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4 Fantastic Thoughts: Possible way to turn round a negative thought & change your energy!

For some it may be a bit complicated but try it you may get the hang of it like I am and you guys may find it helpful.  So far I think I am.  Just started this today, another sort of combo:


OK so I've heard it said 3 positive thoughts for each negative one, right?

(Sure you can't ALL the time but we try!)

But WHAT thoughts?


So today I came up with this: based mainly on Abe techniques but my combo etc.


You have your negative thought e.g.

"My work is SO boring."

(1) Firstly, you "pivot"

(I know what I don't want, what is it I DO want - the opposite!

"My work is SO boring and I want it to be more fun"

(Or wouldn't it be nice if it was more fun.)

(2) Then you anticipate


"I know I'm going to have more fun"

"I'm looking forward to having more fun in my work"

(For me, this is what I want for the future - in my case, in my future career.

I want more fun now AND in my next career.

(3) Then you find a positive aspect of the subject you thought negatively about

e.g. in this case, work: "My colleagues are so nice."

(4) Appreciate something unrelated to the topic but that you really DO appreciate

e.g. "I have pretty hair."


I just THINK these things I don't have time at work to write them down.


You're lonely and you want a relationship

Negative thought: "I'm lonely"

(1) (Pivot) "I'm lonely & I want to feel more love in my life"

(This is a more general statement)

(2)  (Anticipation)  "I look forward to meeting the love of my life and I KNOW that they are on their way and are going to SHOWER me with love!"  (more specific)

(3) (Positive aspect of the situation) "I love having all this extra time to work on myself before my love comes along & to do things I want."

(4) (appreciate something unrelated) "I love sunny days and rainbows and I love the feel of the sun on my back."


I am finding it helpful you might too.

The appreciating something unrelated is to help you temporarily focus on a subject you have less resistance about after you've done a few things on cleaning up your vibration on the subject annoying you first with the pivot, anticipation (better feeling thought?) and positive aspect.


Does this kinda make sense?


Try it, practice it, let me know what you think.

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Yes thank you, i was too lazy to read into that before from books, but you made it very clear :-)
It makes a LOT of sense. And it sounds like fun. I am going to start doing that right now :-) Thank you!
OK, this is weird, Willow replied on September 29th and I just got an email yesterday saying that she did so!
" you made it very clear :-)"

Yes it makes loads of sense, thanks Athena x
Thank you very helpful! :-)
likey like! hugs!
keep smiling!



thank you : )

Athena, maybe this is off topic....is it helpful to say positive affirmations about finding love again with your ex when you are still in denial? Sometimes I dont even know if I'm really in denial or believing that there is a chance again with my ex. everyone told me that she will never come back to me , even my ex claims that i'm still in denial.  Can you or anyone please help me find my way??

Hmm it IS off topic but I will think about this a bit and get back to you.

What I'd normally advise, however, is affirmations like "I am with the love of my life and we are so happy" (for example) without saying WHO the love of your life is and leave it open that it could be her or someone better.

I don't like to comment much on the attract exes back posts but when people specifically ask me yes I do (and in a way I'm pleased you did) I think that it depends on WHY you broke up.  And what changes are made to make it better THIS time around.  And I also encourage you being as happy as you can while you are not in a relationship because that can help attract people to you, I say this from my experience!



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