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I asked the universe for signs that it was possible to attract an ex back using loa.


I am reading The Astonisshing power of emotions of Abraham-Hicks, and i just found this:


So will my husband come back to me, since he´s the one i really want? Of course it is possible that as you come back into aligment with your Vibrational Escrow picture of the life you want to live, this man and this relatioship could be the path of least resistance to get you what you want. If often happends that way.


WHEN YOU COME INTO ALIGMENT WITH WHO-YOU-REALLY-ARE and with the relatioship that you have re-created, which your Inner Being is calling you toward, it is possible that this man (your ex, they are giving advice to a lady going through divorce) will flow easily back into your experience... but that is irrelevant.


They advice not to focus on getting him back and be open for whatever the universe deliver, but it can be done to get him back.

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Sometimes people want their exes back for the simple reason that they love them. Yes, the relationship ended for a reason, and it's up to you to figure that reason out.

Many people, myself included, have issues that prevented them from having a healthy relationship with someone. And, because you love that person - and want to love yourself, as well - you want to try a new relationship under better circumstances.
I learned my lesson, and now I know it's not good to focus on a specific person, no matter if it's someone new, or the ex. Of course it's possible, but the question is : do we really want it ?
It's ok when after break up we're moving on, feeling happy, changing... and then suddenly our ex appears again begging us to come back. That's not the problem. But if someone desperately does anything just to "get" the other person this will attract a few lessons to learn if we're not in alignment with this someone.

Trust the Universe....It really knows what we really want.

"Someone has said, "the Universe has imagined it even better than you have."

And we like to add to that:

The Universe got all of its information about what you like from you,
and it has remembered every piece of it and has put it together in perfect formation.

And so, the things that are on their way to you are so much better than you even know that you want.
And as you allow them, the essence all of these things that the Universe knows that you are wanting
make their way to you and appear in perfect timing for you."

I do believe that only works if the ex himself is open to it....it should never be forced or it will only backfire the worse for the one wanting him back. We all have free-will, what is meant to be will be. I took what Abe said about really truly letting go, not thinking about it...to not necessarily mean the ex would be back, but we would then be given the clarity to see if that what was what we really were wanting...and in letting go the energy shifts around the ex...and he to can see what it is he is really wanting. Sometimes this may bring about a reconcilliation...though usually only a respect or friendship. As each let go and let be they often discover who they were really meant to be with. Because we feel intense love and need to be with another does not mean they feel the same, I think we often project that need outward. He is your ex for a reason. Some people are only meant to be in our lives for a season some longer, the ultimate reality that until we let go in love we block all of the love trying to open to us.
Sure, you can have your ex back if your ex wants you back and your ex is worth having.
I pined almost all last year for my ex back and boy did I get him back in spades. There's a reason he's an ex and there's a reason that I no longer want anything to do w/ him.
However, if your situation is different, than yes. I would recommend not focusing on him exactly but focusing on the traits you want and how that feels. Avoid putting his face on the person when you visualize. Who knows, you just might get someone much, much better. I did.
Of COURSE you can attract your ex back (yes I've done it before, several times OK - I forget how - and other times they attracted ME back.)
It's never COULD you it's SHOULD you.
And answer is it depends.
I'm not going there I'm just saying of course it's possible. It's just whether this is a good idea for you and for the ex - in both your best interests. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.
If we should focus on attracting an ex back or not is a different story, i just really wanted an answer wether if it was possible to do so, as there are many threads in the forum about it and some people think it can be done and others think it can´t.

So i though as much of our learning with loa comes from Abraham i should find his view. That´s what i found and i copyed the exact words, so people asking that questions will know Abraham view on this.

In many examples of the book Abraham talks about how you can influence those around you better whwn you are aligned with your inner being, your kids, employes and so on.

I don´t think anything is meant to be, not if all the theories about loa are true, cos if nothing is written and we create our destiny nothing is meant to be then.

With loa we can´t force anyone, but Abraham in the book clearly says we can influence others with our own vibrations and focusing in the desired outcome, so is not that aligning yourself force your ex to want you back, but influence him to freely want you back.

I did not find any quote about attracting specific persons that is not an ex, if i do i will post it in the forum, but i guess if it can be done with an ex it can be done with anyone.

Abraham says in one of the quote i posted that often loa get you your ex back once you become aligned again, and that without even be visualizing the desired outcome, for those quotes and others in the others examples about influencing your kids and employes is clear to me by aligning and focusing on the desired outcome it can be done for sure.
I think they don´t go into much detail about this subject cos as the end they are selling, is their bussiness...and considering how this subjects is always something people disagree about, and that many people will feel threaten thinking someone can get them back, they decided not to talk much about it to keep their business safer
Another quote from the book about how you can influence your husband into wanting what you want even do he does not seem to want the same:

Let us say that you have a strong desire to move into a new house in another neighborhood, and that your husband says that he wants to stay in your current house. If you were only to think about your new house, your day-to-day thoughs would be a vibrational match to your desire, and in the abcense of resistant, circumstances and events would fall into place to acommodate your desire.

However, if you think about your husband´s opposite decision, spending time in your own mind justifying why you want the new house and feeling unhappy about his unwillingness to even consider it- then your day-to-day thoughs do not match your desire.
You would have, by virtue of thinking about your husband´s opposition thoughts, introduced resistance into your vibrational mix, and you would not be currently moving forward the outcome you want. in other words, your attention to your husbands decision would have you pointed in opposition to your own desire. And so, it would feel to you as if he were the problem, when actually the problem would be contained in your own thoughs.

The example is very long so i on´t copy it all, but basically the lady can get the house by focusing right and his husband will end up agreeing.

Now if the free will of a husband about changing house can be override by focusing right, same could be done with an ex.
This either work for all or for nothing
i am a little confused so is this saying that we should follow our desire to become a vibrational match or follow your mates can someone break this down for me its late an my comprehension is a little off
We should follow our desire.

"The example is very long so i on´t copy it all, but basically the lady can get the house by focusing right and his husband will end up agreeing."

... or they will find even better house ;)But, seriously... I'm not in alignment with this state. If this husband wanted to stay in the current house, and focused on his desire, then it wouldn't be good, if he agreed to move.
I think there would just another greater opportunity show up for them :)
The example was not about an specific house the wife wanted to move. She wanted to move to another house and neighborhood but not a specifical one that she have seen or found yet and the husband wanted to stay in the house they was living at the moment.
the book says to follow our own desire
you know what i am unclear about is when we have a desire for some which is the life or relationship we are trying to create how can the universe give us that person if the person does not want us, an if this is true than we really cant have everything that we want


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