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Having read through a couple of posts on here, I have decided to give this particular challenge a go.  Follow the gratitude exercises in each chapter of 'The Magic' for the month of February (conveniently, 28 days long) and activate a process in my mind and in my life.  I shall be posting gratitude lists for each suggested area in this thread, as well as any things I think of, or any metaphysical updates.

Here we go........

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Many years ago, I started my University life with a whole number of negative preconceptions and judgements, which didn't really do me any favours.  It created a period of real worry and anxiety, but looking back now, it was what needed to happen.

Thank you for the negativity created, and for forcing me to seek spiritual help.
Thank you for the people I deemed as weirdos, who forced me to branch out to different types of personalities.
Thank you for the spiritual healer who came into my life, and who showed me a whole new way.
Thank you for the stress of finding a new home, and the positive expectations I needed to cultivate.
Thank you the positive people who were also in my life at the time.
Thank you for the expanded uncertainty threshold I started to develop at this time.
Thank you for the positive things which the negative experiences taught me (ie: nerves, but things turning out well).
Thank you for the acceptance of others which this time taught me.
Thank you for showing me some of the things I didn't want to manifest, in advance.
Thank you for the lasting positive effects which this time had on me.


Having lived in my home town for most of my life, I have come to realise that there are quite a lot of things to appreciate about it; so thank you Source for:

All of the memories I have found here
The air is clean and so is the environment
Close proximity to London
Excellent transport links
It's prosperous, and there are quite a lot of jobs
Plenty of investment over the past 25 years
Lovely parks and public gardens
In general, people are pretty friendly
Big local companies create jobs
I can always find labour-intensive jobs near to me
It is becoming more and more affluent
The redeveloped high street adds to this
All three parts of the shopping centre
It's a pretty photogenic place with the right imagination
It's affordable for me to live in
There are other nice places quite nearby
I have three parks within 10 minutes walk of home
My family all live nearby
I have plenty of friends in the local area
There are still swathes of round here I don't know that well
New developments are planned
The local councils do a really good job of running the place
They spend the Council Tax very well
They haven't increased the Council Tax by much each year
A very good pub, club, bar and restaurant scene
A good performing arts and entertainment scene
In general, the nightlife scene is really good
I can get the best of London but not have to endure the worst
The football team are doing well
The football team is distinctive and has some history
The climate is mild and agreeable
It is generally safe, peaceful and low crime
People look out for each other and are considerate
Local demographics are pretty favourable
We generally get flagship branches of most retail companies
The cafe scene is very good in my town and all of the local ones
We have always had a fairly good music scene
It seems that the green belt land is largely protected
I have shops and other amenities near to my home
There are plenty of nice pubs near to where I live


One of the most important practices of all, gratitude for self, because this cultivates a strong sense of self-esteem.  Tonight, I have been thinking about my positive qualities, and the good things in my life, and have come up with quite a few, so I am saying thank you Source for:

My positive sense of self

My healthy body and mind

My intelligence and knowledge

My unique personality

The journey I am on

And most importantly, thank you Source for giving me the gift of life.


Thank you Source for the blessings of yesterday:

My shift at work, and the job that I now have
The big delivery giving us stock to sell
Eventually finding my staff pass after it went missing
Ranjit's amusing stories and the belly laughter they created
The chats at work I had
The appointment I booked at the Apple Store
Having such a place in my home town
The books I have to read
The food I have to eat
The lovely home I live in
My Mum's increased activity post-op
My health and mobility, and the walks I have been on
The TV programmes I watch
The music I listen to
The gadgets I make use of
Electricity and all it does for me
Finishing my 2017 highlights diary

And this is just a fairly typical day. I have lots of things in my life to be grateful for: thank you Source.

I spent quite a while on Sunday appreciating myself, and giving thanks for me.  Went out for the day yesterday, and made two friends in the pub in the evening, who said that I had really good energy.  Self-appreciation certainly works. 


Being born into the developed western world
Healthy body which functions fully
I was born into a happy and loving family
I have a lovely home in really good condition
I don't have any debts etc hanging over me
I was in the last year without tuition fees
I graduated with very little student debt
Living in a fantastic alpha-world city
Living in a very convenient area for amenities
My home town is developing very nicely
Being a student in the UK's anything-goes city
Living in a very nice off-campus residence
Finding a fun household to live in during 2nd year
Working in a fairly small, low-context school in France
Living with a host family who conversed a lot
Being allocated a very good house for final year
The life insurance policy which paid out at this time
The comfortable job I found after graduation
Finding another job in a beautiful local country park
Having varied working days and the freedom of the site
Being able to travel the world with STA Travel
Courting couples who rescued me when I got mugged
My spiritual connection to the Universe
Finding out about LOA and spirituality from a young age
Staying in work during the worst of the recession
When I lost my job, I was still relatively provided for
The Universe kept me away from really bad jobs
I was provided with a job when I really needed one
Being given a job in a very good department
Being moved to a better department when I needed it
Being provided with a better job when the business went under
Working very reasonable contracted hours indeed
Having a good lot of in-store freedom in my job role
Having very good and personable managers to work for
I have always got money coming in to my life
I have never been near to my bank overdraft

Thank you Source for looking after me, and for providing for me in all of these ways.

I have just been reading my appreciation thread entries for February when I was expressing gratitude each day, and the magic was certainly happening. This was especially so in my job, so having had a week off, I am going to be expressing gratitude for my job/work over the next couple of weeks, to let the magic happen again. I shall post any updates on here.

After a bit of a stagnant week last week, things have been going pretty well at work.  The Easter long weekend and really fine weather boosted customer numbers, and the store was busy.  I had plenty to do and people were all in really good spirits.  I had a fine day of upselling on Monday as well, totalling £329.50p.  I was able to take Good Friday off as it was a bank holiday, and had a really nice day out.  Yesterday was a pretty good afternoon, even though there were some chaotic floor moves taking place.  I have got all of my passwords unlocked, and also have plenty of hours for next week.

Recently I have been practicing gratitude for my current job again, as well as focusing on what I would want a new job to be like. I did this a couple of months ago, and had a fine time of things, with great moments of service and very positive customer feedback.  The same things are happening now too. 


Being born/given the gift of life
Walking and talking for the first time
Year 6: newfound self-esteem and a much better teacher
Year 8: cultivating a perfectionist streak and tangible school improvements
Year 10: sloughing off some 'middle-aged' mentalities
Univ 1: Road to Damascus moment with spirituality
Being provided with a house for my second year
Univ 2: housemates who appreciated me for being me
Using the Internet for the first time
Consciously created a summer job for myself
Autumn 1999: solo travel for the first time
Christmas 1999: my first successful use of thought forming
England beating Germany 1-0 in Euro 2000
Getting my first lasting job after 6 months unemployment
Jenny: charming and pretty paradigm changer
England winning 5-1 away in Germany
Lucy: my first rather obvious admirer
England beating Argentina 1-0 at the 2002 World Cup
Autumn 2002: long-haul solo travel for the first time
My first conscious imprinting of a thought form
Very quick recovery after being mugged by using mind over matter
Naughty Ami: transcendent naughty girl
Girl X: my first consciously attracted admirer
Stancey: my second...and a rather blatant one too
A sizeable amount of money from my grandmother
Rapidly recovering from a foot injury in Nice (mind over matter)
Nikki: she knows her place in the widest scheme of things
Spring 2010: Renewed flow of life after the late-2000's recession
Autumn 2010: new people coming into my life for first time in 2 years
Christmas 2011: workplace closing down and moving on
My first experiences of deliberately donating and receiving back
Finding this site after typing the 'wrong' words into Google
A weekend in Nice which came out of the blue
My father passing away and creating a knock-on effect for us all
A weekend in Barcelona which came from out of the blue
Getting a new job after 22 months unemployment (asking for Divine help)
Changing departments at work which was much better for me
Spring 2014: enjoying new job and creating new circumstances
My Aunty moving back to Britain: knock on effect for my Mum and me
My first-ever Freedom Card after asking the Divine to help
A week-holiday in Lisbon living in the flow of life
Asking Divine to sort out a troublesome manager, and it happening swiftly
Changing departments again at work which was much better for me
Happy Hannah: arguably my first ever mutual admirer
Moving out of the family home and into one of my own
Company going out of business and closing down (needing to move on)
Getting a new job after 2 months of trying unsuccessfully
Asking Divine to help and it sorting out a troublesome manager
Getting some extra hours when the store was overspent
Anupa becoming menswear manager (uniquely personable)
England winning a penalty shoot-out at the 2018 World Cup
England having a successful tournament for first time in 22 years
World Cup month was arguably my first experience of setting deliberate intentions
My first Spotlight Award (tangible work award for a job well done)
Feeling tangibly competent and good at a job
February 2019: sustained conscious gratitude for a whole month


I am grateful for the change of scenery
I am grateful to have kept Anupa as manager
I am grateful for her sense of recognising achievements
I am grateful for how she values her staff
I am grateful for her sense of making work fun
I am grateful for Hassan as commercial manager
I am grateful for his understanding and football conversation
I am grateful for the prestige which homeware has
I am grateful for Lynda's help and knowledge
I am grateful for Claudia's help and knowledge
I am grateful for Lucy's leading questions
I am grateful for Freda's conversation
I am grateful for Hannah's help and conversation
I am grateful for Nicky's perky conversation
I am grateful for the new people I am getting to know
I am grateful for my hours staying the same
I am grateful for the chats I have had so far
I am grateful for how welcoming people have been
I am grateful for all of the lovely ladies who pass through
I am grateful for the lovely ladies I work with
I am grateful for the extra hours I am getting
I am grateful for all the delivery I am working
I am grateful for how time seems to pass quickly
I am grateful for the day off I am getting on my birthday
I am grateful for the day off I am getting on the bank holiday
I am grateful for the people who mind the till
I am grateful for the customers who come in
I am grateful for all of the money which they spend
I am grateful for the customer interaction I have
I am grateful for the smartness of the department
I am grateful for all of the shocks of colour around
I am grateful for the lovey aromas around fragrances
I am grateful for the rhubarb candles especially
I am grateful for the ease of merchandising and delivery
I am grateful for all the pretty VM girls who pass through
I am grateful for the days off I have
I am grateful for getting every Sunday off
I am grateful for the breaks I am given at good times
I am grateful for the quality of the products
I am grateful for days with early finishes to shifts
I am grateful for largely avoiding the office politics
I am grateful for pleasant people (Anita, Andrea, Samina, Cheryl)
I am grateful for the new skills which I am learning
I am grateful for the new products I am merchandising
I am grateful for the new knowledge I am getting
I am grateful for how this looks on my CV
I am grateful for the positive customer feedback
I am grateful for the money I am earning
I am grateful for the big orders I can make
I am grateful for the technology I am able to use
I am grateful for the job I now have

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the perfect resolution
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the perfect answer


The glorious and varied planet we live on
STA Travel which have helped me book trips
Easyjet through whom a lot of trips have been booked
Being able to travel around the world quite easily
The websites I have used to make hostel bookings
All of the great backpacker lodges I have stayed in
All of the great hostel bars I have drunk in
All of the great dormitories I have stayed in
All of the distinctive friends I have made
Being European and having great places in easy reach
Having such a diverse continent as Europe nearby
All of the brilliant cities around the world
Each one of them has a distinct character and evolution
All of the iconic sights and attractions I have been to
All of the fantastic landscapes I have encountered
The culture and character of the countries I have been to
By and large, destinations are easy to get around in
I appreciate the comprehensive metro systems I have used
The lovely beaches and coastal areas I have been to
The wonderful promenades I have strolled along
Beautiful and gloriously colourful sunsets
Music and entertainment in destinations
The really good weather I have encountered in places
Days of golden sunshine and clear blue skies
Travelling in shoulder seasons which are cheaper and cooler
Dramatic vistas and panoramas
Visiting places where history has been made
Having plenty of money which goes a long way
The sea, the ocean, the tranquility and the healthy air
Characterful old town areas
Manicured and pretty parks and gardens
Vibrant and colourful shopping streets
Bustling and busy harbours
Elegant shopping centres
The smell of cookery and cuisine
Iconic set-piece architecture
Fantastic 'normal life' architecture
Spectacular World Fair sites and architecture
Imaginative public art and architecture
Slick and thought provoking museums
All of the magnificent photographs which I have taken
Elegant fountains and bodies of water
Football grounds and museums
Areas of nonconformist spirit
Areas which have technicolor streetscapes
Water features: rivers, lakes, canals and the sea
Being able to communicate fairly easily with people
Elegant and really cool cafes and coffee shops
Eating out in fancy restaurants
Shocks of colour to be found everywhere
Cities which mix cultures
All of the friendly local people I have met
Having the money, health and mobility to be able to travel


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