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The 55x5 method is where you write an affirmation fifty-five times (in one sitting) for five days straight. It can help you focus, and increase your expectation, but if it doesn’t feel good, then you’re wasting your time. This method is just one example, of people thinking attraction is harder, and more time consuming, than it actually is.

This method is representative of a widespread limiting belief in the Law of Attraction community, that you have to do, to get. But instead of working hard in the conventional sense, you have to do a lot of processes. This adds inflated difficulty into an effortless system. Using processes to control Law of Attraction, is like using them to control gravity. It’s completely unnecessary, and not how it works. Processes that are designed to manifest are filler, with built-in obsolescence. Their only purpose is to help you feel better.

So why do people do it? Because they believe the more methods they do, the more likely their manifestation will occur. This action application to the Law of Attraction is residue carried over from the old belief that action creates results. But with attraction, it’s about allowing. And allowing is about feeling better. So you can do any process, in any way, for any amount of time, or not do them at all, and if it feels good, you are allowing your desire.

Feeling good in general is more than enough to allow every specific thing you want, but people don’t know that, because they’ve been taught Source is stupid, and can’t figure out what you want without you blatantly telling them. Combine that with the fact people believe doing something makes them feel productive, and they’re working towards their desires. Both of these beliefs inspire people to do unnecessary processes to get their stuff.

It’s interesting, how much of people’s attention with the Law of Attraction is on the action, of doing vibrational work. The effort of attracting. When you believe nothing happens until you take action, then that limiting belief is where all of these processes come from. And then more “manifestation” methods will continue to pop up, (like the smell a balloon method, or the one where you jump up and down for one minute after you wake up while visualizing, to really get the energy flowing to your desire) when they don’t actually manifest anything. They can help you release resistance by shifting your attention to what you want, and that’s about it. They’re not designed to get the universe’s attention (i.e. ask). Their purpose is to get you out of your own way (i.e. receive). It’s not to focus on your desire to create it, but focus on feeling better, which allows it.

Most people do the 55x5 method, or any technique for that matter, with an ulterior motive: “I’m doing this to get my stuff.” But that won’t work, because you’re basing your emotional fulfillment on the physical fulfillment. So if your stuff takes longer, or isn’t quite what you want, you’re frustrated and/or disappointed. Or you do get it, but it goes away after a few weeks/months (because of your conditional emotions, which will inevitably cause you to vibrate your desire out of your life) and you won’t know why that happened. So you think, “Oh, I’ll just do another technique, and that will fix it.” But that’s tending to your action, and not your vibration.

Being unconditional is the only sustainable way to not only get what you want, but have it continue to be a part of your life once it gets there. And that means you stop doing something (i.e. a process) to get something, and you do it simply for the fun of it. Or don’t do it. It doesn’t matter.

“I did the 55x5 method and it worked.”

Even though you received what you wanted, it wasn’t because of the method. Those are two different things. The method didn’t create anything; it doesn’t have that ability. Your belief in it did. But you could have done anything that feels better, and that would have had the same, if not greater effect. Manifestation is not confined to certain methods. It is unconditionally accessible, which means the power of creation lies elsewhere.

There’s nothing wrong with doing any process, just don’t get sidetracked into thinking it has any power to do anything. The process doesn’t hold the power; you do. You have all of the power you will ever need. Using a technique to feel better, can help you channel your power. Using a technique to manifest, can damper your power, because you’re giving it away to something outside of you. When you believe the process has the power, you perpetuate a fundamental misunderstanding that is rampant throughout the Law of Attraction community. Most people give credit to the process, but with attraction, there are no action prerequisites.

You’re wasting your time if you do it to manifest, because every time you want something, you’ll need to do another process.

“I want a sandwich. I need to do a process.” “I want to hang out with my friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. Better get started on another technique.” “I want to put on pants. Guess I should do a process first.”

You’re no longer living your life, because you’re too busy, doing busy work. Attraction is automatic. You don’t need to do all of these vision boards, visualizations and comically named manifestation methods.

People do a process, but don’t enjoy the process. And enjoying the process, is the best process. Just go have fun, and everything takes care of itself.

For further guidance, I do coaching calls and e-mails. For more info, see my Profile Page.


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Sorry Brian, I've used it with great success the 55x5 method and it worked for me.  I didn't necessarily enjoy it 100% either but it proved to be effective - so your statement that it does not work is plain incorrect for me.  Sorry but just sharing my truth here.

When I say it doesn’t work, I mean it doesn’t do the manifesting. You do the manifesting; you get all the credit. The method helped you increase your expectation so you could allow, but it was all with your power, not the power of the method, since it doesn’t have any. All techniques are just different ways people can give themselves permission to allow their power.

Absolutely, I agree with you.  However your title says "55x5 Method Does Not Work" and for me it definitely did help to create some things.

Perfect & incredibly helpful, thank you Brian!


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