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I asked the universe for signs that it was possible to attract an ex back using loa.


I am reading The Astonisshing power of emotions of Abraham-Hicks, and i just found this:


So will my husband come back to me, since he´s the one i really want? Of course it is possible that as you come back into aligment with your Vibrational Escrow picture of the life you want to live, this man and this relatioship could be the path of least resistance to get you what you want. If often happends that way.


WHEN YOU COME INTO ALIGMENT WITH WHO-YOU-REALLY-ARE and with the relatioship that you have re-created, which your Inner Being is calling you toward, it is possible that this man (your ex, they are giving advice to a lady going through divorce) will flow easily back into your experience... but that is irrelevant.


They advice not to focus on getting him back and be open for whatever the universe deliver, but it can be done to get him back.

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By beeing aligned with your inner beeing and focusing on the desired outcome you vibrationally will influence your ex into wanting you back. Our vibrations influence others and the vibrations of other influence us, acording to Abraham books.

It have happend to me a few times (actually with 2 guys i dated and with a female friedn) to meet someone i did not like at all, that persons liked me (the guys for relationship and the girl for friednship), and i ended up liking that persons, dating the guys and the girl is actually my best friend, i guess knowing it or not those people was using loa the right way, maybe even not knowing they was using it, and they influenced me into liking them.
I never though about this till i started researching Abraham on the subject
By the way, one of those guys i remember i had a very bad frist impression of him, he asked me out and i turned him down, the guy assured me i will be his girlfriend (not sure why he was so sure, but he did not have any doubt about that), i though he was so stupid and up to himself, he kept insisting and i ended up having a year an a half relatioship wth him.

He is the kind of person that always thinks he will get whatever he wants, and the funny thing is that he does, even things that seem odd when he says he is gonna have them or do them
I just want to know what exactly do you mean by 'let it go'I 'tried' to get him back immediately after the break-up. I did all sorts of thing that any typical girlfriend would do. I contacted him, cried, begged, did everything i could but there was no point. I even sent him a BIG mail expressing what i felt including all the sorries for my mistakes in the past. But nothing happenend. He just didnt seem to care or budge. And then, i left it. I stopped contacting him, Its been almost 6 months now since the breakup and we haven shared one word although we both go to the same college. I kinda bump into him from time to time and it used to make me sad that we dont talk at all, but now a days i feel MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I just visualise the happy moments spent together,  i think about the things we would do once we are back and stuff like that which always keeps me positively focussed. I almost never cry or feel depressed thinking about him. I feel only love and i smile thinking abt it. So is this approach right? I am not sure if i have let it gone by not trying to keep in contact and let him be as he pleases. I feel really good the past few months, very expectant and happy. Thats what matters in the end, right?Any advice further will be greatly welcomed. Thank you :)

You kind of answered your own question here. You see when you let it go – you don’t even have the thought of that person. You explained you “tried” to get him back (which is interesting as “try” often is used when we either have heartedly attempt something or are setting ourselves up for failure – so it’s a good word to let go of. Its like when you are trying to be pregnant – you either aren’t or are). In trying, you aren’t letting go and your focus is on the lack of him being there.


Now the example you give is great, because when you were trying to get him back – where was your focus. It was on him not being there right. So you were focused on the lack. We’ve all had people like us at times, that we haven’t desired and no matter what we do – they still like us, but they give off a kind of energy that makes us want to run a mile. Sometimes, when we are fresh out of a relationship we go into that kind of energy that others pick up on and want to run.


The feeling better is fantastic, and that by far is one of the best things to do. LOA is often misunderstood in that people believe its about painting a smile over everything. It really isn’t – but its about accepting wherever you are at this moment in time without judgment or resistance (negative self talk etc) and then getting clear on what you desire and then following your inner being. Our inner beings know so much and how to perfectly orchestrate the right circumstances and people to us, but we often mistakeningly believe it has to happen in a particular sequence of events.


So rather than focus on the past and what you used to do, instead I would highly recommend first getting an idea of what you desire to do and the kind of relationship that would work well for you. Relationship is a bit like love in that it’s a term that means a hundred, if not thousand, different kinds of things and we live in an abundant universe that can cater for everyone. So getting clear on the kind that would work for you is a really good start, because when you become aware of it, you start to vibrate and attract that to you. Also it never happens the way we believe it will – the universe has our backs so well, but if you have a set in stone idea of how it will happen, often you will create resistance because your focus is on the lack of it not being there.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

We should follow our desire. Despite what others may think.

I have heard Abe live in workshops address this very issue, and its interesting as its the same advice but its always delivered in a way appropriate to the person asking the question, but a lot of the time they are talking about getting clear about what you actually desire to create, and then allowing that to come to you without any resistance.  Sometimes, when you get clear on what you actually desire - you recognise that your ex isn't actually a good match at all. 


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