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How do you get rid of all the resistance and change beliefs that don't serve you (or that go against your desires)?

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Here....I looked it up for you...(didn't really have anything else pressing to do) It is http://www.Awake2000.com and they are also on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/awake2000.....Good Luck
Just before logging into PI, I did a google search of resistance then saw your post. I've been working towards changing from being a rock to being more like water in my life, hence the resistance. It's easier said than done and I too have been having this sense of resistance over the past few weeks. I gave notice at my current job -- a lot of leadership changes, combined with layoffs, pay cuts and no new revenue streams for the company, so much so that our primary investor will cut funding in March. This in and of itself doesn't bother me, but what bothers me is the effect the job has had on me: I have had insomnia since January [had a sleep study done, seen a neurologist, tried all types of prescription sleep aids, and I eat healthy and exercise 5x a week] -- the job has affected my mental and physical well being and I found myself getting depressed.

I decided to move back to LA where I lived for 20 years prior to my move to Hawaii four years ago. Things are moving along quickly, with having an extensive phone interview last week and a face-to-face interview LA yesterday. I'm confident that I will be made an offer and this is amazing considering that no position exists but because of my past experiences with this firm, they are trying to create a position for me. The issue is that I don't want to move back to LA. Hawaii is where my heart and soul is but the job market is pretty tough here, salaries are quite low and the cost of living very high. After a long weekend in LA, interviewing and looking at places to live I realize that I want to stay in Hawaii. I've been meditating and intending for a great job to come up in Hawaii and have sent out tons of resumes. I know my immediate boss at my current job would love for me to stay on, but he understands that I am not happy at the firm.

Having said all of this, I'm wondering what are some thoughts on a great job in a place I don't want to be and if my resistance to moving to LA is affecting my ability to find a great job in a place I definitely want to be. I didn't mean to steal your focus here Alejandra, but your post just really resonated with me.
I am not going to try and sway you one way or another marknhnl, but maybe there is a reason for the opening in LA.Perhaps the perfect plan that is in store for you is for you to take the position in LA though it may not feel like that now. Personally, I would rather choose Hawaii over LA any day as well, but once living in California and now finding myself in Texas, I have made decisions in my life that took me on the path I am today. You can always move back to wherever you came from, I move all over the place when something may appeal to me in another state, I explore it. It does offer up a sense of financial challenge to a minimal effect because I know that whatever I decide in doing, I will be starting fresh and it is an exciting adventure I am embarking on which is great in many ways. If I find out that it wasn't my liking, I could always move back. I know it may not be the exact answer in which you were looking for, but what I was trying to get after that say you were looking to manifest a perfect job in Hawaii, well....suppose that the LOA did not find that to be the perfect solution for you in the other desires you want to achieve as well. Perhaps this is why it is creating the new opportunity in LA. Hawaii will still be there, perhaps you may consider giving it a shot..??
Wow, I had a rough day. I would really like to get along with others at work and I can't figure out why it is that I keep attracting the same kind of contentiousness in my place of work. I'd like to understand how it is that my intentions can be so misunderstood when I'm just trying to do the best job I can. People just don't get me. So, I've been reading through the comments and I'm thinking that I want people to get me, so I need to take want out of the equation and why is it important for people to get me in the first place, is it fear of rejection, is it ego, is it pride, is it related to the old pain body? Or maybe I don't get me enough. Should I be satisfied with being well meaning even if I am not received as being well meaning -- what's the point? I do what I do to make a positive impact for others because ... why? I am a caretaker for a woman who is passing soon. Her daughter wanted to get rid of her dog. So I told the agency that I could take the dog part time rather than to see her lose the dog. Now this has been miscontrued as me wanting her dog. Now I'm thinking that I need to suck in some of this energy that apparently I am waisting and spend it on myself. Maybe that is what I am resisting; I am resisting self love. Sorry, I am rambling on, but I am really needing to get on another surf board right now.
if you try to push away negative feelings.. they will only get bigger.
let them flow... its ok to have bad ideas or feelings.
when you LET THEM BE... they will flow past you.

meditations were you clear your mind also help.

1 issue might be that you dont expect a true miracle to happen, so you might make up stories HOW your "impossible" dream can come true. this is a bad thing, people should stop worrying about the road, how impossible the dream seems. focus on the GOAL.
just try to block out ALL thinking about the road to get there. everytime you wonder what might happen to turn your life around. STOP.. CLEAR YOUR MIND... and focus on the GOAL.


What you resist persists. Ekhart Tolle said something that really hit me. He said that when you complain or you are disatisfied with the universe that you are making war with the universe and the universe will make war with you back. Keeping it simple.
Just bringing up some old stuff I think is er interesting. :)



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