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3 day challenge!!! (Love, hopes, wishes, dreams... Learn what's missing)

Dear (new!) friends,
I am so humbled and excited to share this three day challenge with you!! As a new member, but long time co-creator, it has been on my heart to share and be encouraged by each other's successes. I'll share more about myself later, but for now, let's dive right into to how your amazing potential to create all of your deepest desires will not only serve you... But others as well... Creating a deep well of ongoing successes.

Here are the the "rules" (to be honest there's something missing... Can you find it?)
1. Tell us your intent and your technique to ensure manifesting that desire into your reality within three days.
2. Follow up by your "deadline" and share your results
3. That's it

Right now I can almost hear you ....What?? That's its? No!!! It must be more complicated! Give me more techniques, more steps, I promise I'll follow them to a tee!!

Shhhhh.... Relax. That's it. I promise. Did you see what's missing yet?

Let me share an example:

January 31, I can't wait to get my sweet someone's text. It will make me so happy to hear his text tone that my toes will curl with smiles in their comfy socks. Everyday for three minutes I will focus on that feeling!
February 3, of course he texted! I m so happy for him... He must be getting in alignment with my love. I'll set a new intention tomorrow and just bask in this awhile....


January 31, I can't wait to get my sweet someone's text. It will make me so happy to hear his text tone that my toes will curl with smiles in their comfy socks. Everyday for three minutes I will focus on that feeling!
February 3, no text. Ugh. But I'm okay. And I think I was worrying and checking my phone a lot looking for that text. I'm going to try again. I know you all are rooting for me!! I'm going to set a new ring tone for him and let you know in three days!

Have you spotted the very important "what's missing" yet?

No reassurance. No updating on signs of "getting close" or asking "am I doing it right"

Everyone reading this has so many techniques at their fingertips... Visualize, meditate, vision boards.
Do you have the STRENGH to let go of reassurances? That means no asking for... And no giving (yes I know it's hard!) encouragement. Let go for three days. No updates other than your deadline. And have the FAITH to know we are all cheering you on. Need for encouragement equals neediness. Period. And neediness is an obstacle. Come leap over it!!

I can't wait to see all the successes posted here... Love and (unspoken) encouragement to all...


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Hey Tango Mermaid! Welcome to the PI forum! I'm loving your first post and I'm always up for a challenge ... So I'll get the ball rolling ...

My intention is to have sold this painting:


by Saturday 3rd Feb.

I have stated my intention in writing here. I have quickly visualised the painting being wrapped and packaged and leaving the gallery in some unknown persons hands. I also imagined as part of this visualisation a telephone call from the owner who tells me it's sold and that I can now hang another in its place. Visualisation includes imagining all relevant visual, auditory and kinaesthetic ( how things feel to the touch), cues ... In other words, using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I'll update this at the weekend! I'll enjoy playing this game! :)

So come on then Mermaid ... What's YOUR intended manifestation and technique??? :)

oops, sorry...typed in the wrong section.

First manifestation success! I guess this is truly co-creation, so a huge thank you to cosmic conductor! I intended to attract at least one positive and thoughtful reply to my challenge. Cosmic conductor, yours was beyond my expectations!!! Thank you for your willingness to share and great details.

My next intention is to go on a fun date with an interesting romantic partner. A man who surprises me with his combination of charm and thoughtfulness. I'll start tomorrow using the following technique... It's worked really well in the past so I'm optimistic!!!

Every morning I turn my "getting ready for work" shower into a getting ready for a "big date" shower. I just turn those few minutes into feeling the anticipation of a wonderful date. Take time to notice the smell of the shampoo, take extra care shaving my legs, think about how he will notice the scent of my lotion. You get the idea. It puts me in a great mood for the day. And then I'm busy the rest of the day and don't really think about it again. It's a good way for me to get immersed in the feeling and limit the time thinking about my intention. This is critical so those ugly voices of doubt don't have time to slip in!

I am also thinking about cosmic c's painting. For me, I like to think about the joy our intentions bring others. So I've been picturing that lovely painting bring joy to the buyer. This buyer feeling so happy they splurged on art that brightens their day and adds beauty to their home.

I'll be updating by Sunday. Lots of love....
You're welcome! Re: Co creating ... I have visualised a post from you ( concentrating on your new profile picture) started here, raving about your new guy... Anchored to that visualisation I superimpose the feeling of great excitement I get when I meet someone new and lovely! Since this is also something in my vortex I know this co creation will only help bring me into alignment too so THANK YOU for that ;) Woohoo! Bring it on! :D
Where's everybody else? Come out to play wherever you are! :D

i'd love to win sunday's lottery haha

i know visualizing this feels good ;)

Hi Folks! Here's my update!

My painting has not sold yet! Awww! I have occasionally thought about it over the last few days and each time, I envisioned it being wrapped up as if someone has just bought it!

I was hoping that it would have sold so that I could have written something different here in my update! I wonder if that 'wish' threw a little bit of doubt into the mix, it may have done! I wonder if the thought of writing the update prohibits me 'letting go' of the desire altogether.

... How're you doing with yours Mermaid? And I wonder, did Marianna win anything on the lottery? :D

I'm going to manifest something simple using Abraham's 68 second game (you focus on (or write your intention about) something you want to manifest for 68 seconds, then you forget about it). Something I have zero attachment to. I'm going to manifest an armadillo.

here goes: so I intend to manifest an armadillo with his funny face and funny feet and cute armour. He can be a real armadillo or a cartoon. any type of armadillo will be fine. (bleep...68 seconds up.....)
Hello wonderful creators!
An update... No date for me this weekend, though to be fair i was asked to have lunch (from an old flame I haven't seen in almost a year) Saturday afternoon. I ended up accepting and then canceling.... I'm fresh out of a break up (1 week today). and just ended up throwing myself a little pity party instead. I know it would sound much better to say "I took some me-time to heal my broken heart", but honestly it was full on pity party- stayed in my PJs, ate ice cream straight outta the carton, watched bad TV, too sad to cry, full on aren't I too pathetic for words pity party.
Better today though, a good work day (I'm a teacher) and good friends brighten my outlook always :)
Thank you all so much for sharing your stories!!!! I am so glad I started this thread and love to check on everyone's journey. I'll think of a new intention soon ....
Awwww :( Sending you happy vibes Mermaid

Still didn't manifest my armadillo. I thought this morning that it was about to happen because the person I was with wanted to visit a Mexican shop and I began to think to myself "perhaps this is it...". But then in the end there just wasn't time.

But there's one thing I do notice when I play this game, and that is that the manifestation usually does come at some point, but that it is often somewhat delayed. I don't know if that's because after a certain amount of time I just let go completely (thus unblocking any attachment that might have slowed things down), or whether it's just the universe's way of doing it in its own perfect time - or whatever. But it often does happen this way for me. 

So I'll let you all know here when the armadillo shows up. It will eventually. :-)

Hey Salome! Armadillos aren't known for their speed ... it's on it's way, taking the scenic route!


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