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Hi everyone!
Any suggestions on raising vibrations... especially when someone is feeling down in the dumps... I am trying to thing of ways to keep my vibrations high and my thoughts positive... but you know sometimes its hard!


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Thanks Bob... you are my mentor.... You and Debbie! :-)
Listen to Music,
click on some of the music
on this website,
turn up the volume

feel it
move with it,
use your voice..

keeping listening till you feel your vibration lifting...

feel it
believe it
choose it
and so it is...

It works for me.

Hugs and smiles to you.
Bob said it very well, it is all about changing how you see things. An example:

We'd had a family dinner here, holiday event, with lots of family, laughter, food...a great time. After the meal, everyone trooped off to the living room, more stories and laughter and love. Absolutely a wonderful day. Eventually, people head home and I wander to the kitchen....Yeah. Sink full of dishes, pots to be scrubbed, you know the scene. Previously, I would have instantly forgotten the great day and popped directly into the grumbling and growling about all of the work ahead of me. WHY do we use every dish we own on such a busy day, etc? Anyway, this day, I made the conscious decision not to give up the high I'd been on while family was here. Instead of seeing a pile of dirty dishes that I had to waste my valuable time on (poor me, snifflesniffle)...I chose to see the smile of my daughter as she passed the gravy boat to her grandmother. I chose to see another's daughter first attempt at making stuffing, and her delight when it was deemed a unanimous success. I chose to remember my grandmother who passed these dishes down to me. What is this...me, smiling while up to my elbows in soapy water? Next thing you know, I'm fascinated by the play of colours on a soap bubble...when's the last time I noticed that? The kids are looking at me like I've lost my mind, but that's okay. One of them even grabs a dishtowel and starts drying...without being asked! We start talking about the day, and remembering old stories, and before you know it the dishes are put away, kitchen set to rights, and everyone is still glowing from a great day.

Dirty dishes, or touchstones to family and celebration? It's all in how you look at it.

I love this! This is so my life! I just love to have the house full on Sunday afternoons and we all cook and talk and drink wine and laugh. LOVE the time spent in the kitchen!
i had a wonderful day today.... woke up and did the things i am suppose to do for day 2 for 30 days to a better life.... and i relaxed until 4 and then took the kids out to papa johns for pizza and then out for icecream... didnt even think about hubby and his attitude....i was truly a great day! :-)
Thanks all for all of your suggestions.... :-)
You are a wonderful person, filled with radiant love, love yourself. Feel how it feels to love yourself. When we love ourselves, we are filled with love for everything and that love radiates and touches everything in our lives and experience. In loving ourselves, we bless ourselves with higher vibrations and positive well-being. Love yourself, as we love you.
Hi Kawthar.

The way I raise vibrations is by taking a walk in nature and look at trees or look at pictures of trees. I also like to be creative and do a lot of handy craft with things that sparkle; like glitters. I made a vision board of how i want my life to be. I also wrote specifically how i want it to be and what everything on my vision board meant. So i went to the craft store, bought some stickers of things that i would like to have, i bought glue, a big card board, glitters, and made my vision board of how i want my life to be. By surrounding my self around pictures i made that relate to how i want my life to be. It just reminds me that when i am upset that its just temporary and that good things are coming. I look at my vision board and i look at my desired life. Its all about doing things that are beyond just imagination and looking at the life you desire through your vision board. Now One thing that goes with that is that you have to surround yourself with people that make you feel happy and special. What I do and that works magic for me is i make a list with the names of people in my life and i put a minus around the names of those that make me feel miserable or for one reason i do not trus and avoid them at all cost, and i put a plus around those that uplift me and i hang out with them as much as i can!!!. Make a vision board your self as explicit as possible. Pretend you are a kid when you do this and enjoy every second of the making of your vision board. I call this spoiling my self and having fun. You will feel how this will raise your vibrations. Also I see you are from the middle east. I am graduating from my university soon and i am planning to do a tour around the middle east. I have never seen the middle east before but i dated a man from the middle east but we broke up. I love the food from around there and i read sura 36 once in a while despite the fact i am catholic I do observe the niceties of both RELIGIONS. My partner on my vision board is middle eastern around 49 years old, properous and has a thing black gotee, mustache, and eyebrows. So i am also hoping to meet my partner during my travels. Which part of the middle east are you from and would you like to meet....
I was reading Deepak Chopra and I found this quote:

"Any drop of water inside my body could have been ocean, cloud, river, or spring the day before. I remind myself of this fact when the bonds of daily life squeeze too tight."

Two things that helped me recently: 1) do something ridiculously silly 2) sit down and make a list of Postive Aspects. Sit down for 20 minutes, pick something easy and write everything that comes to mind that is positive about that subject until you feel done. Enjoy reading your words. Then, pick another subject, write, then read, and another, and another. You can work your way down to harder subjects if you want. A subject can be anything you want. Do it everyday until it's really easy. This shifts me quickly. Also, if you are feeling yucky, it's okay, you will feel better just, keep reaching to feel a little bit of relief and then more relief, and more relief.

I hope you are feeling better and better and better.
There's lots of great suggestion here.

I am a big proponent of regular/daily meditation. It helps me remember that I am always connected to source and that I need only "be" what we all are....UNIQUE and DIVINE BEINGS.

Blessings to you.

Abe always says "take a nap!"


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