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I try to do self-hypnosis these days, however, I find it quite difficult for me. When I sit down and close my eyes and tell myself relax, but after awhile, I will feel itchy on my head, my arm, my back etc. I can't focus and even have visualization. I also don't know when I am in trance (Maybe I never reach this state).

Anyone can give me some advice or technique?Many thanks!!!   

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Okay so you know already from your training that language is key here. So when you “try” anything its about half heartedly doing an activity that you expect to fail. Its like “trying” to be pregnant – in that its impossible – you either are or you aren’t. Now you are doing a live class right, so how long is the induction script you are using? In the beginning these seem long, but its about training your mind, and so they start out long, but they start to shorten as time progresses. Initially it takes more people a good few minutes to get to alpha suggestion states, and then a few further minutes to lower down to theta, but eventually you can do it within seconds after you have trained for a while.


Now you are in trance, especially if you are noticing things like feeling itchy – its actually about nerve reflexes in the skin sending feedback to your brain. That, plus feelings of warmth and heaviness are classical denominators of being in trance levels. However a lot of people create worry over whether they are in the state or not (I know I spent ages worrying over it – and it wasn’t till I gave up worrying that I felt myself go really deep interestingly enough).


Its about training yourself with the routine, so when you say you sit down and tell you to relax initially your mind will pose thoughts like “I’m not relaxed” or “I can’t do this” or “it isn’t working” and you just have to notice those feelings and not pay them any attention – as they are already on the way out. Don’t argue them, or resist them, just notice them. Now you can FOCUS and have VISUALISATION if you choose to. Remember any time you give yourself the command “I can’t” you will create evidence and that’s a command that your body will always obey.


Trance is an ever developing and changing state, so what you are experiencing now will change as time progresses. So don’t get caught up in the “is this happening” just trust it is and allow it to show up for you in whatever way, shape or form it does.

Also be realistic, you have only had a few classes right.  You don't go into a language class and come out first lesson as a native speaker - it takes time and practice and the same is true for hypnosis. 

Thank you Graysen.

you mean everytime I do the hypnosis, say to myself I am now going to do the hypnosis but not I "try" to do the hypnosis ?

How many time and duration you suggestion to practice per day?

I think my big problem is impatient and always worry I can't go in trance...

Yes eliminate "try" from your vocab because when it is used - it is always a half hearted measure about doing something and usually its done with the expectation of failure.  If you listen to champions like Mohammed Ali - he proclaimed he was the King of the World not "I'll try to be King of the World".  Likewise Linford Christie, the famous athlete would look in the mirror and declare before races that he was the winner - not that he would try to win.  Can you see the difference in those examples? 

Re worrying and going into trance - reread the message above.  Its a problem I had too - but I've already made suggestions about it - but if its working for you - great.  However the advice above about it still stands.

How many times and durations - depends on the class or course you are doing and I would suggest you get personal recommendations from your tutor.  It really depends on the issue you are working on and how severe and the cause.  If its from a conscious childhood memory these are much easier to change than a burried subconscious memory for example. 

I've been listening to a hypnosis recording the last couple of days.  The first night I didn't itch at all while listening, but the second night I kept itching all over. Then I realized it was because the ceiling fan was on and the air blowing against my skin was what was causing it.  That might not be what's causing you to itch, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. 

I think a small part of the population can go very deep during a hypnosis session, to the point where they completely block out the outside world.  But from what I've heard, most people don't go that deep during hypnosis.  So it's normal to still be aware of what's going on around you. 

Just try to listen and focus on what the hypnotist says as much as possible and you will probably be doing a good enough job.  A trance is nothing more than a narrowing of your attention.  So if you listen and focus upon the hypnotist's words you will likely be narrowing your attention to some degree.  If you're listening and paying attention, then you will be thinking less.  And when you're in the alpha state there is less brain activity going on or less thinking.  

We're more susceptible to suggestions when the conscious mind is out of the way, or when there's less thinking going on.  That's the point of hypnosis.  I've also heard that as soon as you close your eyes and start picturing things in your mind you're already in alpha.  And the deeper you go the easier it will be to slip the suggestions past your conscious thinking mind.  

It's also good if the hypnotist gives the suggestion for you to forget everything he said during the hypnosis session that way your conscious mind doesn't think about the suggestions after you come out of the session.  If you start thinking about what was said during the session your conscious mind may reject what it heard.  So, if the hypnosis you're listening to doesn't give the suggestion to forget all that was said during the session, just make a point to let go of all that was said before coming out of it.  Let it all go and try not to give it another thought.  Your conscious mind doesn't need to remember what was said for it to reach your subconscious mind. 

The hypnosis I'm currently listening to has 6 tracks.  And you are suppose to listen to track 1 for 21 days before moving on to the next track.  And you listen to each track for 21 days before moving on to the next one.  So that's 126 days of listening.  Or about 4 months.  I've also heard that it could take up to 6 months of listening, so it can apparently take a long time to reprogram your mind.  So I guess it needs a lot of repetition. 

I just realized after writing all of this that you were talking about self-hypnosis.  I suppose that would be a little different because then you wouldn't have a voice to listen to or focus on.  I would just sort of meditate in that case and try to still my mind first before giving myself some suggestions.  There is also a book called "Instant Self Hypnosis" which supposedly hypnotizes you as you read one of the scripts in the book.  But I don't know how well it works. 

where do you download the recording? or you do it yourself?

is it better for me to do my own recording? it is because I am easy to distract from outside. Maybe focus on listening the recording is better to pay attention?

I would really seek the opinion of your tutor.  They are qualified in this and you are learning from them so make use of the resource to get the best results you can.  You say its easy to dsitract from the outside - well thats a command and belief you have just programmed yourself for. 

Speaking from personal experience (past success with self hypnosis) I would recommend practicing meditation first.

I don’t want to discourage you but it is only possible to successfully self hypnotize/auto suggest after you achieve a certain level of focus . Meditation will help you achieve this focus and will also solve the problem you are facing with the excess worrying etc. 

Please keep going because this is a great tool! 

Wish you all the best!

Whilst I agree with you - I think its important to also distinguish that many hypnosis scripts or classes will teach you ways of gently softening the focus to get to the state, and so whilst I think meditation can be helpful it can also make it a little bit strange for the ordinary layperson.  Don't get me wrong - I love it, but I think that if someone is brand new to hypnosis and meditation - then it can be somewhat confusing and also the level of focus changes as the person goes deeper and this can be done through suggestion (aka autogenics training is a well documented and suggested method of doing so) where through mental commands the user becomes more focused and calm in the manner that you describe which is perfect state for self hypnosis or autosuggestion. 

So meditation means just sit and relax and don't think?

You have take 2 and added 2 and come out with 100 as the answer with that statement.  The term meditation refers to a variety of things.  It doesn't mean "don't think" as that's actually a goal and in attempting to "not think" you would - well think.  Its more about allowing the body to reset itself to its natural means by methods of focusing (whether mantra, breath or visualization) to induce deep relaxation whereby you are more embodied fully and have greater awareness of your body and surroundings.  It doesn't mean going off into a blissful zone state where you have no awareness or can't hear or see anything - far from it. 

That’s a great question.

I thought I practiced meditation but all I did was put myself into a relaxed sleepy mode, no wonder people fall asleep. Recently I realized my mistake. Meditation is actually the opposite, not quite, but sort of. LOL

I know people have different definitions but I would say it is developing awareness and focus . They say slow breathing is the best way to start. When you breath in slowly over ten seconds , you want to simply observe/think about your breath and how it feels to you- the air going into your nostrils, your chest expanding etc. Explore how It feels. Enjoy it. Your body likes all the extra oxygen so it will feel good. Do not think about anything else. Your aim is to be deliberate in your thoughts, and turn off the autopilot mode.  If you are very much connected with your body you will feel your frontal brain being activated. It is this part of the brain that distinguishes humans from lower beings. 

If you can identify what you worry the most about then may be try addressing it. I still worry that if I relax and focus only on my breath then I will lose track of time and mess up my schedule. I started setting a timer and that stopped a few worry thoughts right there. Remind yourself that this is important for your over all wellbeing and will solve a lot of problems and will help you achieve your results. 

A lot of people confuse it – so you aren’t the first and won’t be the last (which is good news I think). There are – like all things – many different methods and ways out there known and unknown.

With TM they used to put major significance on chanting a particular specially given mantra – based on year of birth I think, and there was a lot of misconceptions that it was special and individual and unique to you (which to some degree it was). However as mentioned recently studies were done where some people used a TM mantra and others chanted an unknown material (the Australian telephone directory – without knowing it). The amazing thing was that both groups showed the same benefits – so it really was about consistency over the thought used for example.


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