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Hi there.  I haven't been on here for a while but thought I would share this story with you all.  I was doing my housework yesterday and at the back of a cupboard I found a couple of books, which I had completely forgotten I had and had never read them.  They are 'The Power' and 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne.  I was excited and thought I would start on The Power.  A friend had given me them about four years ago and I just never got round to reading them.  I realised how much I had forgotten about the LOA and my life had slipped into its old habits of being negative and complaining etc.  So anyway after a few pages I felt that old magic inside me again and I decided to 'practice' it again.

I got up today and wrote a list of 10 things I was grateful for today and 10 things I was looking forward to today.  I was filled with excitement, enthusiasm etc.  I then set off on the train to visit my friend who is only two stops away.  I read The Power on the train.  I came across this passage "As you begin your day and you are feeling happy, while you keep feeling happy, your day will be great.  But if you begin your day in  bad mood and you do nothing to change it, your day will not be great at all".  I was feeling so happy and excited about my day and planning to not complain about anything and show love to everyone and everything.  

I then got off the train at my stop and set off through the station.  Just before I left the station, I had this feeling that something was missing.  It was then I realised I was missing my mobile phone.  I searched my handbag and pockets and it was gone.  I went into blind panic and ran back onto the train.  It wasn't due to leave again for ten minutes as it was at the end of the line.  I went up and down every single carriage and searched every single seat and it was nowhere.  I asked everyone if they had seen it and they said no.  I was now feeling horrendous, crying (almost) and in such a bad mood.  How could it have disappeared so fast?  Someone must have taken it.  So I went to the office and no one had handed it in.  I went back home and tried to calm down.   So I sat in my house devastated.  I had lost all my photos, all my contacts and as I have no landline, I couldn't contact anyone.  

So I picked up The Power again and read about how no matter how bad a situation is, you have to change it into a positive one.  I started thinking "well it's only a phone, it's only photos, I am insured, I'll get a replacement, etc etc".  I then decided just to go to my friend's and have a nice day anyway.  But I could no longer get into a good mood.  My mood was ruined.  Anyway, as I know you are all getting bored now....I will fast forward.  My friend and I went out a walk but nothing would shift my bad mood.  A couple of hours later we were walking past the station and decided to just check with the office one more time.  Lo and behold, SOMEONE HAD HANDED IT IN!!  I was over the moon.

But what I am now confused about is the passage I quoted above.  When I was in a totally high, happy mood, something bad happened which put me right into a depressing bad mood.  Then when I was still in that horrible mood a couple of hours later, something good happened!  It makes you wonder.......

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“. . .  I could no longer get into a good mood.”

Because you were trying to feel good instead of feel better.

If you feel depressed, then you want to focus on feeling angry. Anger feels better than depression, and helps you move up the Emotional Guidance Scale.

“When I was in a totally high, happy mood, something bad happened which put me right into a depressing bad mood.”

Something happened which you perceived as bad, judged as wrong, and that is why you felt negative emotion. The conditions do not create how you feel, your perception of the conditions created how you feel. W
hen you judged the conditions and focused on the lack or absence of what you want, you felt bad.

Thanks Brian, much appreciated. I always love your replies but I am still confused.  Soz.  I felt that being in a good, happy mood I attracted something bad.  Then when I was in a bad mood I attracted something good!  

Looking back and trying to dissect it and figure out what happened won’t give you a clear picture of the vibration you were offering. The most important part of this work is to feel better unconditionally. When you feel better, you are allowing what you want. When you feel worse, you are resisting what you want.

The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. This is basically what you’re saying,

“I want to get what I want so I can feel good. And feeling bad got me what I want. So, I’ll feel bad so that I can feel good!”

How do you get to feeling good from feeling bad? You understand that does’t make any sense. You get to feeling good by focusing your thoughts on what you want and how you want to feel.

Also, when you feel bad, even if you get what you want in one situation, you’re feeling bad is pre-paving resistance so you’ll attract another problem later by you feeling bad now. You’re always pre-paving energy, and how you feel lets you know what your point of attraction is so what manifests in the future will feel like how you feel right now. So it is very important to care about how you feel and feel satisfied now so what manifests later will be a manifestation of your satisfaction.

Thanks Brian, that makes a whole lot more sense now.  Thanks again.  I just realised that I saved this in the wrong part of the forum!

I know, I go back and forth like this too, and things follow me, back, forth good bad. Abe talks about instant manifestation and how there is a lag time and we wouldn't want instant manifestation. But we get beaten up by our past negative manifestations from feelings and then we swing back into very bad negative places. I fight with this all of the time.


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