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It's been a long time since I've been on the forums.  I've found myself doing different experiments with consciousness for the past couple years.  When I first learned manifestation I thought it was an approach to life that was going to change everything.  And I was partially correct.  My opinion of the manifestation techniques currently discussed is that it's a more powerful form of goal setting.  If you could amplify traditional goal setting LoA is just that.  Think about it, you're setting a goal, ie an intention, and you're focusing your energy towards it.  It's a powerful process.

There's a challenge with goal setting.  It requires the goal to be compatible with the laws of a physical universe.  Let me make this something you can relate to.  I don't know how much you've experimented with manifestation.  I've been studying and practicing for over 6 years.  Let's pretend your goal is to manifest $1,000,000.  Now I've taken part in many million dollar manifestation threads and experiments.  And they've all ended the same.  There may be a temporary increase in my financial abundance but I have yet to manifest the full amount.  Do you wanna know why?

I know you're an intelligent person.  Creating the faith to follow through with a manifestation practice is a special kind of intelligence.  It requires you to have faith and trust which are magical qualities.  However, I want to be a little more practical than most manifestation practitioners.  I like to employ a more scientific approach.  They say you can manifest anything no matter how big or how small.  I know you're probably like me, you want to manifest financial abundance.  Who are we kidding, like it or not money is one of the most important material possessions. 

Let's pause for a moment to think about some of the wisdom we've acquired.  And let's remember this wisdom hasn't changed much in thousands of years.  Basically, you're setting an intention like "I manifest $1,000,000."  Then you're focusing on having already achieved that intention, or goal.  You imagine what it would feel like, what you would see and how amazing it would be.  The last step is to let go and to cultivate faith and trust in the universe or god to bring you what you desire.  Except there's another last step.  You have to take action!

The action step isn't talked about as much as the philosophy of manifestation.  I hear discussions all the time about what feelings we should send out and how our vibration affects our ability to manifest.  Yet the discussion of taking action falls on deaf ears.  I've heard that you should do what feels right.  Well for more than 3 years I had done what feels right, I had cultivated faith and trust in the universe and that was a big deal for me.  Faith and trust and doing what felt right brought me a long way.  I achieved inner peace and happiness and that's an important step on our journey.

However, there are laws governing the physical universe that law of attraction teachers don't discuss.  For instance, our financial system is man made.  Its not a part of universal law.  That's to say, you can manifest health regardless of your current state of health or illness.  I've seen it happen over and over again.  There are people who have life threatening illness and miraculously they become healthy.  How many times does this happen with financial situations?  There's something you must know about financial manifestation.

I'll say it again; our economic and financial systems are man made and based on a lack mindset.  Diamonds are only praised because diamond manufacturers keep almost 90% of them locked away from the public.  If you truly knew how common diamonds are you wouldn't spend thousands of dollars for them.  Money is no different.  Think about wealth in the early days.  Kings had the most wealth because they possessed gold, silver, real estate, art and other things a common person could not attain.  Then there were lords who had land, another possession common people could not attain.

That's the beginning of how we have known money to work.  Economics state the more demand there is and the less product there is, the more you can charge and subsequently profit.  Listen, if there was a way to manifest $1,000,000 overnight don't you think someone would have discovered it?  There isn't and there isn't because people with money don't want you to have it.  It's economics.  If you have it then they might lose it.  You must fight to keep whatever you make according to our economic system.  If you made $10,000 in cash today and kept it in Tupperware buried somewhere, how much will it be worth in 10 years? 

It'll be worth a lot less than it is today.  That's to say, you won't be able buy as much "stuff" with $10,000 in 10 years as you can today.  That's because of inflation, another man made idea.  Now I've worked hard to manifest wealth, you can tell by my user name.  And I believe in the power of manifestation.  I also believe in practical applications and experiments.  I've done many experiments and have yet to discover a way to make money without applying economic knowledge.

I wrote this post to educate and also to find people who have a similar desire to be wealthy.  I want to connect with more people who want to find ways to create and manifest wealth through a scientific approach.  That means if you say you can manifest $1,000,000 through manifestation practices alone, I want to see results.  It's unfortunate I have to admit my same experiments to do just that have come up empty.  I've since changed my focus to be more in-tune with the real world and I've started a company.  I've studied marketing since early 2009 and I believe I have a unique advantage with my business. 

I'd like to hear any comments, questions and discussions about the topic of manifesting wealth through practice and applicable processes.  I hope you're having a wonderful day and I send you love and gratitude... and more importantly thoughts of abundance :)  My own failures with manifestation have brought me a long way and I'd like to share the information I've acquired.  And I'd also like to discuss with you if you have similar desires for wealth.  Let's discover how to take more appropriate action together.

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Hey Ross --


This is one of the most logical, thorough, yet patient rebuttals to anything, on any subject anywhere, that I've read in a long time.


Bravo!  Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner :-)


NOTE:  Don't know why my response ended up 'way down here.  Oh, well . . .

Fascinating . . .


This entire thread is a wonderful illustration of Ego-self in Fear born of an absence of Understanding, in self-preservative mode, deflecting, defending, protecting, and attacking.  Needing to be "right".


No judgment or condemnation -- I've done it myself.  Just observing the beauty of the illustration.


To the subject of manifestation processes . . . Abe and Bashar and others all speak abundantly about the necessity to take "inspired action" -- to follow your highest excitement -- follow your bliss.  Follow your passion.  To ACT on your idea and/or your intention.  Because you MUST flow the energy.  This is a physical reality, so physical action of some sort is mandatory if you expect to get anything done.  Indeed, if you understand Energy, you understand that Energy IS "action" in its very essence -- it's never at rest.  Energy is Consciousness, which by its nature is always creating -- always busy -- always DOING something.


This is not mysterious.  Or at least, from my POV, it shouldn't be :-)

Brilliant post!!  You're wonderful and inspiring and you caught the energy of my post.  This is incredible work and represents a wonderful opportunity to learn.  Disneyland has a reason to impress guests and desire to create a new food system.  They do it and now it has the ability to help millions of starving people.  It's up to us to make it happen.  Disneyland was also created by one man's ambition.  The same way the light bulb was created and look at how wonderful each creation is. 

I also like the second example.  You put a nice frame around using the lottery to win money.  You may not win hundreds of millions of $ or Euros but you can win large amounts.  200k, that's 5 years worth of work for some people.  For others it's more.  It would take me 10 years with my current wages to make that much money.  Imagine how one win could change my entire life!!

at some point.... every one of us has these thoughts and feelings:

  • we don't know how all of this shit works
  • we want to learn more
  • we find a few sources of good pertinent info
  • we run across people who disagree with our findings
  • we ourselves disagree with other people's findings
  • we get exhausted from wishing other people could see what we see
  • we get exhausted by resisting information and people who don't align with us
  • we become more determined to find/create our own truth and insights... some of us 
  • we realize that we enjoyed all the seeking, that ALL the questions will never get answered, and that it doesn't matter if we actually agree with anyone else.    
  • you croak -  Yay, that was fun!  Want to do it again?

This has been a really interesting thread and I appreciate the knowledge and opinions being shared back and forth.  I've noticed something interesting and maybe you have too.  We're using the same basic information.  There was a little confusion to what information I was presenting and where my opinions were aligned.  I speak about Abraham not out of disbelief but rather curiosity.  The idea that one can manifest something material and thus physical by using conscious focus is a great one.  Imagine a world where instead of trying to prove ourselves through physical action we take the time to manifest and create by using our internal focus. 

There does seem to be some confusion about reality vs desire.  More specifically, non-physical vs physical.  One member recently told me I don't know what its like to experience non-physical reality.  Have you had a dream?  Have you had a lucid dream?  Have you used your imagination or had the experience of astral projecting?  Those are ways of experiencing a non-physical reality. 

When I talk of scientific approaches, I mean documenting how using manifestation principles affects your physical reality.  If you imagine being rich for 20 hours a day first of all you're experiencing a non-physical reality.  Imagination.  Second, I'm curious how using your imagination for 20 hours a day effects your physical reality.  How much resistance is present?  What type of emotions are there and do they change?  For instance, did you start with excitement and shift to boredom.  Focusing your mind for 20 hours a day might be a daunting task.  I know an hour or two of meditation can sometimes leave me exhausted.

Belief is a big issue with manifestation.  There is a difference between believing and believing in your beliefs.  One of them is very dangerous and can cause harm.  The other is a necessary function of being human.  Believing is good.  It's helpful.  And it's useful.  So I ask, what type of beliefs are beneficial to manifestation work?  One belief comes to mind.  Is it useful to believe you are a god and can control your physical experience?  I would say no.  I've tried that belief and I had very frustrating experiences.  However a slight shift can be very empowering.  Believing that you have the power to influence physical reality has been helping me on my path. 

I said I've been experimenting.  This week I had an opportunity to become a multi-millionaire.  I believe that would have been the result had I taken action.  I didn't take action because the opportunity wasn't fully aligned with my desire.  I learned two things from the experiement.  First, there is a difference between intuition and mental guidance and I now have the ability to distinguish the two.  Second, my conscious focus wasn't appropriately directed.  I manifested an opportunity far smaller than the one I desire because my work was done without enough focus.  Now my practice is much more specific.  These are a few ways you can learn by using a scientific approach.

I have practiced manifestation for 6 years.  It wasn't until this week I was finally able to tell the difference between my intuition and mental guidance.  Thoughts are thoughts.  Intuition is more.  If anyone has answers or inquiry into some of the questions I've asked I'd love to hear them.  I'm also energized to continue our discussion.  How about we set some guidelines from Abraham's material.  What are specific principles of manifestation, for example?

It's my opinion that intuition may be a sixth sense.  It's also my belief that intuition may be a physical feedback mechanism from our unconscious.  Our minds are sorting through millions of bits of information per second.  Those bits are broken down into information we can understand.  Our understanding is funneled through 5 senses; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.  If we are to evolve we need more ways of interpreting information.  Intuition may be that next step.

Since we're talking about manifestation, think about what we're doing.  We're sending an invisible energy into the universe with our focus and belief.  We experience that energy through our imagination.  Then we must trust the universe to provide for us.  How do we tell the difference between universal guidance and our logically generated paths?  Intuition.  It's something I'm working on with experiments and it's my newest conclusion.

Maybe tuning our intuition is an important part of becoming a master manifester.  That way the universe can give us direct guidance.

I'm sorry I took so long to read this but I really like your post.  It's funny because as I'm responding I'm having a conversation with two forum members who are teaching me ways to let go and build faith in the universe and my desire.  I'm enjoying this new quest of working with manifestation again on such an intense level.  I'm meeting so many people and having so many different conversations and its quite thrilling.

I have a specific intention I've been trying to manifest for a while.  I've missed a few opportunities along the way and it dropped my confidence.  I'm working on rebuilding and this forum has been great.  The example of Jesus was really great to read for me.  I love what you take out of the bible and how you interpret it.  It's special.



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