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Hello friends,

OK, so you are wondering what a Prayer Wheel has to do with a Ceiling Fan, right?

First a tiny bit of background...

I recently watched the movie, Water The Great Mystery, and was reminded of the power of exposing water to high vibration words. You can get this movie at the What the Bleep store here:


One of the things I do is write high vibration words on my water bottles and liquid containers, including a water filter, coffee mugs, etc.

We are currently building a new home and I bought a big bucket of children's sidewalk chalk and every day I go to the house and I write high vibration words on the unfinished floors and walls so that when the house is finished I will have all the high vibrations of all these special words throughout the house.

Those are a couple of examples of how to use high vibration words.

We all know what a ceiling fan is, right?

So, what is a Prayer Wheel and what does it have to do with a ceiling fan?

According to Wikipedia... A prayer wheel is a 'wheel' (Tibetan: 'khor) on a spindle made from metal, wood, leather, or even coarse cotton. On the wheel are depicted or encapsulated prayers, mantras and symbols such as the Ashtamangala. According to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, spinning such a wheel will have much the same effect as orally reciting the prayers.

Practitioners spin the Prayer wheel clockwise and the belief and purpose is to intensify the prayers written on the Prayer Wheel. You can search online for more information about Prayer Wheels.

So, as I was waking up for a tiny little meditative nap recently, I looked at the ceiling fan here in the RV where we are living while our house is being built - and I immediately had the idea to write high vibration words on circulating ceiling fan blades much in the same way that words and prayers are written on a prayer wheel.

Get the idea?

A prayer wheel spins. A ceiling fan spins.

Is it possible that having these high vibration words written on the top of the ceiling fan blades spinning in my home all day will create high vibrations in my home and beyond?

I think so.

That is not to say that you can turn your ceiling fan into a prayer wheel, of course. It is simply another way you can create higher vibrations in your environment.

So, that's my idea... writing high vibration words on my ceiling fan and knowing that the vibration of those words are affecting me and everyone who enters my home as they are spinning on the blades.

The words I wrote on my ceiling fan in gold paint pen are:


I also drew hearts on each blade. Remember, the words are on the back of the blades that face the ceiling so they are not visible.

So how did I do that? My wonderful husband removed each blade for me by removing the screws that fasten the blade to the base and I wrote on the back side of the blade in gold paint pen. He then replaced each blade and voila, my high vibration words are spinning!

You could also write the words on paper and tape them to the back side of the blades.

Hope you find this idea as empowering as I did!

Many blessings.

Love and Gratitude,

Linda Miller

Home busine$$ consulting

We attract what we think about
whether we want it or not

I greet this day with love and I succeed.

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Wow! That was a really neat idea.
Hey there,

Love your picture of the skunk. Is it a pet??

I'm glad you like the ceiling fan idea. I think it came to me in meditation.

Many blessings.

It's actually a badger. I don't have one. I just love badgers. :)

I haven't tried putting words on water bottles, but I saw it in What the Bleep and loved the idea. Have you noticed any difference with the water?
Love the idea. When you turn the fan on you get to remember the words too.

Oh and going merry, I hope you have been to this site. if you have not then enjoy because badgers are cool.

Fabulous Idea!!! I'm going to do it this weekend.
Thank you so much, Linda, for this creative tip!


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