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Having read through a couple of posts on here, I have decided to give this particular challenge a go.  Follow the gratitude exercises in each chapter of 'The Magic' for the month of February (conveniently, 28 days long) and activate a process in my mind and in my life.  I shall be posting gratitude lists for each suggested area in this thread, as well as any things I think of, or any metaphysical updates.

Here we go........

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Thank you Source for the food I eat
The drinks I drink and clean drinking water
The ease with which I can get these
Nature, which provides all of these in abundance
Farmers who grow the food or raise the animals
Pickers and packers who get the food ready
Haulage firms who distribute the food
Store and shops which stock it plentifully
Restaurants which cook and serve meals
The money I have to buy food easily
Delivery firms like Ocado who bring groceries
Thank you for there always being food in my cupboards
The very healthy diet which I have
Fresh fruit and vegetables which give me vitamins
Vitamin supplements which add to this
The way these create my very strong immune system
Protein which helps to build my strong muscles
Calcium which also strengthens my teeth and bones
Teeth and gums with which I can eat with ease
My very healthy digestive system
The way the food I eat maintains my healthy body
Pubs and bars in which I can go drinking
Breweries which provide my favourite beers
Pub and bar staff who provide me with these drinks
Characterful coffee shops, of which there are many
Baristas in these places who make my drinks
The lovely aromas which food and drink create
The fact that I get plenty of food each day
Living in the developed world where food is plentiful
The food and drink which come in from other countries
Cups of English tea: you just can't beat those
The meals which I will eat in the future
Thank you for the energy and goodness they provide


Thank you Source for the money I have coming in
Thank you for my wages, and for market research groups
Thank you for the bills I receive, and for the money to pay them
Thank you for the services which I am billed for
Thank you for my credit rating and that I can get cards easily
Thank you for my credit limit which is more than enough
Thank you for enabling to always pay them on time
Thank you for the protection which credit cards companies give
Thank you for the insurance I make use of
Thank you for my bargainous Council Tax bill
Thank you for two months 'off' each year
Thank you for how the money is spent by the council
Thank you for OVO, my green and affordable electricity provider
Thank you for 2-year, fixed-rate energy deals
Thank you for how easy it is to send meter readings
Thank you for the heat, electricity and hot water they provide
Thank you for all of the appliances I use at home
Thank you for all of the appliances I use at work
Thank you for O2 and for my mobile phone plan
Thank you for Sky TV and for my wifi and broadband
Thank you for my landlady, and the rent I pay on my flat
Thank you for the way the ground rent is spent on upkeep
Thank you for Direct Debit facilities to pay my bills
Thank you for ATM's and other ways to get cash
Thank you for contactless payments and how handy they are
Thank you for banks who store my money for free
Thank you for the good relationship I have with my bank
Thank you for my pension and savings schemes
Thank you for money and abundance in later life


Thank you Source for all of the people in my everyday life
Thank you to my family for actually giving me the gift of life
Thank you to all of my friends for their companionship
Thank you to the people I work with, for their help and friendship
Thank you to the managers I have had who have treated me well
Thank you to my neighbours for their serene companionship
Thank you to all the people I have met whilst travelling
Thank you to airport and airline staff for their help and services
Thank you to railway staff and drivers for their help and services
Thank you to all of the local bus drivers for getting me to and fro
Thank you to all of the taxi drivers who get me to and fro
Thank you to all of the considerate motorists on the roads
Thank you to the emergency services for keeping me safe and sound
Thank you the staff who work in the National Health Service
Thank you to shop assistants for their help and advice when needed
Thank you to the baristas who make my coffee in their shops
Thank you to staff who work in pubs, serving up my drinks
Thank you to restaurant staff who make and serve my meals
Thank you to the cleaners in the buildings I frequent
Thank you to engineers who work to fix the things I use
Thank you to call centre staff who help with things when I call up
Thank you to staff in the travel agents for booking my holidays
Thank you to staff in hostels I stay in, for making my stay go well
Thank you to the people who maintain the roads I travel on
Thank you to the people who work to put on my favourite TV programmes
Thank you to all the people who make the films I watch
Thank you to you tubers who post footage I watch every day
Thank you to staff in distribution centres who process online orders
Thank you to lorry drivers/hauliers who delivery everything we have
Thank you to people who make and process electricity
Thank you to oil workers who process the gas and oil I use
Thank you to the people who run the websites I use
Thank you to the artists who make and produce all my favourite music
Thank you to clerks who process all of the admin things I make use of
Thank you to all of the friendly strangers I have met in my life
Thank you to the footballers who entertain me every day of the week
Thank you to rugby players who entertain me in Six Nations/World Cups
Thank you to plumbers, electricians, carpenters, engineers who fix things
Thank you to the tradesmen who fully refurbished me flat for me
Thank you to the architects/builders who create the attractions I go to
Thank you to the inventors who have devised all of the things I make use of
Thank you to landscape gardeners for making parks and public gardens
Thank you to planners who help traffic etc move more smoothly
Thank you to TSL inspectors who make sure that places are safe and legal
Thank you to all of the lovely ladies I have met in my life so far
Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who will come into my life
Thank you to all of the many people who have made me laugh so far
Thank you to all of the customers who come into my shop
Thank you for all of the helpful PI members, esp. the ones who I have met


The premise of this day's practice is to get into the habit of expressing gratitude for things during the day as it happens. I have been doing this today, as I have been off, out of my normal surroundings, and experiencing things I don't normally experience, and I have been saying thank you for them as they happen. This has also shaken loose other things (in my mind) to be grateful for, and I have listed these in the appreciation thread, under the entry titled Monday 11th February.


Thank you to my parents for bringing me into this world
Thank you to my family for your love and my positive upbringing
Thank you to the surgeons who operated on me when I was young
Thank you to Mrs. Thornton, a rare example of an inspiring primary school teacher
Thank you to Mr. Chapman, a PE teacher who actually tried to teach me
Thank you to my Secondary School teachers for opening my mind
Thank you to my hard core of schoolmates for your lifelong companionship
Thank you to Clumsy Craig for your entertainingly boneheaded way of life
Thank you to Laura for your companionship during a rocky first undergraduate year
Thank you to David for your help, understanding and spiritual wisdom
Thank you to Andy and James for being fun and inspiring housemates
Thank you to Maria for taking me in during my year abroad in France
Thank you to Christophe for your insights during this same year
Thank you to Sir Timothy, another fun and inspiring housemate
Thank you to Darrow, the pick of inspiring University tutors
Thank you to Daphne, a kind and understanding line manager
Thank you to Pat, for giving me varied working days
Thank you to Jeni, for being my romantic paradigm changer
Thank you Maz, my companion from a past life and also in this one
Thank you to the brave courting couples who stopped me getting battered
Thank you to Naughty Ami, a paradigm changer of another kind
Thank you to Girl X, for your cameo appearance on one joyful night
Thank you to Stancey, my first rather blatant admirer
Thank you to Canadian Sean, a rather significant travel companion
Thank you to Ana, for being a charming and intellectual workmate
Thank you to Nikki, another rather blatant admirer
Thank you to my Spirit Guides, who helped me back into work after 22 months
Thank you to Ayla and Jen, who fought my corner and got me made permanent
Thank you to Quirky Gabby, for being a line-manager I could relate to
Thank you to Happy Hannah, for always putting a smile on my face
Thank you to Anupa, for being another manager I can relate to


The book advises to take your top ten desires, and thank the Universe in advance for them, but what I am going to do is to take my main desire, and thank in advance for at least ten things about it. So with that in mind, thank you, thank you, thank you a Universe for........

The special job which you have been orchestrating for me for several years
All of the help and guidance I need to get into it
A very easy application process
A very easy and pleasant interview
Being able to leave my current job with ease
The really glowing reference I get from my current employer
Still being able to go on my two pre-booked holidays
The joyful feelings I have when I am accepted for the job
The fantastic and ideal hours I work
The varied working schedules I have which always suit me
The ideal days off which I am given
The annual leave I get so that I can go travelling etc
The varied working days I have which are really enjoyable
The physically and intellectually stimulating tasks I have each day
The big and bountiful site I work on
The full freedom of the site which I have
The quick and easy journeys to and from work each day
All of the fantastic people I work with
The nice turn-over rate of people the place has
All of the lovely ladies I work with
All of the friends I make in this new job
The fun and inspiring young people I work with
The fun and inspiring people I work with who are the same age as me
The fun and inspiring older people I work with
I have 'partners' in fun and antics
The fantastic money I am earning
The company pension which myself and the company pay into
The joyful growth I experience all of the time
All of the new skills and aptitudes I am learning
All of the new practical skills I am learning
The mental and intellectual aptitudes I am developing
The fact that this job ties in with my education, talents and interests
The health benefits which I enjoy
The perks of the job which I enjoy every day
The staff canteen and staff areas which I make use of
All of the fun, laughter, banter and tomfoolery I have each day
All of the random events and stupidity which make me laugh
All of the stories which I have to tell
All of the colour and creativity in this new job
All of the spirituality I encounter each day
The positive and inspiring managers I work with
All of the memorable characters around the place
All of the memorable oddities and follies around the place
All of the quirky physical features of the place
The soap operatics of everyday life there
The things which make me laugh and capture my imagination
The positive people who capture my imagination
The positive workplace culture generated there
The physical comfort, ergonomics and sophrology
The big new-starter group which I am part of
The help I get to settle into my new role
The positive start I make to my time there
The patience and understanding everyone shows me
The joyful self-expression
The freedom I have to just be myself
The fun and vibrant atmosphere
The fun and vibrant dynamics of the people
The great social side of things
The festive times of the year (Christmas, summer, special days)
The fun and excitement at Christmas
The feeling of this being a world class place to be
The excitement I wake up with each day
The energy and enthusiasm I have for my work each day
The jolly moods I am always in
The feeling of joy of life which I come home each day
The happy smile I always have on my face and in my heart
All of the reward schemes and things to aim for
The feeling of abundance and dynamic expansion
The feeling of life really opening up for me
The healthy investment the company and workplace have
The profit and prosperity, even in times of recession
The fact that this wonderful job is AVAILABLE NOW
The brilliant teams/departments I work in
The friendship groups which I am part of
The fact that there is always something fun going on
The real flow of life that this job and workplace have
The inner peace and serenity I feel each day
The full provision and availability of everything I need
The up-to-date technology I make use of
The wonderful way this job is manifesting for me

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this job to me.

I wrote this list in the late afternoon today, and then went out for my stroll at that time of day, expressing gratitude for this particular job.  An angel cloud then appeared in the skies above where I believe this job to be. 


Thank you for the effortless and fun day I am having
Thank you for the banging day I am having from start to finish
Thank you for the energy and good spirits I wake up with
Thank you for the bright sunshine and blue skies
Thank you for the very easy journey I have to work
Thank you for all of the laughs I am having today
Thank you for a card referral which falls right into my lap
Thank you for a magnificent customer who spends lots
Thank you for the fantastic service which I am giving
Thank you for another really positive CSAT which I am getting
Thank you for some moments of comedy during the day
Thank you for the fun and positive interactions I am having
Thank you for the interesting chat I am having at tea break
Thank you for a beautiful and lovely customer
Thank you for the flow and eventfulness of the day
Thank you for the spiritual signs from the Universe
Thank you for the easy journey I have back home
Thank you for my wonderful emotions and visceralities
Thank you for all of the magic moments which today has
Thank you for a relaxing early afternoon as I'm having lunch
Thank you for a beautiful sunset in the late afternoon
Thank you for really enjoyable walks in the evening and at night
Thank you for something fun and interesting to do after dinner
Thank you for a really good night's sleep ahead of the stocktake

And thank you for the great news coming to me today!

Today, I have seen a number of instances of Angel or spirit activity in my life. I have seen coins on the ground, white feathers on the ground or in the air, and a car number plate with the word DAD on it (my Dad is one of my spirit guides). Without knowing exactly what is going on, I feel that my gratitude is attracting a response from the spirit world, so I give thanks in advance for what it may be.


I have found this one a little bit tricky, mainly because the relationships I have with the people in my life are generally very good. There aren't really any which need improving or healing, but there is one group of people I guess I could have a better relationship with, and that is my neighbours. Not that we get on badly or harbour any resentments, not at all. It's just that although I have lived in this building for 3 years now, I still don't know them all that well. So today, I am giving thanks to the Source for my neighbours. Thank you neighbours for........

Being considerate, friendly and civil to me when we meet
The mothers' meetings we occasionally have around the building
The laughs we have had
The occasional night out we have had
Looking out for me and for each other
The occasional Christmas cards you send
Keeping the home building and grounds really nice
Creating a welcoming and homely atmosphere around the building

Thank you all for being in my life now.


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