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there is a beautiful quote which has got very valuable meaning-------" if u will put ur problems on ur head, they will crush u but if u will put them under ur feet, they will serve like stair and help u to rise to success."( Anonymous)

whenever u r faced with a difficult situation, get relaxed and resign to the feeling with the belief "God is there to juggle the situation".

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I'm getting the most useful insight to my current feelings right now. i love law of attraction♥
Thank you for sharing♥
Irfhan, today especially you are filling my heart with the light i need! :)

As i woke this morning I was feeling a heaviness about me with all this is facing us, but I will visualize this as a staircase to a higher awareness with a bright ball of sun at the tippity top like in flowerchilds painting.
Flowerpatch, u know that putting the problems under feet , in fact, means not giving attention to them and just considering them as rubbish and not worth giving any thought. then automatically they will fade away.
I love this quote you posted and i'm going to print it and keep it where i can see it. i am guilty of sometimes letting problems get the best of me, even though i consider myself a person of faith. it's sometimes hard to 'let go' and just let God handle matters. i'm learning how to do that so i can have more peace of mind.
thank you
Flowerpatch, i have got a history of getting across big problems. but no problem has put me in harm's way upto now. my history is also replete with the abrupt interventions of God. whenever a problem starts getting out of control to the extent of posing any harm to me, just before that an invisible hand comes and sorts out the situation. and the most important feature is that i can easily feel the feel of that invisible hand in my life. so now i dont get bothered from problems. rightnow also, i m in the mire of big problems but i m relaxed that these problems cannot harm me. suppose, if these problems started getting the momentum enough to harm me, i m hundred percent sure that that invisible hand will come and turn the situation in my favour.i m proud of the fact that the ultimate source--Almighty Allah-- has special love for me and He has made me realised this on many occasions in my life.

Thank you, yet again, Irfan, for your support and love. Your message invokes a feeling of safety and security.
".i m proud of the fact that the ultimate source--Almighty Allah-- has special love for me and He has made me realised this on many occasions in my life."

I especially liked this part, that we must remember our good fortune and be thankful and also have faith that we are always loved.
And he is....beautiful quote irfan!

I believe that we are never given anything that we are not already completely prepared to experience.....

That also is a very encouraging message isn't it?

Now, see....this is what I love about this forum. :) Thank you very much for the quote, and the reminder. Much needed as all appears to be imploding around me. I've been trying to figure out how I've attracted the...interesting events, we'll say lol...of the past month. No more. For today, how and why don't matter; it's what I do with what's in front of me. Onwards and upwards!
Lovely and helpful
Irfan you are such a blessing

Or even resolve the situation entirely, if you ask God and the higher powers to do so.  Give them your permission and they will enter your life and solve everything, you just need to believe.  For every problem you have which you don't think can be solved, there are what's known as Creative Solutions (of the Universe) which you probably haven't contemplated. 


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