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Abundance is not a reason for happiness,
its a consquence.

jenni p

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Yes it is..................................
i feel ....Happy ,healthy, wealthy
so abundance flows
I think I understand why you've started the discussion this way, and I think that it rings true for you!

My happiness is definitely affected by appreciation and gratitude. When I look around me and see the beauty and abundance surrounding me and & my family, I will readily admit that noticing that abundance of LOVE is making me happy. For me, noticing abundance does contribute to happiness. Noticing a lack of it, definitely contributes to my unease or feelings of unhappy. Does that make abundance, a reason for happiness? Well that depends on a person's perspective.

What I spend time thinking about, is the single biggest reason for my happiness. If I think about the abundance I enjoy, I'm happy. If I think about the abundance I wish I could enjoy, I feel unhappy.

Ok, am I confusing or confused?
hehe Steve, not confused, I'd say enlightened...................

The more I am learning about myself, the more what jenni p wrote rings true for me................. It's just that every now and then my mind still tries to hold on to the old............ that I "need" IT (whatever IT is) to be happy.............

The more I FEEL thankful and grateful for "what is", just how lucky and happy I am to be ME, and FEEL the LOVE within ME, here and now, the less I "want" for things................. and the less I "want" for things, the more seems to show up................. there's more to FEEL thankful and grateful for.................. more to be happy for.............

I'd say yes................. "Abundance is a consquence OF happiness"...................
Awe....look at you all LOA! I love watching my brothers and sisters grow! It just feels so right!
So true DanX...

Abundance is EVERYWHERE, AT ALL TIMES! God/Source has provided an abundance of seed for the birds all over the world to eat...they never starve. The fish in all the seas always have an abundance of food to eat...they never starve. The plants and trees and flowers of the world are provided an abundance of sunlight and water to flourish...they grow and bloom every season. Even the smallest of insects are provided an abundance of what they need to survive or we would see none of them.

Take 5 minutes tomorrow and 'listen to nature.' Hear the songs of those birds. Feel the power of the wind on your face. Hear the crickets chirp and the frogs croak. Feel the rain from the heavens providing life to nature. When you are aware of these things...you are aware of the unlimited abundance in the world.

Well, birds and plants do die from the lack of nutrition, disease or other climate or territorial limitations. The difference is, that until they live, they do not worry, they enjoy their life. They do not make a big deal about death. Of course, they try to find, what they need, but they do not worry or have emotional breakdowns because of that. As a matter of fact, they probably do not think, they are present all the time.

It's true (see my own post earlier today). Get happy, attract things which 'help' or 'make' you feel happy, and that will include abundance.

:) warm feelings

I would define abundance as a flow of energy in our lives. Every area of our lives is either flowing or it isn't, and when it isn't, we don't feel happy at all. Money doesn't flow. Relationships stagnate. Friends leave our lives and aren't replaced. Health declines and we don't heal Again. All of this is the opposite of abundance, when energy isn't flowing in our lives, and we feel bad. But I would opine that feeling bad is what brought about these consequences to us in the first place. They are in alignment with our poor feelings. When we feel happy again, the positive energy starts to flow again in our lives, and the result is what we popularly know as abundance.

Everything in our vortex coming to fruition is a consequence for happiness(letting go, being happy, etc).

I just don't often focus only on what makes me feel good in each day to do this.


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