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Has anyone have any success manifesting a change in physicall appearance that is not weight lost? Something like a change of some feautures or something like this?

If so how have you done it? By constant visualizations or just asking for it once and letting go?

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I haven't specifically manifested this but there have been some people on here and other places claiming biokinesis success. In particular I've heard of people changing their eye colour, women changing their breast size, and others changing certain aspects of their hair or skin like clear skin or curly hair, etc. I wish more would go into detail about this.
I think it will be better to do visualizations every day
Sounds like a very interesting topic!
"my unmentionable"... lmao
Wow Sirga!!

How did you do it? Which technique did you use? Did you visualize ever day or just once and let go?

I will really appreciate if you can tell me
Hi Sirga. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I just have one question. When people ask your age do you say you are 17 or 18? or do you say you are 27?
this is funny but soo true....For instance,people keep asking me how come I look so young and in fact I'm almost 30!!! Go figure that and everyone is sooo shocked when I mention my age....every week or so,someone is shocked by this...The thing is,I refuse to age!!! I do not fear it,I simply refuse it (I just think of myself as forever young) and many friends of mine that are even 8-10 years younger have lines around their eyes,cellulite( a lot of it) and you know....stuff, but I refuse (refuse but accept whatever is and know that it WILL be and that IT IS just the way I want it-it is what it is and it is because I will it to be) to have them!!! And it is not genetics trust me because it wasn't always this way,I simply wished it,trusted it,relaxed about it and stopped caring altogether and...it is the way it is.
Wow Sirga so amathing, thanks so much for the technique... so i should replace my reallity for a new reallity were i have the feautures i want to have right? But how do you manage to do that when you look into the mirror?

How long tooked for you to made those changes?
Sirga very intersating the aging thing!! I want to stop the agying proccess too.. But son´t know much about chakras...
It will work to visualize a healing energy aroung my body to restore all the cells and know that it is working all the time?
Hi, chengchen!

I stayed the same age for over 15 years and totally agree with what Sirgalahadwizard has to say. In my case, it started very early, mostly, because I felt "grownups" were crazy.

Little by little, I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt and had some spurts, but was cautious about it. Then, after much internal work, I decided I wanted more interaction with society and sort of gave in. What I have that's special is that I believe I can describe my process rather directly. I've always had that gift of explaining the unexplainable, describing the undescribable. This isn't Truth, though--just one explanation rather than none.

Okay. What I did was feel a sort of mist around me. It didn't matter where the mist was, how far it extended, whether it had temperature of any sort or not. Just imagine some mist. What's good about mist is that it doesn't have to have any particular shape, so if it changes--who cares! Now, think the general thing you want to be. Again, it doesn't matter how you word it. You don't even need words. Just the intention will do it. Just keep imagining that mist.

Your words activate that mist.

By the way, there is a name for this mist. Mediums call it ectoplasm. The Bible calls it "faith." It is "the evidence of things unseen."

This is how you can look at the mirror, and say to yourself, "My skin looks great" and feel like you're telling the truth. You see, you are not talking about your skin. You are charging the mist. You are programming the mist. You are commanding it to make your skin look great. I suggest you just say what you want, rather than give the mist a command. However, my intuition says it doesn't matter. If you imagine the mist, the mist will do what you MEAN. And, it's NOT tricky. It knows the difference between what you say and a slip-up. It's on your side. After all, it is you.

The trick is to imagine the mist at different times. Use triggers. One obvious trigger is the mirror. By the way, you can program the mist to remind you to program it. It is very obedient and just plain likes you and likes to serve and please you. Another name for the mist is the will.

Just think, when you get to the mirror, "Every time I look into a mirror, I see my skin's completely clear." (Or whatever.)

You can make people with blemished skin a trigger. You can make a very pretty girl whom you run into a lot a trigger. What's good about that is that you let go of jealousy and simply feel that that's you in the very near future! You can make certain songs your trigger. It not only becomes fun, but becomes automatic. After a while, you won't even remember that you're DOING anything. It'll quickly just become a "natural" habit.

Be careful about that. This can lead to forgetting your power. I'm glad you asked about this, because I sort of forgot about my power. Also, I just knew to do this and would never have come up with this clear description without your having requested help. I love helping people with these sorts of questions. And, I just feel warm feelings toward you, so I really am enjoying using my intuition and subtle memory in your service.

Sirgalahadwizard is right, you know. This IS alchemy. In fact, many say that the mist has another name: white powder of gold. This is a natural expression of the philosopher's stone from the human existence and in a very--let's say--diluted form. The philosopher's stone is effective even in a highly diluted form. It is extra- or multi-dimensional, anyway. So the small amount we deal with is only a tiny expression of its enormous mass. That is why a small fiber of it is refered to as a stone.

Okay, I'm more or less shoked by everything that's come through me.

I hope this helps, chengchen, because I believe your quest for beauty is an inspired one that will bless you and those around you, as well.

Sunshine & Blessings,
Dear chengchen,

Oh, one more thing: You don't necessarily have to SEE the mist--just to feel it, or sense it is enough. It doesn't need to be a wet mist. The point is that you extend beyond your body in a way you don't have to concentrate about.

I hope this makes sense.

Sunshine & Blessings,
Thanks Giovanni your post help me a lot


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