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Abundance isn't just about having a lot of having plenty of money. At its most basic level, abundance is about a flow of energy in all areas of your life. We are meant to live joyfully, and prosperously, and we are meant to grow happily and keep on doing so. This is what real life is like.

And you will not have your ideal scene, if you are holding on to ideas and beliefs of scarcity - poverty consciousness.

All these will do is create fear and limitation and stop the energy from flowing in your life. From this arises a life where you soon hit glass ceilings, and a life which you can't bite into or feel satisfied in. A wishy-washy existence at best.

Abundance consciousness is the opposite. It is believing that you deserve the very best and that the Universe has the capacity to deliver it. It is a life where everything works, all your needs are met, answers and resources are provided, android life flows wonderfully. When you start to employ abundance consciousness, you activate an 'opening up of life' process, which is very exciting and joyful.

So start developing an abundance consciousness in your life now, and stuck areas will start to move in ways they have never done before.

Affirm (many times a day): I DESERVE ABUNDANCE.

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Thank you for your advice Sir Springtime. 

Laura V, are we not here to help each other??  Its always good to receive help and guidance.

Well said! I love the abundance consciousness :)

Thank you for your responses everyone.

If you are unused to abundance consciousness, then gratitude is a very powerful way to get into it. Start noticing and appreciating the many ways in which 'life' is proficient and provides in plentiful amounts. Notice the number of blades of grass in a field, or raindrops falling during a downpour, or the number of grapes on a bunch. Notice the number of people in the world, or the water in a river or ocean. (At any one time, there is enough moisture in the atmosphere to cover the whole of the Earth's surface in an inch of rain - that is a LOT of abundance).

And the most important thing in nature, given abundantly and free of charge - the air we all breathe.

Once you have done this, and noticed just how abundant Nature can be, you can then turn your attention to the areas of your life which are abundant. The food you eat, the water you drink, the friends you have, the love you have and so on. Even if you feel you don't have that much of a certain thing, you will probably have something to notice, and by doing that you attract more to you.

Make a list of WHAT IS GOING FOR YOU in your life, and if you continue doing that and giving thanks to the Universe, then more things will start going for you. A flow will begin.

That is step 2. Step 3 comes when you can give thanks in advance for things you desire, especially if they are about plenitude. Give thanks for new love, more money, improved health, a nice new home, more and new friends and so on. Giving thanks in advance shows trust in abundance, and the ability of the Universe to provide it.

Thank you Sir Springtime, I already do a gratitude journal, it helps to keep me positive and really seeing life for what it is.  I appreciate your advice too :D Blessings

Another way you can develop abundance consciousness, is by out flowing more of your resources, as a means of showing faith in the Universe's ability to provide you with more.

The Universe has a number of spiritual laws (the Law of Attraction just being one of them) and another is The Law of Flow. Namely that if something leaves your life, then it is replaced according to your consciousness. If your mindscape at a particular time is dwelling on scarcity and loss, then something will leave and not be replaced. If it is middling, then something will leave and be replaced by something very similar. But if it is dwelling upon abundance, then that which leaves your life will be replaced by something which is a whole lot better, and in ever-increasing amounts.

And you can actively demonstrate a positive belief in this, by giving out more of your riches, and in turn allowing more and more to come back into your life. It's the old scientific adage, NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM.

The most obvious thing you can do this with is money; see if you can spend just a little bit more each day or week, and you will be impressing upon the Universe that there is 'plenty more where that came from.' Even if you haven't got all that much money, just spending a few pennies more each day, will initiate a kind of flow response.

I started doing this way back when I was a University student. At the start of my undergraduate years, I didn't have all that much money, and watched every penny like a hawk, fearing the onset of student poverty every time I had a 'splurge.' Then I had my period of spiritual transformation, where I first came to find out about beliefs, positive thinking, how the Universe works, and abundance consciousness. Realising that a fear of student poverty was just a limiting belief, I began out flowing a bit more to show my trust of abundance. Whereas before I had been buying the cheapest budget brands in the supermarket, I started buying the next brand upwards for each thing and spending extra pennies, which amounted to a few pounds more on my weekly shopping bill. These 'few pounds more' then started to create a vacuum in my life which was then filled with supplementary money from things like better-paying summer jobs, and in the final year, a rather tasty windfall from a life insurance policy.

But the most important thing I had gained from this was a subconscious shift in my belief system from lack and fear, to a bit more confidence in the abundance of the Universe.

I say a 'bit more' confidence, because it wasn't a complete overnight change, and I still have admittedly, a degree of scarcity consciousness in me, but I am getting better. One thing I often do now is to give to charity as a means of showing my belief in abundance (and also creating a gap in my life for more to flow back to me ). This could be a modern day version of the medieval process of 'tithing' or giving away ten percent of your income to the church. I have found that whenever I have a real session of giving to charity or worthwhile causes (and these could be things like buskers or street artists when I am on holiday) I start attracting it back in expanded forms of abundance myself. I have received money towards holidays, been taken our for meals, and been given 'wow presents' in the forms of an iPad and an iPhone. (Not just random material 'stuff' but items which I will make use of on every day of my life).

So in this respect, giving and out flowing can become its own reward.

And you can outflow other things too, not just money. If you have a whole load of food (or even hardly any food and just want to create a gap for new flow to flow into) you can donate to a food bank. If you want more love in your world, outflow love to other people more. You can start by just out flowing loving thoughts to the people in your world, and these will soon come back to you in the form of love from others, and opportunities in that subject area.

A couple of years ago, I was having a challenging time in my life, and was hoping to get some wisdom from this site, and then I realised something. I hadn't really out flowed that much wisdom of my own, so if I was going to receive anything back in return, it made sense for me to contribute some in the first place (hence my habit of binge posting and commenting on inactive threads to bring them back to life). From that moment on, I have started receiving some great answers and advice from people on here, and I have also attracted it from sources away from PI.

And it makes sense to get rid of the old, and outflow things which no longer serve a purpose in your life. These just block up receiving channels through which new and useful things could come to you, and also highlight a lack mentality, in the form of holding onto something even outdated, because you don't believe that anything new will come to you. This tends to have a blocking effect on other areas of your life too.

My aunty and uncle for instance, were dreadful hoarders; and would fill up their flat with clobber and junk to the extend that my cousin could hardly open the door to the spare room when he visited them. From transistor radios, to bedspreads which were en vogue in the Seventies, they hoarded them, even though the original usefulness may have been long gone. The result was a real clogging up effect in both of their lives, which culminated in poor health, and a flowless daily existence where they could hardly move at all.

If you have cupboards, or closets, or basements of old 'stuff' see if you can get rid of it now. Sell it on Ebay or Amazon, give it to charity shops (who are forever pushing their collection bags through my letter box) or dump it at the local council's refuse tip.

The Law of Flow will see to it that as the old energies leave your life, something new and life affirming will come in to replace them.
I have made a point of out flowing more recently. Over the last month, I decided that since I had a 'month off' paying council tax, I would see about giving more money to charity, as well as other good causes, so that is what I have done. A quid here and there into charity pots, as well as tips to people like taxi drivers, and when I was on holiday, I gave money to the likes of street performers and artists (who I always think make such a worthwhile contribution to vibrant destinations).

The product of this is that I have been given money for my holiday, money for a new pair of shoes, I have been given a pay rise which I wasn't entirely expecting, and I have also been given some Rice Krispie cakes. Giving is certainly becoming its own reward, so I am going to continue with it this month.

Another thing I would like to add is to not be reckless with your out flowing, at the start. Just outflow a little bit more than what you have been, as this gives your mind and your reality time to get used to the new consciousness you are creating. There is a famous example of a rather daft woman about 50 years ago, who scooped the jackpot in the British pools, and vowed to 'spend spend spend.' She didn't think about saving at all. So she did just that, she spent a fortune. And now she has hardly any money, when she could have set herself up for life.

So why did this happen? She out flowed, why didn't it come back to her? The answer is probably because she was someone with poverty consciousness, who suddenly became very rich, but didn't adjust her consciousness accordingly. All that lolly, but she blew it recklessly, when something like spend a bit, save a bit, spent a bit, save a bit, would have created a very good financial balance in her life. She would have been creating a nest egg to live off very comfortably, out flowing to keep the money energy circulating, and also improving her consciousness around money.

This is why sudden great wealth doesn't necessarily change people for the good. In order for it to do so, you have to change what you think and feel about money as well, and that can take a bit longer.

I have kept up giving in this way since I wrote this post, and the things I have received in return have been fairly consistent too. I have been given money towards holidays, had things like repairs done free of charge or had them paid for me, and my company has been very consistent with its pay rises.  Even now during lockdown, when hardly anywhere can trade normally, I managed to get a 15% pay rise for going out on redeployment to other branches, so it still shows that giving is its own reward.


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