powerfully bring into your life more situations for you to complain about.................NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE.....

I have to wonder that by your own admission, when was the last time you made time for you? Really made time for you? I've been caught up in the rat race of just surviving and I know I've put off making time to laugh and play, and I can hear through your words your desperate plea for there to be so much more to life than just getting by, than just paying bills, especially after all the effort and hard work you put into it only to be right where you are, still struggling.....


You need to get reintouch with the child in you, the one who loved life, who loved to laugh and play, even if your childhood was shortlived, it is important to remember the time when all you thought about was PLAY, you have to remember to LOVE LIFE, TO LOVE YOURSELF, AND TO DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD, THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.....YOU HAVE TO RECONNECT WITH YOU......You see, when you fill yourself up with LOVE, and get reintouch with ALL THAT IS GOOD you put yourself on a frequency.....A frequency that aligns you with the UNIVERSE and by being on this frequency, you are ALLOWING ALL THAT IS GOOD INTO YOUR LIFE.....

You just have to realize you have always had this power to change things, you have always had the choice to be happy, to be successful, to be EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to be.....

With this I send positive, healing enery, love, light and peace.....

Wow...what a reply!

Thanks Awesome, what you have written has really hit home to me and helped me realise what i've been thinking/doing all this time.
I always thought i was quite a positive happy-go-lucky person but i guess i found myself in this rut of negative feelings towards the job and it just kind of spiralled and everytime i tried to leave the post i just froze with fear. At least now i have the "kick up the backside" that i need all along!
I am thinking positive now and as i replied above i am now going with the flow and i know something big is coming.
Any suggestions for visualizing a dream job when you're not quite sure what you want to do?

Once again, thank you so very much x
That is actually the fun part - looking foward to your dreams.....You have gotten some really good advice just here on the forum on direction and basically it comes down to re-evaluating what is important to you and yet is fulfilling, worthwhile and allow it to bring you JOY.....Consider what you've been doing and if you still want to use your experience, just consider a new direction, something different which you can use what you know and maybe make a few adjustments and do what you WANT TO FOR A CHANGE and not what you HAVE TO.....

You are already on a path that will change your future.....Bringing positivity back into your life will OPEN MANY MANY DOORS.....TRUST & BELIEVE!

Hi Qsma,

I know what Wayne Dyer means - it is exactly like the universe has said "right, you are being made redundant from a job you hate and you are getting a pay off with it as well...congratulations, now go do what you love" (as per what i wanted).

I'm truly excited - i have 2 worries...providing for my family and paying the mortgage, but i know i will definately provide and we will be just fine - in fact i could be that guy in a years time with my ideal job.

Now...if only i knew what i wanted to do!

Best Regards
You KNOW what you don't WANT, NOW focus on the POSSIBILTIES, OPPORTUNITIES, CHANCES, and CHANGES to come.....
Hi Parise,

What a fantastic reply, truly, truly enlightening.

My problem in the past is that i have asked and i have listened, but, was too scared to change. This time i have no fear and it feels good.

I know this is all happening because i asked for it. Just over a week ago (this is no word of a lie), i asked the universe/Lord/God for a sum of money and a couple of job offers within 7 days.

Well, within 3 days i got told about the redundancy ! I knew i'd be getting a nice sum as i've worked there since leaving school (17 years ago). And....i have had job offers the last couple of days...they are contract job offers (i'm after permanent).
This proved to me that i am being looked after, so i'm very happy and confident that i will get my ideal job by trusting in the universe/lord/God. Long may it continue !

All the best and thanks for replying.
Hi all,

A couple of weeks have passed and i still haven't found another job yet.
I've applied for nearly 10 jobs but haven't heard a single thing back which is concerning.
I'm finding myself getting more and more despondant, and a little depressed.
How do i pull myself out of it?

I'm still doing affirmations like there is no tomorrow and keep "thinking rich" but the negatives are creeping in due to the stress of the redundancy.



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