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THE FOCUS WHEEL process ...

Lots of us have used Abraham's Focus Wheel (FW) process to feel better or feel relief about a specific issue.  I actually have always done them in my head, but was rather shocked how much power writing on an actual FW seems to have. Esther Hicks often does several FWs a day.

So I compiled some most-helpful information on how to use Focus Wheels from various Abe or Abe-related sources. That way, if anyone on PI wants to start using them or tweak their use, it's all in one link for you.

I'll also post more FW aids in the first replies under this.

Abraham suggests that the FW process is most effective when you are between (8) Boredom and (17) Anger on the Emotional Guidance Scale (EGS).

But you can clean up your vibrations on recurring issues very well while at even higher levels of the EGS.

The best times to use the Focus Wheel process is when:

*  You realize you are focusing in a fashion that could end up bring you things that are unwanted, or
*  When something has happened that is not to your liking and you want to make sure you move it to a new point of attraction, or
*  You are reaching for a feeling of relief, or
*  You see an emotional pattern or limiting belief that you'd like to identify and clean up your vibration about.

I think people tend to adapt this wheel a bit so it works best for them. All statements in the wheel must be positive, but sometimes it's easier to start with a slightly better feeling thought and get more and more positive as you go around the wheel.

Here's how Abe says to do a focus wheel if you want to improve a health issue. for example:

Abraham answered someone asking about poor eyesight (Los Angeles, December 1995). Abe called this process a "focus wheel,"  which also is explained in the book Ask & It Is Given.

So the concern would be, I want to have better eyesight / or better health.

To start a FW, draw 2 circles on a paper, one inside the other. Now draw 12 lines out from the center circle, dividing it into 12 panels, like on a clock.

Now, to do your FW, write, in little letters following each panel around the "dial," filling them in one at a time.

Here is how Abe told the person with the poor eyesight to fill in the wheel ...

About where 12 o'clock is write:

I love my physical body.

Then, Abe offered several more statements to be entered in the FW going around the "dial" - (but not all 12 because it was an example).

My body has treated me so very well.

This physical mechanism is magnificent!

Ingenious invention this physical body

Nonphysical really outdid itself with this physical body.

Amazing muscles, vessels, organs, nerves.

This body thrives

I feel good in my body.

Then go back to the first thing that you have written, read it & draw an arrow from the words inward to the center of the circle. And then the next, read it & draw it inward, inward inward, & right in the center of the circle write ALL IS WELL WITH MY BODY.

(Note: Some people skip the arrows and just write their final, feel-good statement in the middle of the wheel, which is ALL IS WELL WITH MY BODY in this case.)

Abraham: We call this a focus wheel because in the time you were writing your thoughts about your physical body were pure thoughts. No contradictory vibration anywhere there. So law of attraction is now responding to pure vibration & in those 2 minutes you would accomplish about 5 years worth of eye push ups.

Just remember that what you are wanting to do. Now somewhere on your paper draw a little circle & that circle is your creation box, it is your creative arena, and inside it write the word "purify." For that is what this creation box will do for you, it will help you to purify your own thought in relation to any desire you may have. Then watch what happens.  (Some people drop/do not add the creation box.)

Here's a filled-out FW I found on the Web so you can see how it looks. Colorful inks are very optional. :-)

(End of process ...)


I'll add how-to videos and Abers' advice on using FWs in the first few replies under this.

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Another sample Focus Wheel, from Abe ...

Focus wheel for aligning energy in direction of, allowing more abundance in the form of money...direct from the mouth of Esther/Abe.

Things are getting better and better for me.

I know that the universe is abundant in all things.

As I learn to align with the things that I want, they will flow to me.

I am abundant in many ways! I am feeling more alive, vital and full of energy.

There are all kinds of ways for dollars to flow to me. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities/probabilities.

I know that abundance abounds. and I am getting closer to more avenues through which it will flow to me. I can feel it now.

It is exhilarating to find things that I want, and it is so satisfying to know that the universe will find a way to deliver it.

All things that I want are flowing to me.

At the very center write: ABUNDANCE ABOUNDS!

I know that dollars are on their way to me, because I am experiencing it as so.


Take a desire you have for your life, perhaps one that hasn't come to fruition quickly. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes when you can play with a focus wheel on this subject. Writing focuses your attention, and allows you to be more consistently positive than just thinking about your desires. Have fun with it! Make it as elaborate as you like. As long as the details feel good, you are doing very well!
Esther/Abraham instructing hot seaters about how to do Focus Wheels ...


Various Abers have said about the Focus Wheel process ...

Abraham also often says that it is easier to get to a place of pure vibration by using general statements than specific ones. Each statement in the focus wheel needs to be checked out inside us to see if we truly feel good when we write it. Otherwise, change it to another statement you can feel good about. By adding one general statement on top of the others around the wheel, we gradually get to a more and more specific statement that still allows us to feel good. It doesn't really matter how many statements you have, Abraham has given examples with as few as six statements. I have done them with as many as 20 or 25. Put in as many as you can playfully, easily, joyously think up, and declare it complete because it feels that way to you!

I believe, and my inner being has confirmed that, at least for me, there is special power in the focus wheel BECAUSE of turning the page.

Abraham has explained that a purpose of the focus wheel process is to adopt a belief that you want to have that you do not already. They said that when you begin you already know the end result. I interpreted that to mean that the belief you are shooting for is the statement that eventually ends up in the middle.

Lots of Abers who use the focus wheel write down their original problem issue in a statement outside their wheel - as well as their positive end-result statement (that will end up in the middle of the circle) in advance so they know how to focus their 12 thoughts.

In the 12 spaces on the wheel ... the statements that you write around it are supposed to be things that you already believe / have little resistance to that would support the belief you want. The example at one workshop was that the guy wanted to be drumming on tour with a band. So they suggested statements like, "People love to hear me play." (the guy agreed), and "I enjoy playing with others.", and "I enjoy playing for others." (agreed with both). They did toss out a few satatements with which he didn't agree, and also said there was one to which he nodded "yes", but vibrated "no" (didn't tell us which one). They suggested he play with it.
Hi, I posted this late last night just so we'll have one resource link to learn about or tweak Abe's Focus Wheel process.

I just now tightened the top Discussion since it was so long and also tweaked it. The Discussion start and my first 3 replies under it have all the best Abe and Abe-related info I could find on the Focus Wheel process. We don't seem to talk about it at PI, but I know lots of you use it. Hope this helps anyone who has been wanting to learn how.
Thanks for posting this -- no doubt this will be of benefit to many. Let's do a Focus Wheel that will bring us into alignment with a spam-free website! LOL!
Hold the mustard, too?
But the spam has brought me hours of fun! Who knew I had a need to discuss pig penises until now!

But I do kind of hope they don't get put into spam...
I am holding an official can of Spam and I think I have bad news for all. The first ingredients listed are suspiciously worded: "Pork with Ham."

Now, since ham is pork and specifically ham is the thigh and buttocks area, I think the Spam people are trying to tell is there's a bit of choice ham and lots of miscellaneous pig parts mixed in.

I for one will look closely at the little variations in my Spam from now on and make sure I don't see any corkscrew penis shapes in there.

Did someone say chickens? Second ingredient: "Mechanically separated chicken." Now ponder that?
Wow Vibing ...thank you so much for all this information about Focus Wheels, I didnt try one yet but I think it could help ...I do the 17 second focus but I agree with you that when you write something down it really does help to occupy you so that you do focus.

I will definitely give it a go now that you have given us all the tools !

love and light Gen
I used to do them in my head. You also can do them by just A) stating the issue, B) writing 12 positive thoughts about it in a list (that otherwise would go into the wheel, and C) writing your new perspective on the issue.

What surprised me is how POWERFUL the results were the first time I switched from doing them in my head to writing them in an actual Focus Wheel template.

Cool. I knew Esther does lots of Focus Wheels, but didn't know about picking 5 things from the day before that she doesn't like. She's gotta be doing 5 wheels for them, too, I guess - unless some of the 5 shared an issue. Great idea. Thanks for passing it on!

I had just done what you do in my head and just tried an actual wheel once recently - and WOW from that once.

I also read where some people feel there is a quantum-type power to writing our positive ideas in the shape of the wheel. That might sound far fetched, but lots of things we think are "far fetched." :-)
That sure sounds tempting, what Esther said. I guess I need to make it a habit to do focus wheels. Guess I better perfect them a bit before I do that so I attract what I desire and am not just, uh .... spinning my wheels! :-)


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