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Having read through a couple of posts on here, I have decided to give this particular challenge a go.  Follow the gratitude exercises in each chapter of 'The Magic' for the month of February (conveniently, 28 days long) and activate a process in my mind and in my life.  I shall be posting gratitude lists for each suggested area in this thread, as well as any things I think of, or any metaphysical updates.

Here we go........

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Having been in a fed-up mood all morning, I am now seeking to redress the balance by showing some gratitude for things in my life. Thank you Source for:

The gift of life
My healthy body and mind
My loving family
All of my friends
My mobility and freedom
The job I now have
The money coming in
My lovely home
Life in the developed western world
Personal safety
My knowledge
My intellect
My experience
My wisdom
The people in my world
All of my travels
All of the jobs I have had
My work experience
My spiritual connection
My special orchestration job
All the lovely ladies in my world
All of my favourite places
Autumn colours
The National Health Service
My home town
Having London nearby
My home country of the UK
My neighbours
The gadgets I make use of
The white goods I make use of
The public transport I make use of
My bike
Helpful people
Kind and loving people
The websites which I use
My days off and free time
The hours and schedules I work
The air travel I make use of
The climate I live in
My healthy mind


My walking day around Bushey, Harrow and Pinner
My cycle ride to a semi-festive Borehamwood
I have been successful with intending in advance
Les has been back on the scene and we went out
England won in Kosovo and qualified for Euro 2020
I now have a splendid summer tournament to look forward to
Day out in London: Greenwich, Christmas lights etc
Semi-festive and festive songs shared daily
Getting my poem-story printed up and proof read
Lovely ladies have been everywhere
A very nice meal at The Harvester with my Mum
My Aunty's get together was very enjoyable
Splendid weekend in festive Paris
It's Christmas lights and markets were lovely
The weather, by and large, was very good
Night out at Ask Pizzeria with workmates
Livelier and more productive days at work
The Euro 2020 draw was pretty good to England
Festive football on Sky has been exciting
We have had some fine winter sunsets this year
Getting brilliant pictures of these
Visiting Harrow after work one day
Night out at Winterfest in Wembley Park
Work has improved and I am feeling happier
In fact, I have felt serene and happy most days
Visiting Mr and Mrs. A. in the Kings Head
A happy visit to Starbucks, Chiswell Green
Top floor meal at Tarboush Mediterranean Cafe
Day out with my sister in law: Greenwich, South Bank etc
The singing of the Rock Choir in Trafalgar Square
The dentist re-did a filling and it was £20 cheaper
Convenient day off to get Christmas shopping done
Work schedules have been very good to me
Night out at The Swan with Clumsy Craig
Day out in London with Clumsy Craig: Camden Town etc
An enjoyable visit to festive St. Albans
A number of my annual leave weeks have been stored
Occasional after-work coffee stops have been pleasant
I have bought some fine Christmas presents for people
As usual, Christmas shopping has been pretty easy
My home town's Christmas lights have been impressive
My home town now is looking really stylish
Drinking in town with Lee last night
Very nice visit to Stanmore Costa Coffee today
I have been largely serene and cheerful at work
The dramas of others haven't really bothered me
Once again, this is shaping up to be a very happy Christmas
There are still a number of fun things in the pipeline


My department of homeware has recently moved down to the ground floor, and with this change has come some improvements:

I am back with my old menswear friends again
The catchment area is busier than upstairs
As a result, the department is taking more money
I am doing a lot more upselling than upstairs
I am doing on average, and order a day
I now have other blokes on the floor
I am largely left to my own devices
I am finding myself more things to do
The layout of the department is more spacious
It's looking a lot nicer and more shop able
We are able to get more stock out onto the floor
I have more colleagues to interact with
There are more lovely ladies on the floor
We have Indu as our section coordinator
Further layout improvements are coming
I feel that I am back on the right floor for me

Despite all of the bad news at the moment, I am able to find positives in my life:

The gift of life
My healthy body and mind
My family and friends are all healthy
The U.K. has a low infection rate
We have an excellent health service
The government's well-thought-out contingency plans
We are protected by the sea and strong borders
I have a lot of freedom
It's pretty much business as usual here
The solitary confinement pods of the hospitals
The delay phase makes good sense
The weather is getting milder now
This should help kill off infections
I have a very strong immune system
The Chancellor's helpful budget yesterday
The boosts to business and NHS he gave
I am generally feeling positive about all this
We have restricted travel to infected countries

My job gives me things to do
My job gives me interactions with people
I have things to occupy my time
I have people to occupy my time with
My social freedom
My social interactions

As a continuation of yesterday, I am appreciating:

All of the custom/footfall in the town centre
My own workplace was pretty busy
The pub up the road is busy again tonight
My local supermarket is nicely stocked up

It's business as usual

Despite all of the turbulence around the world, I am able to find positives in my life:

I am healthy
I am working
My brother is working
Clumsy Craig is working
He has been on a big job this week
I have wages and savings
I don't have any children
My Mum and Aunty are both healthy
They both live alone
They are both under 70
I don't have any elderly relatives
My brother, sis in law and nephew are healthy
My sister in law is a key worker
My store has a busy food hall
Foods are our way of surfing this wave
There have been some redeployments
My home town has a sense of normality
Friends I have spoken to are fine
I live alone and have my own space
I have food in the cupboards
I have electronic gagets
My bike can get me around
I am fit and can walk a lot
I live in a block of flats with people
Neighbours are starting to talk to each other
A supermarket and a corner shop are nearby
I am Divinely protected


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