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A Non-Judgement Day - A Fun Challenge - Can You Do It? I'm going to have a go ;)

Hello All :)

Here's a challenge for those who would like to REALLY boost their power of creating good stuff in their lives. Let's find out who is able to go one full day without judging or critisising anyone or anything. It's a Massive challenge for anyone human lol. I'm starting today - I've already caught myself on automatic judgement mode and it's only 7.25am lol.


The Goal: To go through one full day without judging or critisising anyone or anything (starting with my spelling of criticizing lol)


The Method: Most of us will be in the habit of automatically judging and criticizing (it's part of being human of course), so the idea is to catch yourself in the moment and transform that judgement and criticism into acceptance, allowance, love, even admiration or amusement - something postitive that difuses the feelings of judgement.


Report back here to let us know how you're doing, and any tips you have for others in the challenge. I think one of the best things about doing this is knowing others are doing it too, facing similar issues and obstacles today - at the same time - and when someone manages to complete a full day it would be very inspirational to read about it - and especially how they managed it.


No matter how long we manage to last without judging or criticizing (even if it's only bits of a day) - every second of it is an improvement to our usual vibrational state and will therefore be improving our lives on a core level anyway - resulting in more of what we want :)


Looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences!

Love and Light and Magic xxx

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 PS: Look out particularly for SELF judgement and criticism - that can be particularly sneaky ;)

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I'm IN! but I will start it tomorrow since it's already afternoon here.

i have something to ask, is admiring someone (for looks or things they do) judgement too? How about labeling?


eva - http://www.seekdotnet.com

Hi Eva :)


This is really only referring to judging in a negative way :) 

ROFLOL! Very good Hans ;)  Heh heh... So... how did the rest of the day go? :D



What a fantastic idea.  I am ashamed to say that I discovered this post at 10:45am and noted that I had been being quite self critical all morning, so I don't know whether I need to start tomorrow but I am going to carry on the rest of the day in this manner.  I'll let you know how I get on.


Love and Light

Aravelle xxx


www.aravelleangel.co.uk ~ Ask An Angel

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Hi Aravelle :)


No need to wait until the next day. Just start again in the moment! The more you practice, the sooner you'll manage a whole day. :)  Just change the feeling in the moment, and continue. :)

Good one! I'll play. Starting at 7:50 am. Can we substitue a better feeling thought and 'save' ourselves? Or are we 'Out' as soon as judgement hits?  


You know, Donna, I discovered it's challenging enough to just substitute a better feeling thought lol. I think we can consider the goal achieved even if we spend the day replacing judging and critisism. It's a big enough challenge in itself, and I don't even know if it's possible for a human to go through a normal day (meaning dealing with work, people, technology, transport, deadlines, dissapointments etc) not feeling ANY judgement or critisism at all. ;)


I think that just being able to successfully replace judgement and critisism with acceptance, allowance, love, humour etc. each time it comes up, throughout a whole day, is the ultimate achievement in this challenge. :)


I made it until after a 9:00 am meeting where I found out I had not been given the complete requirements for part of my work. So I am not ready to deliver because of this. Yes, big judgement there. So I substituted humor and got to work adding in what I didn't have.

The next big one was around 4:00 pm. I had an appointment at a huge medical center where you either have to park in a garage and walk a long way or leave your car with a valet, who parks if for you. I was not in the center very long - less than half an hour. As I was waiting for my car to be brought to me, I saw it being driven out of the parking area, but then it disappeared and did not reappear until about half an hour later. Big mix-up. Big judgement on the competence of the parking valets. AND...I don't believe I successfully replaced those thoughts at all!

Unitl right now... They are doing the best they can under the circumstances of their working environment. Just like I am.

OKAY - today is a new day. Starting over right now!



Well done Donna! :) Changing the judgement to humour is success!! And in both cases you were success - you caught yourself in the act and then changed it. :) x
Heh heh , true, Donna, however for the purposes of this exercise we're only referring to being "judgemental" - in a negative way, critical. :) x

Well, that was my first day of the challenge, and I have to say.... I didn't make it lol.


As I replied to Donna, the goal as I see it is to get through a full day successfully replacing any judgemental thoughts or critisism with acceptance, allowance, love and/or humour etc.


I managed for a large part of the day (much more than if I'd not been focused on this challenge and therefore more aware), but there were several times during the day when, even though I was aware and even though I tried to replace those thoughts (mainly stress at being late and frustration in traffic), I didn't quite make it lol.


I did find myself fairly amusing though ;) I started adding after certain thoughts or comments "... Not that I'm judging" heh heh heh :D  For example, I was on hold to an electricity supplier this afternoon for 45 minutes (and still never got through - eventually had to hang up), and caught myself um ... well, judging really ;)  ... When their automated voice said "Ask our representative about our new energy-saving package" I caught myself saying "What representative!!!!"... and then added "Not that I'm judging..." ;)


Well, I get to give it another go tomorrow :)

How did you guys get on? xx

This is a great idea!  For myself, I think I'll try being non-judgmental for an hour, which for me, is an accomplishment.  As I make the goal, perhaps daily for a week, I may up that daily goal to two hours a day, and so on and so forth.  There will come a time then when I'm ready for a full day.


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