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Having read through a couple of posts on here, I have decided to give this particular challenge a go.  Follow the gratitude exercises in each chapter of 'The Magic' for the month of February (conveniently, 28 days long) and activate a process in my mind and in my life.  I shall be posting gratitude lists for each suggested area in this thread, as well as any things I think of, or any metaphysical updates.

Here we go........

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Thank you Source for the gift of life
My healthy body
My healthy mind
My loving family
All of my friends
My lovely home
The very nice area I live in
My home town is upcoming and convenient
The job I now have
The people I work with
The department I work in
The convenience of my job
The money flowing in
My pension and savings
My inheritance for later life
My intelligence and knowledge
All of the things I still have to learn
My education and qualifications
My bright, enquiring mind
My spiritual connection
The Source/Universe which loves me
All of my friends
The cool guys in my world
The lovely ladies in my world
My sense of beauty for all senses
Music and books
Films and television programmes
My self-expression and freedom
My travels around the world
The ease of my travels around the world
The daytrips I go on
My daily strolls and walks
My cycle rides to nice places
All of my favourite places and lotus lands
All forms of transport I use
My fully-valid British passport
All of the gadgets and white goods I make use of
Electricity, heating and hot water
The food and drink I have
My sense of humour, fun and mischief
My rather fertile imagination
My sense of detail and precision
My life now in the safe, prosperous, developed western world
Being born British is a massive stroke of luck

DAY #2 - THE GRATITUDE ROCK.  I am going to use the 'rock' shown in the picture (actually, an onyx heart which was given to me by a former workmate) as a reminder to be grateful. It usually lives in the money bowl in the hallway so I see it each day.  This practice is to use this rock as a reminder to give thanks for the best thing which has happened in the day, so for Saturday it was my work's belated Christmas party held at the football club.  Thank you Source for this experience, and for how affordable it was.  Thank you for the food which was put on for us, and for the football club staff who worked really well during the night.  Thank you for all of the people who turned up, and for the band who entertained us later on.  Thank you for the really good turn-out of people, and for the fun and lively atmosphere which prevailed.  


Thank you Mum for creating me and loving me
Thank you for your love and kindness
Thank you for you words of encouragement
Thank you for opening pathways in my mind
Thank you for always being there for me

Thank you Dad for creating me and loving me
Thank you for your love and kindness
Thank you for always providing for me
Thank you for your common sense and intelligence
Thank you for being a very helpful spirit guide

Thank you brother for being my life companion
Thank you for the fun and play we had when we were younger
Thank you for fun nights out and weekends away
Thank you for your very good practical nature
Thank you for the experiences we will share in the future

Thank you Gran for being so loving and kind
Thank you for the way you opened my mind
Thank you for your sense of fun and creativity
Thank you for the knowledge and experience you imparted
Thank you for being a very helpful spirit guide

Thank you Granddad for your wisdom and knowledge
Thank you for the days out you took me on
Thank you for being a very helpful spirit guide
Thank you for the situations you have fixed for me
Thank you for jobs, and for keeping me in employment

Thank you Aunty for your kindness and generosity
Thank you for the gifts you always brought from California
Thank you for the lovely home I now have
Thank you for all of the things you do for me now
Thank you for your sense of easygoing fun
Bonus one: thank you for applying for my first ever Freedom Card!

Thank you Source for all of my friends
The people I work with now
The people I have worked with in previous jobs
My nice neighbours who I get along with
The people I see when I am out and about
The vast majority of drivers who are considerate to me when I cycle
The people I have met/friends I have made whilst travelling
The people who have taught me things/inspiring teachers
Friendly strangers who seem to be everywhere in my world
Thank you all for being in my world

Whoops, a slight oversight with a close relative, so I shall correct that now.

Thank you nephew for coming into my world
Thank you for your playful and inquisitive nature
Thank you for entertaining us all with your antics
Thank you for the fun we are going to have in the future

It looks as if my gratitude from the past few days is starting to have an effect: I have unexpectedly been given a Saturday off in a few weeks' time. Thank you Universe.


Thank you Source for my very healthy body
My very healthy mind
All of my organs which work really well
My strong muscles
My supple joints
My mobility and ease of movement
My feet and legs which move me round easily
My strong, healthy bones
My strong, healthy teeth and gums
All of my sense which work well
My balanced hormones and other chemicals
My clean, healthy blood and blood circulation
My healthy, radiant skin
My strong, healthy hair
The air that I breathe, my lungs, and cardiovascular organs
My physical strength which has developed over the years
My brain which works perfectly well
The voice I have and communicate with
My throat which works absolutely fine
My strong, healthy back
My perfectly efficient digestive system
The trillions of cells in my body which work perfectly well
The fact that I look and feel 10-15 years younger
The successful operations I had when I was younger
I usually always respond well to medication
The National Health Service and the ambulance service
My very strong immune system which is like iron
My arms and hands and the things I do with them
My zest for life and energy levels
My mental health and sanity
My largely cheerful and upbeat disposition
The good feelings I have about myself
My inner peace and serenity
Thank you Source for the gift of good health


Thank you Source for the money flowing in
Thank you Source for all of the sources of money I have had
Pocket money from family
Pay from the Deerfield Club
Pay from the paper round I did
Pay from the warehouse job
18th birthday money
Student grants each semester
Pay from Ridge Crest Services
Pay from the job in the Elm Grove post office
Pay from Churchill's
Pay from the French government
Pay from Churchill's the second time round
21st birthday money
Student loans for a short while
Pay from University Residential Services job
Pay from Marks & Spencer first time
Job Seeker's Allowance
Pay from Sodexo and Interserve
Financial gifts from family
This includes a cheque for £5k from my grandmother
Gifts at Christmas and other times of year
Interest on my savings
Life insurance windfalls
Tax rebate in 2012
Refunds for goods I have sent back
Money I find on the pavement
Cheques in the post
Pay from British Home Stores
Pay from Marks & Spencer second time
The inactive bond I cashed in last year
My bank account which always has money in it
The company pension I now have
The state pension I now have
My National Insurance contributions
My savings account which always has money in it
My credit cards which come in very handy
My credit rating which is very healthy
My bank card and contactless payments
The banking app on my phone which is very useful
All of the local banks which are easy to get to
I always have good service in banks
Cash machines which are easy to find
Extra hours and overtime I get in my jobs
Pay rises I have had and will get
Things which I have had bought for me
Discounts on items I have bought
Company loyalty cards which I have cashed in
Company gifts cards which I have been given
The value of the houses I am due to inherit
The low inflation rate we have in the UK
The British economy is strong and well-run
I have helpers in the spirit world who find me jobs


Thank you Source for the job I now have
The way this job came around for me
The prestigious company I work for
The things I am learning
The people I work with
The intriguing characters in my department
The department I work in (the best one)
My department is the easiest one to work in
The very nice managers I work for
The friends I now have
I am getting to know people in other departments
The really nice hours I work
The scheduling app which is very good to me
The really good money I am earning
I always have plenty of money
The pension I am paying into
The company doubles my contribution
I am always paid on time and accurately
I always have enough hours, yet have time for myself
I always have really good start and finish times
My job allows me to have a great work-life balance
It's is in a very convenient location
It is very easy to get to and from each time
By and large, the vast majority of customers are nice
I appreciate every customer who comes into the store
The company has a very loyal customer base
By and large, the technology is good and helpful
The positive feedback I get (customers and staff)
I have quite a bit of in-store freedom now
I have varied working days, and can do a lot
I am developing my skill set all the time
I feel valued and appreciated by staff and managers
It is a big, labour-intensive place, ideal for me
There are all sorts of things going on
The place is very soap operatic to work in
It is a very nice, colourful environment to work in
It is fairly lively and unpredictable
Each day has things which capture my imagination
I have flexible schedules, so I don't feel like Groundhog Day
I have really good days off and broken-up weeks
The social side of things is getting better now
There are a good number of lovely ladies in the store
The 'Christmas party' put on for us each year
The processes which help the company function well
The laughs I have with colleagues and customers
I appreciate that I don't have a designated area of menswear
I am largely left to my own devices: I'm a free bird
Night moves bump up my money and help me add to my skill set
Anupa is a very kind and appreciative manager
The staff canteen with hot food put on each day
The music we have playing at Christmas
The fixtures and fittings are all fairly modern
The tills work a whole lot better than in my previous job
The website also works fairly well most of the time
The availability of stock is pretty good
The quality of products is of a high standard
The Spotlight Award I got last year
I now feel that I am able to do my job well
The store gets quite a bit of investment from Head Office
The support we get to develop in our roles
My hours stayed the same when I was made permanent
The visual merchandising is really good
The bumps of the early stages have been ironed out
The turnover rate is pretty good
The store is making a profit each year
Things are now doing pretty well for me
Thank you Source for two and half years gainful employment


The subject I am looking at today, is my career so far. Despite periods of unemployment and underemployment, I have managed to find a number of things to be grateful for.

Thank you Source for the jobs and career I have had so far.
Thank you for the money I have earned
Thank you for the money I have saved, and for my pension
Thank you for the skills I have learned
Thank you for the people I have met, and friends I have made
Thank you for the activity and health benefits my jobs have given me
Thank you for keeping me away from the rat race
Thank you for the slightly unconventional roles I have had
Thank you for the all-rounder roles I have had
Thank you for the really good hours I always work
Thank you for the annual leave I get
Thank you for enabling me to go travelling
Thank you for the lovely workplaces I have worked in
Thank you for the sense of purpose and job satisfaction I have gleaned
Thank you for the, by and large, nice managers I have worked for
I now have a pretty good idea of what I want and don't want in a job
All my of my jobs have been local and easy to get to
All of my jobs so far have been in big, labour-intensive places
Thank you for the really good days off which I always get
Thank you for the beautiful country park I once worked in
Thank you for the flow of life in my BHS job
Thank you for the improved flow of life my current job now has
Thank you for the competence I have been able to demonstrate
Thank you for the impressive CV I now have
Thank you for the support for when I was unemployed
Thank you for the Job Seeker's Allowance I claimed
Thank you for the help I had from government agencies
Thank you for the courses I went on
Thank you for the help with CV writing and interviews
Thank you for the way you came up with my most recent two jobs
Thank you for the specially orchestrated job which you are now guiding me to

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the perfect resolution

It seems that the gratitude for my job is now having a metaphysical effect.  Today, I had a very good day of upselling at work, and I have also had a few incidents where I could give really good service, and demonstrate my competence and initiative.  On all occasions, the customer left the store feeling happy. 

And the gratitude continues to have an effect.  Recently, I have been feeling very good and able in my work, and things have been coming off. I have had numerous CSAT's (positive feedback from customers after that have done online surveys) and today, I have been given a second Spotlight Award (the company's employee of the month award). This comes just five months after my first.  


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