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I’ve come across so many social media and forum posts about the LOA not working, and thought I’d share my own experience. Many of the answers from those who are getting results, to those who are expressing their frustration or confusion at their lack of results, involve variations of: “The LOA works if YOU work at it” or “The LOA is ALWAYS working!” or “You have to BELIEVE…” and other well-intentioned, but less-than-helpful responses.
I remember being the one who was posting those questions, and feeling frustrated with the answers since I was doing everything suggested by what I’d read and heard from LOA “experts”. And, not only was I seeing no results, but there were times things appeared to get even worse!...
In my experience, there are four things that are needed in order to get results from the Law of Attraction. And I spent a long time doing everything that was advised in order to get results:

I Believed — actually, correction: I KNEW that it works.

I visualized — with feeling, as if I had the result now.

I did affirmations — in the present tense… a LOT.

I practiced positive thinking.

I kept going, even when I wasn’t seeing results…

… but, I didn’t see the results.

Until I did the following four things — and THEN it worked!!

  1. Staying in Alignment — MOST of the Time
You need to spend more time feeling good than feeling bad… A LOT more time.

I was doing the affirmations, visualization and meditation, and everything else suggested. BUT… what I didn’t realize (until I started becoming hyper-vigilant and paying attention) was that in-between those activities, I was automatically, naturally (and unknowingly) feeling scared, worried, frustrated, and whatever other habitual emotions were running frequently.

2. Noticing Self-Love

You need to practice noticing love for yourself. I say “noticing” love for yourself because I believe we don’t need to love ourselves — because we already DO!

I believe we’re born with natural self-love that is then conditioned out of us. We’re conditioned to deny that love, and cover it up...

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Love it ! Thank you for sharing! 

You're very welcome, Dorothy! :) So glad you enjoyed it! :) 

Thanks for sharing!!

You're very welcome, Rose! :) 

Yep I noticed this too the other day. I was using Neville Goddard's method to manifest something.  And so I was spending a few minutes visualizing and feeling the wish fulfilled.  I did that 4 times in one day because I wanted to persist in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  But I noticed thoughts of fear and worry creeping in between the times I was doing the work.  If all thought is creative those negative thoughts can counter or cancel out the imaginative work that I was doing.  Luckily I guess I felt the feeling of the wish fulfilled enough that my desire end up manifesting the next day regardless.  But we got to be careful about those negative thoughts of doubt and fear as they often creep in. 

Hi Ndacloud :)

So glad to hear you got the result anyway! :) 

Yes, and it's so easy to forget to be aware. But, of course, like most things, the more we practice, the easier it gets. :D

i think that another very important thing to understand when we believe that "law of attraction is not working" is that there is a divine order in our life, the perfect timing for everything we want. sometimes we think we want something but we're not really ready for it so we can not truly enjoy it if it comes before d right moment. these words sum up my life so well XD :

LOL - I LOVE that quote!! :D :D :D

And, yes - an excellent point, Dorothy! :) <3 

:D :))))

Can we do anything? Well almost anything but the biggest roadblock for so many people is they want to do it on their own terms. They can't accept if they open up the possibilities, the goal becomes easier. Why would you think your the smartest person in the world and no one else could possibly offer alternatives to help you achieve your goal. You not only attract things, many times you attract the people that can help you reach that goal. Don't put road blocks between you and your goals, keep your mind open.

Couldn't agree more, What you focus on... LOA=Law of Attention

My perception. People who change things just using their mind alone are simply changing their perception of what has been right in front of them all along. Use your mind, but the first step is to open it to possibilities outside your own.


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