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A little trick to help manifesting a loving relationship...

So...I've been working on the relationship I want. I had a very powerful dream about it that was all FEELING. Which really helped me understand that the relationship I want has a very specific feel to it.

I was thinking about this dream one day as I was wandering around the mall and I was thinking that I have to be of that same feeling/frequency to attract it.

I was people watching and trying to guess which women in the mall we're of the same frequency. Women who loved themselves or were in a deeply loving relationship. I could see them. I could single them out, they became really obvious. Something about how they moved, they moved with love. They had a smile in them. Hard to describe. But you can feel the energy. 

I think we spend a lot of time looking at a couple or happy people and wishing we could have that...

we should let them inspire us. 


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Thanks for a cool post.

You know one time I also had a very intense dream about just one aspect of a relationship and it was all feeling too. I never had an all- feeling dream before and didn’t know anyone who did. That dream gave me so much clarity of thought and feeling.

Thanks for sharing! 

Yeah. I have never had such an intense feeling of love, safety and security in my life. My 'guy' was so secure in himself and his feelings for me I felt immediately content, safe, loved. He told me he was going to teach me to fly.

Hi Mona

I am starting to realise there is a difference with LOA and some people use Emotions and some use Feelings and they are different things.  I saw one post recently talking about emotions – and the person is using the term without actually getting into the feeling state, and its obvious to me that this personw ill never create what they say they are desiring to – and they never will until they get the feeling part activated.  The thing with emotions is that its using only the mental level and ability, which is different than Feelings and physical (and energetic) levels.

Now you are also right, when we look at others, if we are saying “I wish I had that” we are in resistance to that actual frequency and separating ourselves from that frequency we desire, and we are acknowledging the lack and gap between what we desire and what we actually want.  I remember Neville talks about saying Yes when we see our desires (and I’m pharaphrasing here but we suggests saying “Yes that’s mine” or “Yes I’ll have that in my life” when we see things we desire).  When we say “Yes” he is suggesting we are aligning with that frequency of our desires and the universe automatically responds to that Yes rather than focusing on the “I don’t have that in my life right now” which separates it. 

Great post (as usual!).

I’d say LOA includes feelings and emotions, it’s not just a mental activity. We require thought, feelings, emotions to manifest. 

Well I know the texts do but I'm actually thinking more that feelings are DIFFERENT than emotions.  Are these the same for you or are they different?  LOA includes everything but I'm really thinking more about how we can all use it to our advantage.  Also for clarity - I was not saying it was a mental activity (and the post I refer to was actually looking at it as though it was all mental only which was the distinction I was trying to make).

Great question! I will think about it more. BTW my comment was to convey that I share the same opinion - that manifesting needs alignment of our thoughts, feelings, emotions. 

I guess LOAwise feeling is a little more specific while emotion is more about the force associated with that feeling.

For eg. When you want to manifest a great car.. you can feel yourself sitting in the driver’s seat, feel like you own it, feel like it’s parked in your garage while also feeling the emotions of joy and satisfaction.

A different example would be someone manifesting a pregnancy/baby. Motherhood is like a feeling but being happy and excited about it is the emotion associated with that feeling. Someone else might associate a different emotion to that feeling like anxiety/ fear. 

Coming to your example: I wish I had that - having that is the feeling and you could either associate a positive emotion of expectation or a negative emotion of jealousy/ lack. 

I am just thinking out loud here, not sure if this distinction exists. 

How we could use this to our advantage? I think as long as we maintain a positive vibration and tune into positive emotions by deliberately choosing our thoughts and paying attention to the emotion behind it, only good events can come into our experience . 

I have experienced that when I am generally feeling happy positive events flow into my experience without me asking for them specifically. The opposite is also true. 

What do you think? 

Just wanted to add that I've been doing a lot of heart coherence meditation so that I literally pulse love.

Thanks for sharing, will check it out . 

What is heart coherence meditation?  Sounds intriguing.  I know there is a herz frequency that's supposed to be pure love that I found irritating.  So your pulsing pure love is intriguing and I'd love to give that a go.

I learned about it from Joe dispenza book Being Supernatural, it's all about using your heart energy while visualising an intention. There are a few meditations to do this. I find I can get into a strong feeling of love and then it's so much easier to visualise what I want without feeling the usual doubt attached. I've also being doing the blessings of the chakras too.

Oh cool.  I do have that book - just haven't got round to reading it yet.  I will have to get onto it. 


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