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A summary of Neville Goddard's teaching on how to manifest your desires.


This is my attempt of explaining Neville Goddard’s teaching minus the Biblical references because I know that his interpretation of the Bible is controversial and can prevent people from listening to the solid points he makes. I’ve tried to add personal examples and explain as effectively as Neville has how to manifest what you want.

  • First and foremost – you have to accept that you are a creator. When god made man in his image he also gave man the ability to create. You create everything in the world around you. Your friends, your income, your environment. Everything. It was all created by your mind which thinks of these things and plays out dramas in your mind which eventually turn to reality. Every beautiful thing in this world and every ugly thing is possible because we are capable of conceiving them and creating them.
  • It is crucial that you accept that you are a creator. Because then you take responsibility for what is happening to you and therefore can change what you do not like. So long as you are waiting for your boyfriend or girlfriend to treat you better, for your boss to give you a chance, for god to save you, you are denying the role you play in the world.
  • The world is a reflection of your state of mind. And I can think of a simple personal example for this. I am a woman of colour who has lived in a country whose people are mostly white. Now there are a lot of people of colour who have moved to that country. Now if you ask me I will say that the locals are friendly and that I have never been discriminated against. But ask some of my acquaintances and they will say that the country is full of racists who are actively denying the foreigners jobs and opportunities.  Now I have met foreigners in that country from all backgrounds and social and economic classes and the differences in their experiences is a clear reflection of their state of mind. As you think – so you experience.
  • It starts with desire. Feelings of desire can stimulate the creative process. You desire something because you can have it and its presence in your life will lead you to growth. So choose a specific outcome you want in your life.
  • Now lie back, relax and go into a state that is close to sleep, where you are still in control of your thoughts. This is a meditative state. It is important that you come into this state as this is the time when you are extremely focused. Now assume that you have what you desire. Live as if you already have what you desire. If you want a car – act as if it is sitting in your drive way. Do not see yourself having it in the future. Do not think about how nice it would be to have a car. Feel the pride of ownership and actual knowledge that you will be driving to work in it. If you have done this successfully, you will have lost the desire for the car. To want implies that you do not have the thing that you desire. You must talk, walk, think and act as if it is done. It is finished.
  • Choose an action that comes after your desire is complete. You want to be thin? Imagine your aunt seeing you and saying – Wow, you’ve lost so much weight!
  • You need the power of your imagination to do this. Remember your daydreams? How vivid they can be and in what directions they can go? Haven’t we all brought ourselves to tears by imagining our own deaths and accidents? Haven’t we all felt a real surge of happiness by daydreaming about meeting the love of our lives? Deny what you see around you, no matter that the walls of your house push on your senses, remain in the state of your wish fulfilled. Persist in it.
  • You need to learn to monitor your thoughts and feelings constantly now. It will take time to completely master your state of mind but you can do it.
  • You can see the effects of using this method fastest in relationships – for example – I have a somewhat emotional abusive mother and one morning she was pressuring me to baptize my child. I, for personal reasons, do not wish to have my child baptized and my mother could not accept that. That morning she kept on insisting and getting mad at me. I was able to catch myself thinking – my mother is mean, she cant mind her own business, I don’t want my child to be baptized. Etc etc. I stopped myself and began a new conversation in my head  - my mother is in a good mood today, my mother is happy. I’m going to discuss an interesting idea for lunch with my mother… I realized that the longer I stayed in a state where I was expecting abuse I was receiving it. As soon as I changed to a state in which I was expecting a pleasant conversation I was experiencing it. And believe me that in the past – a conversation like that with my mother could have led to a 3 day long battle at home.
  • My parents have also had a very bad relationship with each other for a long time. I accept that I am responsible for their arguments, the strain in their relationships … because in my mind I have lived in a state of dislike for both my parents. And I have grown up believing that relationships are full of landmines… and because like most humans I secretly like to cause myself pain because I then feel as if I am the central character in a story or a movie and things happen to me. I try to feel bad to feel good.
  • I’ve found that when I notice my dad becoming irritable, if I shift my state of mind to expecting a pleasant evening full of laughter, it diffuses his irritability. Normally, a slight irritability in my mom or dad would lead to a full blown fight at home with someone screaming and someone crying. I need to work on my deep seated beliefs and pin point exactly what is the pattern in my head that is causing such problems with my parents.

In short

  • You are a creator
  • If you do not like what you are experiencing then some thought pattern in your mind is causing it.
  • Name your specific desire.
  • Relax completely, imagine yourself as you would be if you have fulfilled your desire. Imagine an action that would follow the completion of the desire and live out this action over and over till you can smell, taste, feel, see and hear it as if it were real.
  • If you have really imagined that you desire has been fulfilled, you will no longer want what you previously wanted. People will no longer view you the old way and your relationship with the world and people around you will no longer be the same.
  • Persist. After you have imagined your ideal state, you will return to dreary ‘reality’. But you must persist in your ideal state. Do not deny or ignore of push away ‘reality’ for to push is to simply bring something closer to you… simply take your focus away to the state where you have already achieved what you wanted to achieve.
  • And it will happen, it will happen in the most natural way. But it will be done.

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Thank you for posting.

As a man thinks, so shall his life be.

-- Jesus Of Nazareth


It's as simple as that :-)

This is a brilliant post and this totally came at the right time for me. It answered some important questions for me :)
Thank you so much for this! :)

Thank you for the post. Love it! 

Fantastic post, thank you so much for posting this.  I can definitely relate to the part about your own mood affecting your parent's mood and relationship.  

Thank you :D

I haven't read any of Neville Goddard's work, but I appreciate that you took the time to highlight some of this teachings.  Now, I'm going to have to check out some of his work.  I think I recall that there are youtube videos with audio versions of some of this work.  I'll have to take the time soon to listen to them.  Thank you for sharing!

Yes, I've seen that thread some time ago, but didn't really play any of the videos.  I'll have to look that thread up and check out some of the Goddard videos.

Glad you all liked it and that it helped you.

Always liked Neville and Rhonda Byrne also loves these teachings. Nice " bullets" of the teachings!

How do I learn to visualize and do the visualization techniques? Right now when I try to visualize...nothing happens. I don't see or even hear anything in my mind?
The same way some people learn differently, different techniques work better for different people. If visualizing doesn't evoke any type of emotion, maybe affirmations or spoken words will. The goal is to get feeling out of visualizing or the spoken word so try telling yourself something like "good things happen to me" or "I live in abundance" and see if that created and type of feeling. It will happen, you just have to have faith in the process. :o)


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